30th Jun 2004, 02:18

I just bought a brand new Proton Waja 1.6 MT (known as Impian in UK) in May 2004. The problem is the drive shaft knocking when I make turns, especially in slow movement.

21st Dec 2004, 12:14

Waja-ugly design, overpriced, rubbish.

27th Dec 2004, 00:05

Dear Waja Owner,

My Waja 1.6 M/T gave me a fews problems:

1. front bulb, always burnt after a fews weeks of replacement, this is the four times I have replaced the bulb. Can anyone advise.

2. closing of rear boot need to deliver certain pressure on it/ have to bang the rear boot until it close nicely. Can anyone advise.



4th Jul 2005, 03:54

Attention to Waja 1.6 buyer...

I have a big problem with my Waja... although it look like tough, but its always be a problem especially to the absorber.. this is the second time I had change it because my tyre is cannot move slidely... and the tyre grip had a big cause from this problem...

14th Sep 2005, 03:04

I'm writing in response to 'KW' who is facing problems with the often-burnt projection bulbs and hard-to-close boot lid.

I have faced these problems myself and hope that what I say will help.

1. On the first problem, please get a wireman to check the earth connection. My personal mechanic explained to me that poor earthing will cause bulb to overheat. This problem is actually quite minor, but I wonder why Proton still has not addressed it.

2. As for the boot lid being difficult to close, specifically ask for Proton Edar to arrange for their sub-contractor to rectify this problem. This is a matching problem. (I have made numerous complaints during the warranty period to no avail. Don't let their incompetent service personnel to shove and bend the lid. It was finally rectified when one of their better-trained service engineers explained the problem to me)

If not for all these niggling problems, Proton Waja would have been a great car. I have nothing good to say about their after-sales service, therefore I reserve my comments.