2005 Proton Waja 1.6 AT from Malaysia


Getting the wrong car!


I own the Proton Waja 1.6 AT just for 3 weeks, but lots of problems to this vehicle. Now at 2000 km and the "N" lamp in the instrument panel flashes slowly (Once per second) with the 'D' range selected.

This cause the gear locked at 3rd drive range! I sent to Proton Edar to check about it, but they can't justified the right problems and keep changing this and that parts until now still haven settle the problems. The change alots of original parts, infact, technical people suspect the gearbox problem, but the head office refuse to change the whole gear box, but ask for overhaul only.

General Comments:

This is wasting me a lots of time for me to waiting them settle down the problem just because they need to send the technical report, try this and that, they told me that need around one months to settle the problem. Do you think it is logic? I don't think need take for so long if I send my car to the workshop. But, what to do, we can't void the warranty. But I hope the service centre should do somethings! We need to do the repayment to the bank, but the car is keep in service centre! What a stupid decision, do you see?

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Review Date: 1st July, 2005

3rd Aug 2005, 22:03

I own Waja 1.6 Auto Transmission (2002). Luckily I never get all the major problems. The only problems are the stupid Proton Standards Quality. (I think the reader understood). Anyhow, if you got some extra money. Please do not buy this car (proton). Even though we sent a lot of complaints and suggestions to Proton, but they are the same, stubborn and stupid. Hopefully after firing of Tengku Mahalel there will be some changes in Proton itself.

2005 Proton Waja Enhanced 1.6 from Malaysia


Looks good, solid body and superb driving



General Comments:

This car offers impressive driving experience and the external fit and finish are good.

The steering has good feel and a nice balance between firmness to give a sense of reassurance at speed and minimal effort to turn at low speeds.

The big sedan body design makes it an excellent choice for families, low noise level and overall comfort more than make up for the adequate engine output.

Although the interior is well designed and laid out, but the material used lack a feel of quality.

In short, this car is the best Proton car ever.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2005

30th Jun 2005, 05:08

I have bought the proton Waja Enhanced Version in Feb 2005, simply a great car with excellent handling and wonder full driving pleasure.

One problem the side bar on the drivers side between the front wind shield and the door is wider than should, it obstructs at corners to see the oncomming cars.