7th May 2009, 01:24

I have thrown away my WAJA 1.8a on 2007, just 2 years full of nightmares. My Waja only got 46k! And not many 2nd hand car dealers wanted to take it. First the maintenance is so high for a 70k price car, my radiator fan also break and completely destroy the radiator, power window panel & motor, rear bonnet spring, ECU, gearbox sensor.

But one thing I like is... it's fast & stable at high speed, that's why I only get saman for speed traps when I using that car.. :)

After I let-go of my Waja, I bought a Honda City and I use it till now & no major problem. I feel sorry for you guys who still can't let-go of your Waja.

10th Nov 2009, 01:33

Hi everyone. I bought a 2nd hand Waja 1.6 (A) on 2007.

The reason I wanted to use a 2nd hand car is to modify and add a cool sound system. But unfortunately I used the car for 5 days only. The car was stolen at giant Pelentong Johor Bahru in every short time (15 minutes).

And one more time I bought a Waja 1.8 (A) after the incident. Guys, you know what, I'm still looking for a solution to solve the problems.

I bought the car for Rm 37k. But I've spent more than that for just to repair the car. The car was break down before Deepavali last month and I spent Rm 4800 to repair it. And today 10th Nov 2009 the car is at the work shop and they're asking for Rm3600 to change the ECU box. I don't know what to do. I'm paying Rm 500 monthly installment for that car. I've failed to make payment for three months because I got no more money and no heart to pay also. I've try to sell the car to any car finance but failed. Even if I want to sell to any of my friends, I need to repair the car and also they will be upset with me in future because of the problem. Let me list down all the problems.

1. Engine speed sensor Rm 800. Changed twice.

2. Gear box sensor, Rm 650, changed twice.

3. Engine mounting, Rm 900 change once.

4. ABS system, Rm 3300 change one.

5. Door windows, both side Rm 800.

6. Door panel, each Rm 80.

7. ECU box, Rm 4800.

8. Engine very noisy.

9. ABS indicator is on occasionally.

10. Engine check indicator is on occasionally.

And many more. Even the gear oil is very expensive, it's Rm 65 per liter. So I need to buy 5 liter. Rm 80 per tuning. I've done for my car more than 10 times. My sister has been driving a Civic for more than 3 years; very smooth and still like new. And father is driving a Camry. He never spent so much of money like what I spent. Till now I only get irritated, scolded from my dad, upset, broke, argue with my girlfriend.

So guys, don't ever buy Proton products. No quality, lousy, very easy to steal, and is not worth it. I want to scrap my car for Rm9k, but still need to pay the balance about 10k.

And my advice, don't ever bring your cars to any Proton branch. They are very slow and they know nuts about those cars, especially the Waja 1.8. They can even give reason that their tuning box is faulty because they don't know about the car.

And that's all my friends. Any lawyers willing to help me, please e-mail to me at vyrusm@yahoo.com


4th Dec 2009, 08:20

That's why a Perodua Alza will be better than a Proton Exora!

9th Jan 2010, 23:10

I'm using Waja 1.8 (A) Renault Laguna engine, year 2003 made and 2004 registered.

I bought it in year 2007 as a 3rd hand.

It was only RM30k with the odometer 38,000 km. Very short distance for a 3 year old car and really cheap.

A few things have already been changed by the previous owner:

1. Radiator.

2. Driver seat power window.

It was really a powerful engine and stable when driving.

I drive in a average of 5000km per month. I service every 2 months once with Petronas Premium Syn oil (4Liters + 1Liter) which can go 10,000km.

I change the auto oil every 20,000km, Renaultmatic (2Liters + 1 Liter). (1Liter=RM50)

Now the odometer is at 158,000km and I've been living a hell of a life because of the car. There is always a fear in me thinking when this car is going to give me another problem.

This is the list the problems I've encountered so far:

1. Fuel pump gone when I was in an outstation. The mechanic there cannot repair it. Had to tow to KL and repair.

Cost me RM600 for the pump, RM350 for the tow and RM200 to reset the immobilizer system.

2. Leak on steering oil cable caused my timing belt to tear apart and damage everything. Cost me RM3,000 entirely. The car has lost the power since then.

3. Air conditioning has to be serviced frequently. Last year it cost me RM1,500.

4. Front light menthol will burn within 2 weeks every time I change.

5. The masterpiece of all, gearbox problem. The gear will jerk suddenly when driving. It's something like a stuck and the gear won't change after that. I've had to restart the car and after driving a while, it will happen again. Mostly will happen if I don't warm up the car at least 15 minutes before driving. And will happen when I go up ramps. The funny part is, it also happens if I turn on the air conditioning or the radio, and sometimes even when I use the power window.

So far, no one can give me the solution for this problem. Everyone is asking me to change the engine to MIVEC, which will cost me RM10k.

Car dealers are verbally willing to take the car for only RM15k (without realizing the gearbox problem). If I show them the car, not sure if they'll take it or not.

Full settlement for my loan would be RM23k. I'm in the middle of the mist. Headache. Looking for someone who can repair the gearbox problem. Will be happy if I can use the car for another year.

Whom should I blame? I'm tired of complaining. Frustrations and disappointments towards Proton, Eon and their services have been well voiced out in the previous comments.

Looking for a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean...

30th Jan 2010, 20:37

Waja 1.8, lots of problem. Gearbox; if you want to solve the problem, see the Peugeot workshop. They can solve the problem much better than Proton service. Because Proton know nothing about this car, they just build the body only. Gear box is the same as the 406.

9th Apr 2010, 07:56

I think it's better to replace all the engine parts with another car brand.. I mean converting the engine will be less cost than repairing the engine with all the mechanical and electronic parts.

24th Jun 2010, 21:12

For the Waja 1.8.. my advice is don't buy the car unless you know how to maintain it. My Waja 1.8 is from 2004, I have changed my timing belt three times, and now my mileage is 220000km. I have not had any major problems, other than the radiator fan, which was changed twice by EON in 2004 and 2005. The latest design still going strong now.

As for the parts, source it outside. When you change your mounting, change the cross member as well, and if your cross member is dented (hit something), change it before it starts to destroy your mounts.

Do not let the fuel run to E every time; your fuel pump will overheat and needs to be replaced. And when you fill up, stop at the first kickback. DO not overfill. Mine is still the original.

Sensors needs to be cleaned often, not changed. Live without the ABS, the same ABS system is in the Volvo S40 and you'll get the same problem; the solder inside the box melts and the ABS won't work. You can send it for resoldering around 500, but make sure you heat insulate the box after that.

ECU - if you need it, try to source it second hand - around RM800.