25th Apr 2011, 19:07

It has been almost 5 years that I've used a Proton Savvy R3 spec. It comes with functional bodykit, set of R3 rear muffler and light weight R3 sports rims. I did not encounter any major problems. I bought it brand new. The only wear and tear are as follows:-

1) Timing belt set with auxiliary belt and water pump.

2) Absorbers changed after 4 years.

3) Rear exhaust muffler after 5 years.

4) Unfortunately the front screen cracked due to a stone.

5) Front wheel bearing.

6) Front brake pad after 5 years.

7) Rear brake shoe with pump after 3 years.

Here are some tips of how I maintained this car (apart from regularly scheduled services):

1) Original Coolant from Proton/Renault will avoid engine temperature overheat. Change it every 20k.

2) Renaultmatic Hydraulic Oil for AMT Fluid is a must. Do not use other hydraulic oil.

3) Proper use of AMT transmission can minimise faulty mechanism. (This transmission used for convenience purpose, not for racing like purposes).

The only matter bothering me is that I cannot get other R3 parts to fix in the Savvy. My air filter is K&N.

People look at it as a bad car to drive. For me, I like it.

7th Jun 2011, 07:21

Hi guys, just wants to share my experience with my Savvy until now:

Specs: Savvy Manual M-Line (2007)

Age : 4 years + (as at 2012 Jun).

Mileage: 37,000km (considered very low mileage).


(1) Superb ride and handling.

(2) Comfortable.

(3) Powerful.

(4) Great FC (best clocked 19km/l on highway, city drive is 13km/l to 14 km/l)



Seriously, it's a superb car. I bought a Myvi for my wife a few months earlier... after 4 years, I really hate the Myvi and sold it off, but I still enjoy driving my Savvy!

Problems encountered after 4 years:

Minor problems:

(1) Power window switch spoilt once (replaced under warranty).

(2) One of the seatbelts seems to be stuck sometimes.

Major problems:

(1) Car jerking at gear 2 - sensor spoilt or dirty (replaced under warranty). Recently it happens on and off, but not that serious.

(2) Oil pressure switch for power steering leaked. This is another common problem... have to pay RM 340 or so for this part... it is just a stupid nut...

Look forward to do this service at a Renault workshop (don't go to Proton... they dunno this car!) this coming Saturday:

(1) Clean throttle body (common issue, needs cleaning).

(2) Clean sensors (common issue, if cleaning fixes it, no need to replace).

(3) Check ignition coil (another common issue).

(4) Check brake pads.

(5) Buy new tyres (maybe!)

Expecting maybe a sensor or ignition coil might need replacement soon.

Considering it is already 4 years + and the most expensive part I've replaced is the oil pressure switch, it is very worthwhile to maintain this car!

20th Sep 2013, 22:11

Hello. It is me who started this review in 23 May 2006. I am about to let go of my beloved Proton Savvy. For 7 years it has served me well without any major problems.

As a solo driver, 7 years were an adequate time frame until wear and tear parts have given up its life, such as:

1) Single CD player not functioning.

2) Front absorber needed to be changed.

3) AMT transmission: Converter pressure ball failure.

4) AMT transmission: Hydraulic pump for auto mode failure.

5) Top engine gasket needed to changed.

6) Power window, driver's side.

7) Power window switches.

The AMT transmission is fun. If you know how to engage gears in accordance to steps, the transmission will not give you problems for more than 6 years. There's no boy racer mode.

I admire its handling.

Good bye Proton Savvy.

9th Feb 2014, 01:02

I am also having the same problem. Gears stuck in 3rd gear.