2002 Proton Waja GX 1.6 from Malaysia


Good looks from outside a distance away, but closer - looks cheap


1. Air conditioner not cold enough - cannot be fixed by Proton.

2. Fuel meter not working if half tank or below - Proton will not fix.

3. Seats began to wear out after a few months.

4. Strange sounds appearing at the back seat.

5. All components door handles, dashboard are poor material and construction quality. If removed it is almost impossible to put them back.

6. Service center - they cannot fix problems, only want payment.

Unfriendly. Looks like Proton is the customer to its car buyers.

7. The car is good effort, but poor QC makes the car looks very "cheap".

General Comments:

1. Excellent road handling, looks sporty, nice rim and steering.

Excellent handling.

2. I hope Proton CEO would accept criticism and plan for better more competitive Proton. Look at success by Hyundai.

3. The car is good effort, but poor QC makes the car looks really "cheap".

Maybe the components are made in a hurry.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2002

18th Apr 2003, 00:08

Please do something about the noise when WAJA 1.8 reaches the speed of 110 km/j and above. I think the sound proofing is not good enough until I could hardly enjoy my stereo sys. while driving above 100 km/j.

28th Jul 2003, 07:06

Hello there! I'm amused and sorry for those having lots of problem with their Waja. On my part, thank God! Everything seems perfect after 1 1/2 years ride from Ipoh to KL. Bravo Proton!

2002 Proton Waja GX 1.6 SOHC from Malaysia


A good bargain for its price


Strange rattle at the right front fender. Sounds like a cable or wire knocking against the body or undercarriage.

The alarm sounds if the boot is not slammed shut hard enough.

Apart from those minor niggles, the car performed faultlessly.

General Comments:

The suspension is nicely tuned. Very good handling. Corners well within a certain limit. Feels like the suspension can handle a lot more than the engine can dish out.

Comfortable enough for long journeys in the back roads.

Big boot space.

Good accommodations for driver and passenger although the airconditioner vents could be placed more strategically in the cabin.

Nice standard sound system.

A very quiet car with good sound insulation.

However the seats are quite hard and offer not much support during extreme cornering exercise.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2002