2005 Proton Waja reviews

Waja 1.6 Mitsubishi

A good car. Should improve on the durability of its fittings

172 words, Malaysia

Waja 1.6


21 words, Malaysia

Waja 1.6 MT petrol

Waja... could be a malaysian sportcar

90 words, Malaysia, 4 comments

Waja 1.6


27 words, Malaysia, 7 comments

Waja Sedan 1.6

Still good, but can be better

73 words, Malaysia

Waja 1.6MT 1.6MT


79 words, Malaysia


Spacious, but need to look at the quality

60 words, Malaysia, 1 comment

Waja 1.6 AT

Getting the wrong car!

214 words, Malaysia, 49 comments

Waja Enhanced 1.6

Looks good, solid body and superb driving

97 words, Malaysia, 14 comments