7th Mar 2007, 00:10

Yes, I have the same problem and my car is only 2 1/2 years old on the road.

OK, that's something that I have to leave with for the next 6 1/2 years because that was the financing that I had signed up for!

Worse, is the market value of the car. Bought it about 2 1/2 years ago for RM70,000, and now, the market value is around RM30,000!

Can't even get rid of it!

13th May 2007, 07:08

Being the first buyer of Waja 1.8X in my state was the proudest moment in my life. Why not? It was my beloved Chief Minister who handed the key to me. Soon after that just after a week the air conditioner not working. As my complaint persist several times then Proton decide to replace something. But that's not the end of my problems. I encountered almost all the problems mentioned by the other proud owners in this forum. However the problem I really hate is when the engine suddenly off while waiting for the traffic light to turn green or when slowing down. Several repairs made rewrapping some of the wiring inside the car, but still problems persist soon after.(i am yet to replace any parts of the engine).

Yes, I support all colleagues that somehow Proton need to recall this monster before it get out of hand.

9th Jul 2007, 23:52

Dear friends in trouble.

I agree that Proton should recall and fix the problems with the Waja 1.8. I have one myself and the engine will get stuck for no reason. Problem attributed to the throttle body. I have changed that and 4 weeks pass and the same problem still persist.

Proton should be responsible for their product and not just hide behind their 1 year warranty stand. We should make noise and use public opinion to force proton to recall this model.

14th Jul 2007, 22:14

My Waja 1.8 problems so far, nearly 4 years:

1) Radiator fan killed the radiator, fan broken into multiple pieces.

2) Engine halted when idling, failure is due to magnetic sensor.

3) The gear indicator on the front panel jumps up and down unpredictable. eg. while driving with D, it jumps to 2,N, R,P, etc.

4) ABS indicator is on occassionally.

5) Engine check indicator is on occassionally.

6) With OD on, pressing accelerator from standstill causes car to jerk very hard. This happened several times at the beginning, never had this problem since.

7) ECU was placed at a position closed to heat, it burnt and died, had to replace ECU. Proton later shifted the ECU to somewhere cooler.

8) Car vibrates a lot while going downhill, until you cannot even talk at normal conversation volume to someone next to you. Problem due to engine mounting failure.

As you can read, my problems are very similar to what every Waja 1.8 owner is having.

If Proton is a responsible manufacturer, they should recall all Waja 1.8 irregardless of the age of the car because the defects existed since the beginning!

If they do not recall and fix all of these known and common issues, I will not purchase another Proton ever.

2nd Sep 2007, 03:36

I have a Waja 1.8X before and sold it for only RM30K last year. It's a lousy car and it made me feel like I paid to buy continuous problems. I have experienced all problems mentioned by you all, like the radiator hit by the fan blade, exhaust system problem, gear jerk, engine die off while slowing down or stopping the car, gear box problem, sensor problem, power window failure, engine mounting failure, door handle broke and many more. Each failure can easily cost you few thousand ringgit. During the warranty period, wasting lot of time @EON service centre to claim warranty, but most of the problem not able to fix. Used this car for 2yrs and just after the warranty, the sensor & ECU for gear box failed. Spend RM4000++ for a 2nd hand recond part @friend's workshop. It's not worth to use, told by everyone, everywhere when service the car even at EON service centre. Now I'm driving a Corolla 1.8G Altis, very comfortable without any minor problem, good service and support. Recently just bought a Toyota Vios for wife. Advise all friends and family members should buy car from a real car maker like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi even Chevrolet and Hundyai also very much better than Proton. Don't waste money anymore friend, Proton's car is cheap, but full of problem. Don't know why still lot of people book the persona, it must be another lousy car from Proton. Savvy owner, another big problem for you also, it's Renault engine same as Waja 1.8...



6th May 2008, 13:07

Hi all readers.

I had commented last time hoping for PROTON to recall Waja 1.8, but recently they did, but Savvy not Waja 1.8 : (.

Am still paying 1000+ financing on my car and its not moving at all now. I just replace my ecu for RM1500. The transmission sometimes simply just not connecting while on the road, especially when am going uphill or stopping at traffic light.

Has anyone of you out there has any suggestion? or had lost hope already, or had bought another (brand) car. Any comment is very much appreciated.



4th Jun 2008, 16:54

Hi all... it's 5.48am... I just came back from alamanda putrajaya with my girlfriend... yes... it's the Waja 1.8X problem... it failed to start after I got out from the cinema... I was so happy with my girlfriend when the problem occurs... I can't start the car... although I used the "key" thing like touching it like that... then can insert the key, then start... but I can't start... seems like an electronics problem... I thought it was my battery problem... try to "jump" from my friends car battery... but still cannot work... then I have to leave it there... sad.. tensioned..and I had more problems coming..

Proton... do me a favour.. stop producing cars.. They suck big time.. really.. get other brand cars guys.. trust me..

12th Jun 2008, 22:45

Hi guys,

I bought a Proton Waja 1.6 2003 Model. I have had drama after drama, My car is on 80,000.00 ks and already I have replaced 3 door handles, Cigarette Lighter, Front two electric windows. I took it to proton at Kippa-Ring. Still under warranty they refused to fix the problems. I rang up numerous other mechanics to see what the cost would be, No one will touch them. So now I have got a loud grinding noise under my back tyre and the car is unsafe to drive my daughter around in.

Proton Quotes me $1000.00 to fix each window $300.00 a door handle. And pay by the hour until they can work out where the noise is coming from underneath. Please don't buy a proton it will be disappointment. Proton should just close down. Protons are made to drive once and throw away Cheap and Nasty.

26th Jun 2008, 08:35

Dear gents.

I have had a Waja 1.8X since Nov 2003, and it is still running well. Of course I did have some problems back then, but now I know how to resolve most of her problems.

For you all that do not know, there is a forum under www.autoworld.com.my. Go to 'Proton Waja' forum and you will find how most people resolved their problems with the car. Good luck.