23rd Oct 2009, 22:32

My car engine wobbles. Causing the exhaust to sound like a Boxer engine. No power. Sent for repair to change the ignition coil. The ignition coil design has been changed to enhanced the engine reliability. Need to change with spark plug cable as well. Possible replacement at 100000km. Total cost USD 195.00.

11th Nov 2009, 01:09

Hi all.

I bought a brand new AMT H-line (the silver colour) model on 2008 (early). Now the trip meter shows 49,000km. Since the first day until now, the car really hasn't given me a major problem. Only once last year the car can't start. It was fixed by the Proton Cares team (clean the cranking sensor). The guy told me the sensor need to be cleaned up when it started jerking. Until the day I wrote this, the car still works well and the fuel consumption is great! Handling and performance is superb. The top speed is 175kmh reached! And simply bye bye the Perodua Myvi 1.3.. on the straight road or in a tricky corner (thanks to Lotus). I love this car.

16th Dec 2009, 21:09

I bought a new AMT this year after researching it thoroughly.

Renault engine and gearbox at that price with dual airbags and passenger safety cell is excellent value for money (This coming from a Volvo S70 owner) as well!

Good power to weight ratio and excellent handling due to the Lotus input, which I think should have a much LARGER input into the cars in Proton. They have a lot of competition from the motorised refrigerators of the Japanese market.

I have heard all sorts of complaints about the plastic sharp and hard edges, and oh well, guess what, Toyota and others are just as hard and nasty inside, and you pay a lot more! All mainly from reviewers who cruise around in BMW and Jags; they need to take a reality check and get back to the real world most of us drive in.

I live in Australia, and the car has to put up with dirt roads there and back for some way before going onto motorways and city. Handles ALL in its stride, heavy rain and hot dry weather, all good, no complaints.

Feel is harder and sportier, but I like that feel more than the remote feel of other cars.

Jerkiness not too much of an issue; may be due to driving styles as I get very little and over revving can be removed by manual selection; that's what it's there for remember, and it's not an automatic, so don't expect the same.

So far very pleased with the car, and would purchase another. Few minor improvements and it would be just perfect. Remember "horses for courses", don't buy till you try, as you always need to select the right car for your needs and sensibilities.

Have fun!

7th Apr 2010, 09:35

Savvy is not a normal small car. It required a lot of study and care when using the car.

I have been driving my Savvy for 4 months. I bought it second hand (AMT version) and it is 3-4 years old. The mileage is 65000km.

I just change two tyres RM300, alternator RM500, air-conditioning knob RM120, timing belt will be RM500.

Then, my car is having auto transmission slips now; it required changing the transmission oil RM350. Even worse, I might need to change the whole gear box RM2000-RM3000+.

As you can see, the spare parts are really expensive. But, if it is for 4 years, I think it is not too bad (still bad)..

For the gearbox, I hope I don't have to change it.

I do like the car very much. I enjoyed AMT type of driving. Just plus and minus..:) Anyway, I should get other car next year. I think it can be a superb car if the spare parts are not too expensive. Learn the technologies in this SAVVY if you really want to be a car SAVVY!

10th Jun 2010, 02:43

What oil does the automatic transmission of the Proton Savvy use?

The one with the small oil container at the top of the gearbox?

23rd Jun 2010, 00:40

I need some opinions.. regarding the major service when we reach 20000km. Normally what should be the checks and changes? And normally, what is the range of the service charge?

17th Aug 2010, 09:50


1) AMT oil only use Renaultmatic Hydraulic Oil. Do not confuse with gearbox oil which is totally different use of oil.

2) Major Service 20000 km means air filter, gearbox oil, oil filter, engine oil, brake oil and radiator coolant are the most important matters.

20th Aug 2010, 03:39

I just bought a second hand Savvy year 2006, registered in 2007. I found that the shifting of the gear is a bit rough. Don't know whether that's normal. The car has clocked in 97,000km. The dealer was unable to furnish me with service records. So, what parts should I replace at 100,000km? Also, does the car come with a tool kit?

25th Aug 2010, 20:40

I just bought 2nd Savvy, year 2006. Reason for me to buy this Savvy was because I want a fuel economic car for daily travel (work) about 3000km/month. 1 main problem I'm facing now & need you all to advise me on:

Q: Fuel consumption is very high, about 0.15~0.16 /km (rm10 - 60km only) which is equal to my 1.6cc Sedan car. For info, this Savvy has changed the original Exzos to sport Exzos (loud sound) by the previous owner. Is this the main factor influencing the fuel consumption?

I need advice especailly from Savvy owners that also have changed to sport Exzos. If this is the main cause, I'll change back to orignal Exzos. I'm very frustrated since the main reason to get this Savvy was for the economic fuel consumption.

25th Sep 2010, 03:52

My friend, I've used my Savvy since it was launched in 2005, and I love my car very much.

There aren't any problems at all from the start, but for the first, I added a sport muffler; cost about RM 150. The consumption for the fuel became quite aggressive, so I change to a full Exzos system that cost me about RM 700, and I love it. The sound is not so loud, but I managed to get my Savvy to run quite fast till my meter reached 160-170kmph. The fuel consumption is still the same as I first bought my Savvy. If either of you want to mod your Savvy's pipe system, it's better to find a good specialist Exzos installer and ask for the best and affordable, and it is reliable on the power and consumption, without you hurting someone's privacy during the night.

However if you would like to know more and how to manage your Savvy, try to go to this website: www.savoc.com.my. I had much help from them!!! Any problems, we as the family of Savvy owners are grateful to help out with your problems.


2nd Nov 2010, 05:19

Hi All,

I have bought my Savvy MT in 2007 (2006 assembled). I have been very happy with it, but since January, the Savvy has been discontinued in South Africa and they will only keep parts for the next 3 to 4 years. I have read that it uses the same engine as the Renault Clio 1.2 (2001 model upwards). Does that mean that all engine parts on the Savvy can be replaced by parts from the Clio? Even parts like the oil and air filter?

Apologies for the dumb female questions, but female I am. I asked the same questions from a Proton dealer here, and I got no answer from them. Hopefully you guys can help, because I really do not want to sell my Savvy. I fell in love with it, seeing one on the road, and bought it without even test driving, and I have not looked back or ever regretted buying it, that is... until I got this news.