10th Mar 2010, 15:07

I owned a Waja 1.6 AT. It doesn't give me much problems. Except for the suspension lately when I'm on the road. I feel so bumpy, and once I enter those pot holes, it is making so much noise. And my engine is making a lot of noise too. And my brakes are making a lot of noise too.

Apart from that, nothing goes wrong yet. Hopefully.

12th Mar 2010, 22:18

After reading all the comments about the Waja.. I feel I should give one also.. I owned a 2009 CPS 1.6 MT Waja.. I just have one problem with this car... the fuel pump.. just about 1 month after I got it from the service centre.. the fuel pump didn't work.. very annoying.. lucky I've still got a warranty, but other than that, the car is perfect.. wahahah.

7th Jun 2010, 01:05

The only good thing about the Waja 2002 is the 4g18 engine... other than that.. pehhh... even if you changed the new absorber at the centre, it just gives you less than a year to have the anger back.. I've been changing all below the boot with the new ones, except the engine and wires... it's like buying a new Waja one part at a time.. but the driving feels good, maybe because it does not have all the safety tech, it's like a young and dangerous sort of thing.

22nd Jun 2010, 01:00

I just got a Proton Persona car. My car has only run 536 km, and had a central locking not functioning issue. Imagine you and your wife, sitting in the new car, and you reach your destination. You want to get out of the car, but the central locking won't open and your wife needs to exit the car via the driver's door. It happened on a Saturday.

The most tension was when I brought my car back to the Proton service center. They told me complaints is only open during Monday to Thursday.

Every family will take their family members shopping during the weekend. How can I go with a car where I cannot open the door from outside, and also from inside. I told that to the lady working at the counter. She replied, then don't go out, stay at home.

I need to tell Proton that they spend millions of dollars on advertising, how many cars have they sold this year? That is rubbish, your service centers don't have the capacity to repair this? That means you expect to sell cars, but don't want to receive customer feedback on quality? That shows how big your responsibility is as a car manufacturer on quality? Shame on you!

3rd Aug 2010, 08:17

I've just bought a Proton Persona Elegance 1.6 a month ago. The only thing when your car still under warranty is the service centre staff will not entertain you as they should be. Very slow moving mechanics & they have to be pushed to do their works. After the warranty complete, I'll do my service at other service centre... But the car is awesome!!!

7th Nov 2010, 05:30

I used to own a Waja auto 2005. Personally, I found myself more confident in tackling the corners in my previous Waja comparing to my current 2009 Honda Civic.

The only problem I ever had with my previous Waja was the CD player. Maybe I was lucky that time compared to most of the testimonials here.. but for me, the way you drive or treat your car will individually define how reliable the car is.


18th Nov 2010, 03:34

I owned Waja 2002 1.6, which caused me nightmares till today. Following are the major problems that I encountered:-

1) Power window. (All malfunctioned, the driver's power window I changed twice a year and the solution is I fixed its dead lock, which totally saved my time & money)

2) Alternator (I've changed it twice now, I owned a Toyota Corolla GL 1983 before, which I never changed the alternator before)

3) Fuel pump (imagine the car just dead half way, and realised that the fuel is not pumping into engine with my full tank fuel)

No more for Proton anymore. I've had enough!!! DAMN!

28th Nov 2010, 06:20

I own a Proton Waja 2005 manual (purchased during 5k discount promotion). Although there were some problems, I believe I purchased a value for money car. The handling is very good compared to those cars with the same or slightly above class. Although at that time I could have purchased a Vios, I still opted for Proton.

Once in a while, I could overtake a BMW 5 series, especially with the air-conditioning off and climbing hill.

As for my budget, I will continue to purchase Proton cars; hopefully the Inspira in two years time. The best is its handling.

21st Dec 2010, 19:59

Hi all... maybe I am so lucky out of thousands of WAJARIANs here. I am still comfortably driving my 2001 1.6 (AT) to any destination including countryside (off road) as fishing is my hobby. The mileage is now clocking to 265 760 km, and I am still able to push my Waja speedometer to reach 180-190 km/h in LPT (East coast expressway) and took only 1 hour 40 minutes from Kuantan to Gombak.

So far, the problem is only the power window and the door handle. Nothing else!

Till today, I just changed the absorbers (during 140 000 km) and front wheel bearing (at ~170 000km).

The gearbox, engine and handling power is superb, and I like it so much when I am able to overtake most of imported cars between Karak to Gombak, and Gombak to Karak.

I am very proud to have a Waja!

8th Jan 2011, 05:17

I got a second hand 2001 Waja 1.6 AT early 2010, and I have to say that I am quite happy with it. I've driven many cars like the Vios, City, and Accent, but none of those compare to the Waja. Yes, it's nice to drive and it's more glamorous to own an overseas made car. But they all kinda feel and handle the same. It feels like I'm driving a toy car. But the Waja has more feel to it. You can feel and hear the engine sound. It's like I can connect with the car. It's kinda like the Alfa Romeo. Full of passion. Yes, it's not the perfect car, but at least I don't feel like I am driving a robot. Get my drift?


28th May 2011, 22:22

Hello there... I am using a Waja 1.6 auto 2001. Earlier I was also facing the same problem, but after a recommendation to use AMOIL Gear Oil & AMOIL Gear Treatment, it solved my problem. Regards to the gear oil filter, actually there is... but to replace it, they need to bring down your gear box, because it fits in between your engine. Psssttt... sorry to say that your current foreman doesn't know anything about your Waja. My advice is find another vendor.

17th Aug 2014, 10:40

I own a Waja 1.6 MT 2001. The handling is superb compared to other Proton cars, including the Perdana; the Waja is the best.

I bought a Sentra 1.6 in 2006, and a Honda Civic in 2013, and my wife drives a Vios 2014 (new facelift). I still keep all the cars, and I'm sure the Waja is the best in terms of handling and speed.