28th Mar 2007, 01:22

Hi guys, I got my savvy 1.2 amt after a long wait. it's 2007 model with ABS and dual airbags. I had never got the fuel consumption that you guys mention - at 110km/h its rm10 for 75km and at 90km/h it's a maximum of 85km for rm10 highway driving. is this normal?

Had my ABS light on while driving (its now 4500km) - checked and erased some error codes, need to wait and see if it is OK now. also the radiator fan fan at times won't off after I stop the car - only after a few minutes (told in proton edar its normal). Don't no if anyone else have this problem.

Mr Kumar

3rd Apr 2007, 00:44

All I can advise is the radiator fan. It is a normal operation if you turn off the engine and the fan still running for few minutes.

If you can see this car only equip with 01 Hugh fan to operate both radiator and air conditioned system. It is part of the weight saving factor. No problem will appear if you take care the radiator coolant as per schedule.

I have realised the radiator coolant need to changed up to 7 litres every 20000km which is contradict from the manual book. But I am sure there are some reason why Proton ask their customer to change the radiator coolant more regularly. Perhaps due to Malaysia hot climate require the Renault based engine to be serviced in tip top condition.

I understood Renault engine requires good mantenance especially radiator operation in a very hot climate like malaysia.

12th Apr 2007, 01:03

As a savvy owner of nearly 1 and a half year.. I can conclude that, it is hard to achieve good fuel consumption with this car i. e 14 - 15km/l is a just average. It is just because that the car is best if be driven fast, which is more than 90km/h. The best fuel consumption I manage to get is about 19.6km/l. So its not about the car, but the driver and how the car being driven.

4th May 2007, 19:58

SAVVY in English is "To know, understand or Comprehend". This is a good name!

If we would apply this in business term, means, we listen, we understand. So, does this applies to Proton business MOTTO???

The bloody power window has been a pain in the neck for nearly 20 over years. A simple electronic control mechanism cannot be resolved over 20 years? Why Perodua never heard of power window problem and yet can achieve such a low cost and good car in Malaysia? Reason is simple, the stupid power window supplier is Proton business chrony. It has mutual self-interest. Due to this, the poor citizen of Malaysia has to change their power window in every 1 or 2 years. When we drive near to the toll, only Proton car open the door and not wind down the window to pick up the ticket. This is the notorious jokes in Malaysia.

To be honest, I don't believe it cannot be resolved, it is a matter of whether Proton adopt their SAVVY business mindset - Listen, understand or comprehend, and make remedial actions to resolve. Every car, be it, branded or not has design flaws, it is a matter of whether they listen to customer and make swift decision and corrective actions to recover the confident level.

Please do not think that we all are idiots, Proton will pay the price one day. Once before, a highly profitable company has landed in 600 Million ringgit loss over the last 9 months. This is what we call pay back time. You suck our blood, it is time you vomit out the blood. The god is always fair, Proton deserve this!!


28th May 2007, 01:40

My Savvy have serve me well. I love my Savvy, low fuel consumption, good handling, fast in it's class, spacious... and so far I have zero problem on it, but well the radiator fan didn't turn off when the engine is stop. But the proton technical man says it's normal... meant that they used the technology when the engine is hot the fan will not stop even after we pull out the key... well is good. It is same with Satria Neo to. I hope in the future proton will come out with 1.6L version base on the new renault clio.

12th Jun 2007, 10:33

I have own the savvy at the first launch.I'm pressed with the car. have change the tyre to a wider spec and rims. looks like theres only a type of tyre suitable for the car, the original one. i keep on hitting bumpers n could not take passenger as the weight will put pressure on the suspension and it keeps touching the tyres. Do I need to change the suspension or or need to change back to the original tyreany advise??

21st Jun 2007, 19:12

To change tire here are your options:-

1) Use back the same size, but performance tire.Effect: More grip.

2) Original 15 Inch Rim : Use tire size 185/50 R15.

(Bridgestone and difficult to find).Effect: More grip. Much better handling than original tyre size.

3) Widened 15 Inch Rim : Use tire size 195/45 R15 (Yokohama)

Effect: More stabilized handling with more sensitive steering.

Other than this size, it will cause a problem especially with loads and during turning. I suggest try to find a workshop who specialized in K Car wheel segment. Not suprised if you can find 16 inch wheel with tyre size 195/ 40 R16 or 195/35 R16 in Malaysia. But not all workshop has it. Japan already has this tire size for small car.

30th Jun 2007, 05:08

I am a Savvy owner just like most of u... i have owned it for more than a year. The only problem it makes me headache is the jerking problem. I have sent my car to the Proton authorized service centre twice to fix the prob, but it doesn't satisfy me at all.. the problem getting serious until I have a feeling of vomit when driving on the road...besides, I did realize that the gear doesn't change as when needed, sometimes it can go up to 4000rpm only the gear changed, I have consulted the service guy, but he mentioned to me that it is not a big problem, and it not necessary will change after 3000rpm (I'm not so sure abt this, anyone knows abt that?) I hope it can be resolved once I have sent it in for servicing, but unfortunately not.. i always think that I m the unlucky one to get such problematic car as I really dint hear much complaint from other savvy's driver, not sure whether everyone tends to tell themselves that they have bought a good car or really it is a problem-less car to them..

5th Jul 2007, 05:29

Relating to your problem with your Proton Savvy; the jerking problem could have been due to a faulty sensor which leads to sometimes being unable to start the engine.

I could be wrong, but through my experience, first change the sensor then followed by tuning.

Sometimes the sensor wire is dirty causing no communication with other parts and ECU.

12th Jul 2007, 01:46

Hi all.

I feel that my savvy is lack of power. I understand that changing the R3 muffler can give additional power. But is that mean higher fuel consumption?

Also, about the tyres if we use tyre size of 185/50 R15, will us lose some power especially during acceleration?

Regards, CPL.