30th Jun 2005, 02:09

Jerking in the waja 1.8 is caused by a faulty sensor in the gearbox. If the problem does not be attended to quickly your engine could suddenly turn off even while cruising at 80 km/h.

7th Jul 2005, 22:37

I hv the same unfortunate problem of radiator fan blade breaking suddenly while on the road, striking the radiator and puncturing the latter. The car was less than a yr old then. Had to tow the car to Proton Edar service center. Luckily, they got the parts replaced within a day. Many thanks to the PJ center.

For the past 4 months my car has been sent to the center 3 times. My complaint was it stalled at traffic jam, when the engine idled for over 5 min. Initially this happened in places like the Jln Sg Besi-Jln Tun Razak and the Federal Highway. Then it started to stall even when idling for 5 min. at empty parking lot. Each time they checked, they said the ECU records did not show the problem, tuning was right. When I sent it back to them the 3rd time a week ago, they tuned the engine to 900 rpm, instead of 650-700 previously. So far so good.

My concern is that my car's warranty is up this October. Hope it works this time. Can anyone comment on the right tuning for Waja 1.8A.

Other than the above, I am quite happy with the car, for that price.

15th Aug 2005, 08:52

I'm having the same problem too : (I just got it back last Saturday because the engine suddenly turned off when I was stuck in a traffic jam.. had to tow it to Mutiara Damansara (that's the only place I KNOW where it is) then I got the car back on saturday and It was running smoothly.. THEN on TODAY (Monday) the engine shut off AGAIN, but this time.. don't know whats wrong.. when It's in D, if I push the accelerator it won't budge.. If it was on P it would Rev up like I WAS stepping on the accelerator.. it jerks really bad If I was changing from N to D.. so gonna have to tow it back in : (most likely to change to a different car.. don't care much at the moment really.. kind of fed up with it..

17th Feb 2006, 22:38

I bought Waja 1.8X in early 03 and I thought I was doing Malaysian economy a favor, but it only brought me nightmare. Common problems like fan radiator broken into thousand pieces (so unheard of in other makes) and the car had to be towed, gear box jerking until now resulting in high fuel consumption, driver's power window failed and had to be changed, passenger lock drawer already changed twice. I guess I'd soon be changing the engine to Evo 5..any comments from Waja 1.8X owners?

23rd Mar 2006, 18:49

I bought the WAJA 1.8A in 2003 and right from the start encountered similar problems and miseries as listed by other buyers earlier on, especially with regard to the gearbox which until now cannot be completely fixed. I believe that this is caused by a manufacturing defect which can lead to fatal accidents later on. I understand that Proton has stopped production of this model now. I therefore would further suggest that Proton recall those on the road and replace the engine with that of WAJA 1.6,after all there are not many units on the road now. It will definitely boost its corporate image and may may even avoid possible lawsuits. Many car manufacturers have recalled their models on the road at the slightest notion of defect.Don't you all think that this is a good suggestion for our national car producer? I am a strong supporter of Proton.

23rd Mar 2006, 21:55

I wish to add to my earlier comments regarding the Waja 1.8A.Because of the many similar complaints vis-vis the ECU/gearbox, I am inclined to believe that the cause of the problem is due to a manufacturing defect. And I hope Proton can look into the matter.Thanks.

19th Sep 2006, 00:40

Am also not a very proud owner of Waja 1.8x. I had the radiator fan, power window, jerking and gear box problems. My gear box was change while under the warranty, but now had also show some sign of the same problems (light on auto comes up and it seems to stuck at gear 2) occurring. just now my mechanic Just told me the ECU (both) are not working and the car cannot start.

I strongly support the idea of recalling the model. As of now I do not think I can afford to buy another Proton.

19th Sep 2006, 20:28

I agree towards recalling the 1.8 model or any other Proton model, especially just newly launched. The Perdana model has been recalled last time due to a suspension defect. Even the BMW X5 initial model has been recalled due to lack of a safety pin at the brake pedal.

However, Proton need to collaborate with their supplier to obtain any defect information for the sake of protecting customer's rights. Sometimes it is difficult to do these things. For example, Proton Perdana has been recalled only when Mitsubishi announced the problem. Then Proton recalled this model.

Therefore, Proton now has it's own R&D towards the model design and Campro engine, they will sure know the defect. Hopefully Proton will work out with Petronas own engine to certain prestige Proton models in the future. Unless for certain reasons, this engine has been sold to other car manufacturers.

So, a recall will make the customers happy.

1st Nov 2006, 11:44

I bought my Waja 1.8 in July 2004 and I agree with the comments of others especially to recall back all on-the-road Waja 1.8 to fix the similar problems. My gearbox sensor was twice replaced. Last wek, I had left my Waja for a few days as I used my other car during the Hari Raya holidays. Once back home, my Waja could not start and called my mechanic to fix the problem. He found that the ECU was not working. Unfortunately my Waja's mileage is already 90,000 km, so no more warranty. It'll will cost me a few thousand ringgit to have the ECU replaced.

11th Jan 2007, 20:34

All the same issues. I bought Waja 1.8A in late 2004 and I got the same problems till today. My car still in workshop when I writing this comment. (Now it already a week and this is a second time on the same thing)

Why Proton still not call all Waja 1.8A on the road and do something to overcome or rectify these problems?

The main problem right now is with my gearbox which keep giving a false alarm and the engine need to be shut-off every time this light turn-on.


Maybe this is a time to change to other BRAND.

25th Jan 2007, 08:49

Model 1.8A 2002 December.

Give up hope already... just live with the problem. Last proton car for me...


6th Feb 2007, 18:22

1.8 model should have been revised properly. Learn form mistake and technology transfer isn't easy. One of the factor is Cold climate to Hot climate. Countries road, weather, longtitude and altitude factor etc. (I read a lot).

But putting Eon and Proton to sell like RM2 items isn't logical."...may the good force be with you... only anger can lead you to the dark side..."ha.ha...