21st Nov 2006, 02:32

There are few factors relating to choking problem.

1) Car start and drive immediately. Although at initial start there will be petrol wastage and advisable to drive immediately, I am still stick to old school.Meaning, let the car idle for 5 minutes and let the heat transfer to transmission and other parts of the engine. It is much better.

2) Constant change of petrol quality (from Ron97 to 98 back to Ron 97) or using different petrol branding. Engine Management System (EMS) keeps inputing multiple data of combustion. I believe if we stick to one petrol type it will ease EMS to produce data for the engine to run.Logically.

Example: Jaguar or Even Mazda with big capacity needs a good petrol like RON98 or onwards.

3) Press Brake and Accelerator at the same time. Normally this occures on hilly road trying to maintain the car from accidentally moving back. A constant beep will be heard and the car starts to choke and even stop. This is due to hydraulic oil overheating. This is happen to all AMT or robotic system. Let it cool in few seconds then start the car.

4) Choking and jerking are two different things. Perhaps the previous writer can explain it in details and see what I can advise.

23rd Nov 2006, 20:36

Hi all.

Thanks for all the valuable input that were provided. Currently, I have sent my Savvy to Proton for 3 times in a row and still waiting for it to be resolve. Lots of parts have been changed and currently, they had to call Renault's technical guy to check the car. One thing they found out is that one of the socket seems to be a little bit bigger compare to it actual standards which makes it loose. Don't know if it will works, but have to wait till this evening or tomorrow when I picked up the car later.

For all info, I have experienced both choking and jerking. I've also been driving the car as according to what the Proton's mechanic had advised me before that always put it on 'N' whenever possible.

What I need currently is just all the pray from you guys that my Savvy will recover from it 'illness'. Starts pray for me and will communicate with you all when I get back my Savvy. Thanks!!

24th Nov 2006, 04:57

We pray for your car with full recovery.

Infact your detail is a very valuable input. The socket size is a new issue to me. Once you have change, let me know what kind of socket need to be change.

I am a detail person. Although my car no longer choke, but if it is due to manufacturer default, I guess my car need to be sent and check as well.

Anyway, Savvy is a great car. Nothing in the world is perfect.

25th Nov 2006, 02:55

Nowadays, i have used my AMT until 24km...still no problem occured. just undergo some modification on rear muffler. the effect is fuel comsumption is much less than before. just a bit of growling sound comes from that muffler.anyway, i love my savvy. anyone dare to be a F1 driver in this AMT??

29th Nov 2006, 03:09

Hi Peter.

After read your comments, I agreed to your technical descriptions.

And also, it is up to Renault and Proton to identify the 'jerking' transmission. Updating the software to all Savvy owners.

Cruise control should be added. I am more to paddle shift stick placed behind the steering.

By the way, do you have any source for me to obtain Performance Chips or Superchips?.

29th Nov 2006, 03:14

I agree with your comment...

1) By erasing the error code does not mean it will not appear again in future.

2) Solve it by updating the software will benefit all Savvy owners and extend lifespan.

3rd Dec 2006, 06:17

Hi all, I'm using a Savvy AMT too and yes, the gear shift does jerk and sounds quite rough as well. Is this NORMAL on AMT cars? Is it also evident on the Renault Clie? Appreciate some input. Also, has Proton issued a mandatory software update already??

12th Dec 2006, 04:06

There is no recall for software update by proton. Not sure whether it will be happen or not.

My point of view is, it could be the AMT Component system not the software. The hydraulics component caused the transmission to be jerk. This is happen to other European manufacturers with this system. However these manufacturer manage to smoothen the transmission. Not sure about Proton.

Anyway, it is not easy to gain "technology transfer" from one manufacturer to another. It could take years. So far Savvy gains reputable status due to it's minimal default.

22nd Dec 2006, 10:33

I'm a proud savvy owner...

I have my savvy last year august and I never have a problem before..

I have some modification done to my car such as hotbits extractor + new exhaust system + R3 muffler (no more CV) and a drop-in air filter with new NGK spark plug

Currently can achieve 180km/h ++ with a very amazing 9.2sec from 0-100km/h.

For those who experience jerking during traffic please ask the nearest service centre to clean the throttle body of the car.

The throttle body is connect with the air filter.

This might help you guys.

24th Dec 2006, 01:38

I've traveled from KL to Terengganu 2 times already... KL to Pahang also 2 times, but the car is still steady. No problem so far. And it's saved me a lot... $$$$$$$$

I love the Savvy AMT. It's my 1st car.

3rd Feb 2007, 12:44

I own a Savvy Manual Transmission, Jan 2007 model... Just wanted your help... I am interested in upgrading the following components...

A) air intake system - extractor, air filter

Please recommend some brands/models that are compatible with a Savvy.

4th Feb 2007, 03:24

You can use full Hot-bits Exhaust system which includes extractor, mid bullet and muffler. Replace the original air filter with Redline drop-in air filter.

5th Feb 2007, 23:21


I would like to advise you guys, if you want to do any modifications on engine or parts, please confirm with your nearest service centre (AUTHORIZED). We are afraid that you will break your warranty policy if you do any modifications (Warranty VOID)



Branch Control Executive (Customer Satisfaction)

Proton Edar Sdn Bhd.

6th Feb 2007, 18:04

Thank you for your advice Sharifah.

I have read the manual book that the exhaust system has a warranty of 20,000km only. Does that mean we can upgrade to a better Hot Bit exhaust system after 20,000km mileage? This exhaust system is bolt on unit.

Air filter is a replaceable parts which does not come under warranty. Can it be replaced with K&N filter, or is a factory fitted air filter is adequate enough to balance the air intake and exhaust air operation?

Kindly advise me, Desmond.

6th Feb 2007, 18:14

I just want to give some comment on Mr. Peter Connell explanation on the engine management system.

For me, it could not be the EMS itself. Sometimes the signal illuminates could be from the connector itself.

Just clean up the wiring harness and the connector will do. Sometimes dust and dirt caused all this problems.

27th Feb 2007, 00:56

Hi everyone...

Currently I'm driving a Perodua Kenari, but in future I would like to trade in my Kenari for a Savvy. It is because my friend says that this car handling was quite superb, and also superb in fuel consumption, is it true?

Well, overall I like the design of this car... Modern + retro looks. Wish that I could own it soon...