6th Sep 2003, 05:56

My waja was the early model. The front bumper felt off one day by its self and had to pay to get it fixed.

Water leaked if it rains heavily.

Funny noise happens at high cruising speed, but never able to fix at EON.

After sale service needs to be improved and every time a lot of money is needed.

Some fortunate owners like the previous person are lucky and think that we are making up problems to denounce the national car.

To my great fortune, l sold my waja 2 months ago and got myself a new Honda city with low installment interest.

L must say my nightmare is over and l hope the city will become the most popular car.

L suggest everybody to do the same.

1st Dec 2003, 07:59

I have owned a 1.8 Proton Waja for about 7 months. So far I have two major complaints against this car. Firstly when the car is traveling between 80 kmph to 100kmph, there is an irritating sound like an jet engine coming from the engine. When asked at the service center, they seem oblivious to it. Seems it is part and parcel of the car. Still trying to get used to it. Any of you guys face this problem? If so, please let me know how to fix it if possible.

Second problem whenever I do a right turn on a slope; there is a knocking sound from the front of the car. Yet the service center cannot fix it. Got fed up of sending the car to the service center.

Other than these, the car is quite okay except for the plastic mouldings - dashboard etc., that give out rattling sounds here and there.

This car has potential, if only the QC is improved.

One more thing, I marvel how is it Proton allows their distributors to fix trinkets like sunshades at the back of the car. That thing rattles and adds on to noise to the car. Result is lowered quality of the car. Quite stupid.


6th Jan 2004, 22:30


I have the same problem when doing my right turns... go to SC and ask them to re torque all the joints and suspension...!

22nd Feb 2004, 08:20

To Lee.

1) My waja 1.8 also has this "jet engine" noise at around 90km/h to 100km/h. But I later found out that this noise comes out at 3000rpm (no more no less) regardless of speed. I can also feel a slight vibration of the steering wheel at this rev. The service centre guys can't do anything about it. My advice to you... just move on with life.

2) The knocking sound (sounds like "tong..tong") when cornering right or going over a speed bump in my case is actually caused by the front suspension spring slipping on the plate which is holding it on both ends. My service centre guy inserted water hose like a sleeve jacket on the spring ends and then re-attached the covering plates. Kautim!! Try and see.

3rd Jun 2004, 10:34

My WAJA 1.6 (A) SE was purchased in Jan'04. Problem is that the Auto Transmission have to be kicked to '3' from 'N' instead of from 'N' to 'D' before I can transmit it to 'D' to move. Is it part of WAJA -ve symptom? Please advise.

8th Nov 2004, 19:18

My Waja is close to 2 years old and the mileage is now 56,000. Well now the warranty period is over, I think the maintenance cost going to kill me.

I think sending my car to EON probably I will be wasting a lot of my time and money. Please let me know if there are good workshops for my Waja 1.8, so call only EON or Proton Edar can repair.

Anyway, at what mileage we have to change the timing belt and its related parts. The service booklet says 60K or 100K for two different engines. I don't know what engine we are using. I was told the cost for changing timing belt and other related parts will cost about RM2,600.


8th Dec 2004, 02:32

Hello to all.

I have just come back after being in darkness with the 1.8 waja, oh well seems that it's going as great as my love life.

I was looking at some comments with jet engine noises at 3000rpm, this is true a problem I had, suffered with thought I'd live with and then rectified. It really is quite simillar to a divorce.

Solution? OK, the problem is associated with the chrome tailpipe of your exhaust, tighten all bolts and nuts. If this does not solve the problem then it is your exhaust gasket between the extractors and flexible joint. This is usually a RM20 affair.

If your car revs high with no power, then its' transmission kaput, get proton to reset your ECU. AND DON"T PAY THE BUGGERS!!!


Jean Paul Fabrique.

27th Feb 2005, 21:17

Referring to the last comment...

Why do these, people complain? Because a Proton is selling for the same price as other better built cars. The difference in the price is there because the government tax like mad on other cars. Did you know that a honda sells cheaper in the US than a proton sells in Malaysia? That means, proton is claiming that their models are the same level of quality as other cars. So, you can't blame people for expecting so.

29th May 2005, 21:11

Wow...This a good website to express our views on local made cars. I've learned a thing or two thanks to you guys out there. Now I know where the knocking sound come from when I corner or drive over a speed bump. I've bought a GEN 2...Sorry I know this is a WAJA forum... And that knocking sound came about after 3 mths. Will send back to SC this 3rd for the 1st time... Yes I hardly drive the car... Hope the problem will be rectified.


3rd Jun 2005, 03:18

I'm another unfortunate Proton Waja owner. I'll like to warn potential owners that the power windows are expensive parts to replace. If it is spoiled you have to either replace the power window assembly which cost about RM380 or the motor which cost about RM190.

I considered myself lucky that both my front door power window got spoiled within the warranty period, because I could get it replaced for free.

However, when the power window got spoilt again, I have to get it replaced via cash. The irony of it is the replaced parts only have one month warranty and the replaced part spoiled again after five months.

This is the answer I got from the authorised Proton service center which I went to in Kepong Industrial Park. According to the manager, they are only passing on such a warranty term because the Proton parts center they claimed from, informed them this is a standard Proton warranty term for all Proton parts. He even stressed that this was also told to them during their training with Proton Edar. One month warranty period, come on Proton, you got to have more confidence than that.

Looks like a scam to suck more money from unfortunate Proton Waja owners.

First they sell bad quality cars, then provide sub-standard parts at expensive prices and give ridiculously short warranty period. What next?

6th Jun 2005, 03:03

Wow! This is such an enlightening website. Now, allow me to share my predicament.

I currently drive a non-Malaysian 1.6L and am about to trade it in for another 1.6L or a 1.5L. With an affordability of RM60k to about RM80k (although really I want to keep the budget at a RM70k cap), it's no secret the cars I am considering are Proton Waja 1.6 (Enhanced version), Hyundai Accent 1.5, Kia Spectra, Proton Wira SE - and for completion sake, Toyota Vios and Honda City too (which I though is a bit too expensive until now that I hear how you guys are saying after 50,000km Waja's maintenance cost is really bad that is making me consider a more expensive car for the long term lower maintenance cost).

With all these negative remarks about Waja, I just wonder whether there are positive remarks that are unrecorded - maybe they are all happy with the car, so they are not inclined to participate. But I guess what was stated before is true, for the price (in comparison to others in the country) Waja is the most affordable in its class, with justifiable fuel consumption, cabin space, accessories and the air-bag. The rebuttal is: an artificially over-priced product when compared to the other 1.6s - due to tax etc. not market forces. But really, for me, what can I do now? I want to buy a new car and so, under the prevailing circumstances, what would be the best choice for me? I really thought it would be Waja - hoping that the problems of knocking-sound-while-turning, noise at 80kmh-100kmh, gear box problem at 50,000km, power window syndrome, door handle breaking and the others would be solved. Is it possible for Proton to realize this dream?

Can anyone please advise me. What car should I buy?