7th Aug 2005, 22:47

I am using Waja Auto and its surprising to see this car which is underrated! The ride and handling is good and interior is spacious! Of course it would not be fair to compare with some cars that is more expensive... I used to drive Honda Civic and when I travel high speed (160kmph), the Waja is much more stable than the Japanese, guess this is the Lotus magic! The gear box is also smooth, with the low end torque, it is very suitable in my place where many city driving. One more plus point is the fuel efficiency is great, at its weight of 1.2 ton!

Waja may not be the best car, but its definitely value for its money!

16th Sep 2005, 10:18

I owned my first Waja three months ago. I was all excited for this new car... but on the very first day it was really very disappointing. First the air-cond suction noise can be heard so clearly when the air-cond cut-in. Never heard of this in the other cars I owned. This is so irritating. Then I suddenly ran into a small pot-hole on my left front wheel and a clear sharp knocking noise was so distinctly heard. Is there any quality check at all? Now guess what? The gearbox behaved like as if the gear slipped as I powered up to over take or take on for a heavy ride. I thought the interior was the complaint of the pass, but still same old unrectified very poor interior plastic quality. Even my finger nail can cause a damaging scratch! I almost ran into an accident on the third day when I was just doing something like 100km/hr and when I suddenly braked the tyres just simply wouldn't gripped. The car wouldn't stopped... I replaced all tyres the next day immediately. For the high price of this car I paid for, I think the car got to be better. Bottom line, the QC of this car is just poor, over protected by government. I sent in my car to EON on my first service and luanched my concern, but so disappointing to hear, "it is like that... there is no problem..." I was just wondering if CUSTOMER SATISFACTION mean anything to them not that I was a complaining type, but only raising my CONCERN. What the value for money like??? I really think the car would be better in open competition. Remove the protection from the government...proton is no longer baby...

21st Sep 2005, 22:54

My word to the general public " PLEASE DO NOT BUY PROTON if you do not want headache and poor service by Proton dealers. The quality of their cars are questionable, but they price it so high.

I rather buy a second hand car of a proven brand.

Plaese listen to me if you do not want to regret later of the day and flush your money down the drain.

6th Oct 2005, 10:36

It's funny to see that somebody saying waja is better than civic...lol.

You're proton salesman, don't you?

11th Oct 2005, 01:27

I will not ever buy proton again. I think I will broke my promise over my dead body.

20th Oct 2005, 21:22

Does any1 know Links Dyno tune?it`s a private workshop.. i think you should go there n check your problem...

30th Oct 2005, 00:55

Hello every one

I'm from Syria and now planing to buy a car.

I will chose between 2 cars. Either proton Waja 1.6,which is a medium size car having the comfortablity, wide space and much technology, or Subaru Impreza 1.6 also that is a famous Japaneis car, but it is smaller than the proton.

What do you advice me?

According to what I read, I found that many of you do not recomend the Waja because of existing the frequently problems!!!

8th Nov 2005, 21:39

I bought Waja 1.6AT 3 weeks ago. In a week time my power window behind driver seat was not working and also within a week until now, when my Waja 1.6 AT passess through a street with a small hole or bumper, there is a knocking sound comes from either from front absorber or at the back of absorber. I went to Proton service centre at Ampang, the mechanic said that the knocking sound is normal for Waja 1.6AT and he can do nothing. Then I went to other Proton service centre near Gombak, he adjusted absorber spring, but it only last for one day then the knocking sound appear again.

I went to other Proton service centre also near Gombak they did repair my power window and O.K. but for the knocking sound they said technician on Hari Raya leave and nobody can entertain my complaint and he advised me to refer Proton service centre in P.J.

Since my balance of annual leave left a few, I cannot simply apply leave to clear the knocking at Proton P.J. service centre at the moment.

The question is does Proton P.J. service centre can rectify the knocking sound as refused by other Proton service centre.

3rd Jan 2006, 02:05

I owned WAJA 1.6MT year 2005. I'm proud of having it, but what I'm really frustrated is about proton edar customer services. I think, this is the major problem that make other people prefer to buy outside car compared to our car. I hope all customer service center especially Proton Edar can change and give their customer a better services and hopefully proton will be one of good international car.

18th Feb 2006, 03:02

I own a Proton Waja 1.6 MT, the car is OK, not much problems, the only problems I encountered was only sounds came from the Power Steering when I was making a turn and both absorbers wear out, although my car is only 1 year old, other problems like the CD player is easily damaged cos I cannot eject the CD. My EON service dealer is also very friendly. but also depends on how you treat them... the car can really speed, but the back sensors will work only on and off. I realised that the Waja 1.6AT always encounter problems, but not the MT. but I do agree that government should not over protect protons. They should at least let Protons have a chance to compete fairly with the other car dealers... in this way proton will realise it faults and will work to improve on these areas.

19th Feb 2006, 22:29

Eight of my neighbours have Proton Wajas and have ask them if they have any problems... planning to replace my Wira. They said no problems at all.

14th Mar 2006, 19:45

WAJA Campro 1.6 Manual?

Waja Campro has just been launched recently January 2006. It's rather early I know... but would appreciate if anyone in the field who have just bought the car can provide their feedbacks on the car.

I have read and heard many comments on Proton... so many negative inputs... this really making it hard for me to decide. I am just a novice when it comes to car, hope that all below can be answered.

Is the engine more reliable compare to previous Waja on Mitsubishi?

How about the petrol consumption, say City Driving?

Was informed by the Sales the leather seats are genuine leather, is this true? or it's a mixture?

Can the car be serviced at other mechanic shop besides Proton? Was told Campro Engine can only be serviced by Proton since it was design by Proton. Is this true?

What about Campro Spare Parts? Is it readily available in other mechanic shop besides Proton?

Should I purchase the previous version Waja which runs on Misubishi engine (SOHC) rather than Waja Campro (DOHC)?

I have read Waja Campro needs higher torque to ensure it runs smoothly. If City drive, its really not good as it is underpowered. Is this true?

Please advise

Novice Buyer

15 March 2006.