15th May 2009, 05:04

I don't have any problems driving Proton Savvy. It has been almost 04 years and only wear and tear. Here are my suggestion :-

1) Car Jerk : Clean the throttle bodies and sensor. No need to replace parts.

2) Car difficulties to start : clean the sensor only.

3) Car engine wobbling : it's time to change to coil. I only changed one time and costs only RM400.00.

4) Tip top Robotics (AMT) transmission : each time you at the traffic light or stop a while ensure engaged Neutral. It is the same concept as Alfa selespeed or latest DSG Golf GTI. (Please read the manual or consult sales personnel before drive). Even DSG transmission manual book advises to put in neutral, then use handbrake.

5) Can be serviced in either Proton or Renault specialist.

6) Never use emergency brake while engaging 1st gear. It will slowly damage the dry clutch.

9th Jun 2009, 04:44

I've been driving Proton Savvy since July 2005, and I post this because since then there's so many comments on this car and found they didn't reflect the truth of it As years have gone by, it seems that majority of the owners are first time car owner and the comments are from expectation that the car are flawless.

I've been driving/licensed since 1990. From that little experience for a car of this price and size, I find that this car is very good in handling, and acceptable in power and feel solid. Maintainable, as till now I only drained money for changing engine oil for every 6-8k, km and filters and once for spark plugs. Even the battery still the one that I got with the car. I check the battery at a service ctr. and the power still strong, the car takes a rest too on Sat & Sunday.

I've reg 200k, km++, normal driving on h'way 110-120kmh and had tried top speed at 165-170kmh when I'm in the mood. And guess what by July 2010 the car will be mine and the bank can shut up. And my pocket will be more deeper. I hope that my car will know this and still be healthy as always.

12th Jun 2009, 02:00

Dear all,

Just to share my experience.

I bought my Proton Savvy 1.2 AMT in 2006. Besides driving the car smoothly in the first 6 months, it has been giving me many problems and true headaches for few years.

(1) I always cannot start the engine on my first attempt. There was once I couldn't start after many attempts, I decided to send it to Proton. I got my battery changed as advised by the technician from Proton. However, this problem is never resolved, however did not disturb me from operating my car. I'll give 5/10.

(2) Jerking problem. Having my first car did not make me realise that slight jerking is abnormal. As I go on using Savvy, I find this really frustrated. It is not stable especially in lower gear (1,2 and 3), and while driving in Auto Mode, it will auto jump to Manual gear 2 when I'm driving at say 80km/hr. This is extremely dangerous and really frustrated for me. I send for service every 10000km (as advised by Proton) but each time, it has never resolve. The jerking is always there. This problem is very serious for me and most regret reason of having this car.

(3) Proton Service. I'm not sure about other workshops, but I find no one can help me to resolve my car problems, doing following up after services. Even after I purchased this car, no calls have ever reached me to ask about my car's condition.

My advice is do not go for this car. Last 2 days my car jerked to the extend that it doesn't move above 40km/hr while I'm traveling to work. I stopped at the road side and asked for rescue. This is my final reason of not buying any Proton car anymore in the future, not just the Savvy, it tarnished the whole image of Proton.

I'm sorry if I hurt anyone here or Proton supporters, but above are my genuine experiences.. Thanks for reading.

Best Regards.

7th Jul 2009, 05:55

Hello All...

I bought the Proton Savvy AMT in Australia, in May 2009...

Did lots of research on the Internet before deciding to buy one... (Got the Metallic Black Colour)...

I have been driving since 1984 - I have driven everything from BMW's to Kombi Vans, and Motor cycles...

I originally bought the Savvy for fuel economy (drive around 1000 km per week), but the list of options that come as standard in Australia are very good for the price as well.

Car build date February 2008 - first complianced in Australia in April 2009 - just sitting around for a long time - my first complaint, not good for any engine...

From day one fuel economy was terrible - highway driving, no aircon, no windows down (winter here now) no weight in the vehicle, no peak traffic (I am 80kgs) - only getting 14km per litre of petrol (should be 24Km per litre).

Complained to the service center - they say economy will improve after first service (1000km) nope still the same. Contacted a different Proton dealer, they stated fuel economy would improve after 5000km - no, did not improve then either.

Testing with the computer showed the car was supposed to be averaging 5.2 litres per 100km, but was doing 6.9 litres per 100km - (highway driving too) 5.2 still not the 4.5 stated.

They finally agreed to do more testing - found faulty spark plug lead, once replaced fuel economy improved - 1 litre for 18km. Go to start the car a week after getting it back from Proton service centre - fails to start, get roadside assistance - no spark. Mechanic also informs me that one of the other spark plug leads is faulty..

They will have my car for a week now, while I wait for a new coil set to arrive...

Fuel tank always shows empty, all warning lights etc showing/blinking - but can only put in 30 litres of petrol?

They tested the fuel gauge system, no problems.. but there are, maybe the tank is less than the stated 40 litre capacity.

I think the car drives well when in the manual mode, gear changes up and down are shocking in auto mode. Steering and road handling are good for me...

I am 6ft tall, seats are comfortable, but I find them a little narrow for me.. plenty of head room, which is good.

Wishlist - Cruise control, and mp3 player.

If you are having poor fuel economy, get your spark plug leads tested - my car did not run rough, even though leads were faulty.

Enjoy driving

"I own the car, still paying off the petrol"!

20th Oct 2009, 08:40

It has been 4 years with over 110000km. No major problem because I followed the service interval schedule. I have noticed most comments are due to minor problem such as jerking. The reasons are as follows:-

1) Single dry clutch system (for odd and even gear). Nowadays cars like the Lancer / Galant 2.0 have a twin clutch system (one for odd gear numbers and one for even gear numbers) for a more smooth transmission.

2) Speed sensor and throttle body require servicing due to dust.

3) Ignition coil is required to be replaced once you feel the engine wobbling. Normally every 50000km.

Those are considered wear and tear. My suspension is still in good condition, regardless that I drive every day.

Worth buying.