30th May 2006, 09:33

I bought a Proton Waja 1.6MT on Nov 2002. So far it is fantastic in term of handling, power and fuel consumption. The main problem still the power window and the door handle. Proton need to be proactive and improved their after sales service and please listen to their customer and act appropriately . My car already clocked 131,000 km of traveled distance. I still keep this car even though I just bought a new Honda City.

8th Nov 2006, 09:48

We have our first proton car, Proton Waja (bought 2001 Nov), and recently I found out some serious problems below:

1) when I stop my car and wait for traffic light somewhere in subang, my car stop and the rpm went to 0. It that a common problem for auto gear car? I have taken my car to do service at the EON service in Segamat (north part of Johor), they just did some tuning for the engine using an electronic stuff. At the beginning the car is OK, but after a few days the problem come back again. It really make me headache!! I guess I have taken my car to do the checking and tuning N times, they still can't fix it. (really disappointed because I thought this good looking car at least have some quality inside, but...)

2) Gear box problem, can sense the gear went to 3rd and stop there. Fix it for 3rd times.

3) Windows can move down, but hardly move up afterward (now I don't dare to open my left back window =_=)

4) i have changed my door handler for the second one, one for the driver seat, and one for right side at the back, I don't know which one will be the next... (my father said the quality of the handler is very poor!)

Now my father have bought a new Honda City for me, and he said he won't buy any proton car in the future... kind of sad for the quality, thinking of giving support for local made car, but in the end it made our whole family fade up with it. : (

19th Nov 2006, 21:10

I have this 1.8 Waja auto, question is how to make a copy of of its touch key without changing the whole circuit board as advised by service center?

24th Nov 2006, 19:14

I've bought my Proton Waja back in year 2003, and few months ago both the rear door handles broke. Few factors I believe is the cause of this: low quality material, not enough thickness a.k.a. BAD DESIGN. Exposure to frequent weather change speeds up the handle failure which justifies the cheap material selection. Also, I'm suspecting that the door handle wasn't designed to be good against fatigue (if this is true, the engineers responsible for this design are no doubt stupid and better off working with DBKL!!)

Just last week my front left door handle broke too. Now just a matter of time for the driver's one to break too. I was about to go to the service centre this morning and change both the front door handles, but thought that I should do some "research" first in the net, thinking there might be a longer term solution for this problem. I was wondering if there could be a non-standard door handle with at least better material and design quality, but compatible to the current one. Anyone has any input for this?


26th Nov 2006, 05:23

Proton is a very bad car! I just spend the maintenance fees and repair my WAJA for these 3 years almost cost me RM15K!!! I bought WAJA 3 years ago and my WAJA repaired and repaired, the problem never end.. even I bought the original spare parts from EON also useless, parts cost high, bad service, slow motion. You know what, I never seen the car need to repair power window 3 times to change robot and the stupid design bracket. I wondering who is the stupid engineer to design the window bracket with plastic material. do you aware when you change the bracket cost RM250 just because a very very small fatigue. If you change a new one, after a year the bracket still broken unless you don't open your car window. Also, if you seen your WAJA light is dim and not functioning then you have to take not because the wire is melt. it is too ridiculous, right? I never heard any car WIRE will melt, Proton QA/QC department so easy approve?! WAJA Compressor using Pat-co model, once your compressor pulley or cylinder or inside the part wear, you have to change the whole compressor which cost RM600 for second hand. Engine using Mitsubishi the lowest model which in Japan almost bankrupt company, but proton still proud to use it. Using lotus design, but using Kayaba absorber, 3 - 4 times cornering you have to change a new absorber. Gear box still OK for above year 2002 manufacture, but for the first batch, all waja GEAR BOX have the big problem. Not mean I don't support Proton car, it really disappointed me. From today onwards, I want to say bye bye to Proton.

22nd Dec 2006, 01:44

My father's Waja's car alarm went hair wired after taking delivery of the new car 2 months ago. The car would suddenly blare the alarm especially when parked under heavy rain. My father has sent the car for repair for more than 5 times and the problem still persisted.

The staff at the service center did not help much. As my father felt that the previous service center did not managed to rectify the mentioned problem, he went to another EON service center. To his disbelieve, the staff at the centre told him to get back to the previous service center as they are not responsible for the unresolved car problem.

All the while I thought the car services can be done in ANY authorised service centers in Malaysia. This is all for car owner's convenient and choice.

Now the staff at EON service centers are pointing fingers while the losers will definitely be the consumers.

I believe my father will never touch another Proton again after such problem with the car and the supporting staffs!!!

14th Feb 2007, 00:08

For those will think to buy a brand new car Protn Waja, please make sure that you or else will not used Safe Tint film for your car. what I want to say is Safe Tint film that approved by Proton TOTALY SUCK!!! Maybe it look nice, but it`s hard to stick on the glass and make many air bubble trap between tint film and glass.

19th Feb 2007, 19:54

I got 2005 waja 1.6 auto. since I have it I got this problem: power window jammed (driver side) after 6 month. fuel pump "out" after 12 month, alternator "kong" after 16 month. I don't know what next!!!. anyway thank you to proton that makes our life miserable... my suggestion Don't BUY PROTON CARS until they change in their "MANAGEMENT".

7th Mar 2007, 06:17

Proton Waja is a wonderful car.. or should I say problemful.. my mom's kancil runs better than it.. trust me.. I would not recommend a PROTON!!

25th Mar 2007, 19:24

I have just got my Waja 1.6AT 3 months ago. So far I find that she is doing very well apart from the excessive fuel consumption and poor pick up rate. On the issue of power window, I started to experience problem with the back seat window. Anyone can give me some ideas on the UV penetration rate of Safetint on our waja?