15th Dec 2010, 12:57

Can someone help me on this problem? My Waja 1.8 RPM suddenly dropped to 500 and even when I pressed the pedal it has no response. BUT after I turn it off completely and restart it is back to normal. Is this something to do with cylinder head problem?

23rd Dec 2010, 01:39

Where is your location? I had that kind of problem before, but instead of low RPM, it goes way high RPM (around 2.5k), plus the accelerator pedal does not respond. Engine check light is also blinking. In my case, it is due to throttle body. I just simply replace it and solve my problem.

I am an owner of WAJA 1.8X, and it is with me for 7 years already. I think I am the only WAJA owner who can stand its problems for 7 years. A very long 7 years.

24th Dec 2010, 04:17

Can someone help me on this problem? My Waja 1.8A suddenly can't be started this morning. Before this, never had such a problem. I already asked a mechanic to come to check it with no good result. No problem with the battery or engine. Wiring man also came. He suspected the electronic parts have some problem. Thank you.

29th Dec 2010, 08:11

I have a Waja 1.8. My Waja, it gives me a lot of problems in these few months. I sent it to Proton Edar to repair, and the problem still remains. Proton Edar changed my TCU, solenoid valve for gear box, harness (wiring) to control all system gear box system, and changed my gear box oil (renaulmatic D3) and changed the throttle body. But my car's problem is still the same. The problem is when I am driving my car, the check engine light will suddenly come on with the gear box light together, after the RPM goes high (2500).

7th Mar 2011, 04:31

I also face this problem, any one have any idea on where to solve it and how much it costs?

Thanks for the help.

6th Sep 2011, 21:56

Hi, I have been a Waja 1.8 (Renault F4P engine with DPO/ALP gearbox) owner for 8 years now.. I have got a problem with unstable rpm. Sometimes when I start the car, the idle is high (1200-1350rpm), sometime it's low (600-750rpm).

But, most of the problem occurred when I start the car with low rpm. During the morning slow/heavy traffic, sometime my rpm drops until 500rpm, then the engine light check starts blinking, followed by autogear light on, then limp mode/safe mode happens. It is happening to me a least once a week.

Changed the throttle body (2nd hand), potentiometer/throttle sensor and fuel pump with filter, but the problem still persists. PLEASE ADVISE ME!!! XOIC.

5th Nov 2011, 15:34

Waja 1.8, nice car WITH a nice problem; I just spent rm2200 for IMMO error, ABS always indicated, and gear box makes me scared to drive it.

16th Nov 2011, 12:55

Hi to all Waja 1.8 owners.

I've been the first owner of this car since new, and I'm still keeping the car till today. To date the car has clocked about 110k km.

For the first 2 years, the car did not give me any problems. Only after the warranty period expired, problems start to crop up. Among the problems are:

1. Broken fan blade, which destroyed the radiator

2. Leaking power steering pump hose.

3. Leaking power steering fluid damaged the alternator bearing, which cannot be repaired, and I need to replace the whole set

4. Gearbox indicator lights up, which makes the gear change very sluggish, and finally it goes into safe mode. Replaced the TCU and the problem was solved. ATF fluid change every 40k km with Renault ATF; about 5.5 litres.

Total cost of repair more than 15k, mostly done by an outside mechanic. Lately no more problems with the car, and I decided to keep it since it has no second hand value.

I also replaced all the suspension parts like lower arm, engine mounting, stabilizer bar, bush and link, and absorber top mounting. Now it's driving like brand new car without any rattle on bad and rough patches of road. I use gab absorber and spring with Continental Sport Contact 1 tyres. Very comfortable for outstation fast driving on highway and interstate federal roads. Can beat modern 1.6, 1.8 or even 2.0 litre engined cars without any sweat.

16th Nov 2011, 19:22

Dear Mr. XOIC.

If your Waja 1.8 error code is 'throttle potentio circuit' error, just ask your mechanic to service or clean the TB first, then please also check the wiring from TPS (throttle potentiometer sensor), TB (throttle body) and to the ECU.

There are 6 wires from the TB and TPS to your Waja ECU. My mechanic found that the socket/plug to my ECU was a bit oxidized with white powdery residue. My problems so far have been gone for almost 2 years now.

Bare in mind that our Waja 1.8/ Renault f4p ECU (esp ind. module C and above) and TB are very hard to break-down.

Hope this may help you.

30th Nov 2011, 21:39

I just don't understand why a car manufacturer must make such lousy cars like the Savvy or Waja 1.8, and so on. Why don't they learn from other competitors who make nice cars like the Myvi. They don't need to go that far; we don't expect cars like Toyota and Mitsubishi. Just learn from the Myvi. Be responsible. You cannot just collect money from people and give them lousy cars like the Waja 1.8. I hate this car.

13th Dec 2011, 07:21

If you haven't solved your problem with your gear box, you can call me at 017-2040953 (nan), or email me at hasnansalleh@gmail.com.

23rd Mar 2012, 03:39


My WAJA 1.8 2003 has had this problem for quite some time now. Parked idle for close to one year since the problem occurred. The problem: Auto Gear indicator slips and changes from D to all others (P/R/N/D2 etc), and is blinking. The car can still move, but no change of gear at all. It can still travel, but it's very risky since there is not enough power / no change of gear at all.

Can anybody can help? Please email me the options for me to consider ramlimjd@yahoo.com

Really appreciate it.. thanks a lot friend.

RM 013-3804979

8th Apr 2012, 09:03


I've got this problem with my Waja 1.8 Renault engine 2003 model.

I will try to describe the gear problem. It started with the indicator light changes from D to others like D2/P/N/R during driving. When that happens, the gear will not change.. the car still can move, but is permanently in 4th gear (I think 4th gear). When I park the car for some time (use another car instead), and come back and use it, initially it will work as normal.. the gear changes as it should do... but only for a short while. Then the problem starts again.

I'm looking for a solution to this problem. From reading in blogs, this could be due to an ECU / TCU problem. Don't really understand it.

If you have any ideas / have experienced the same thing / can help; just let me know.

Thanks friend.

Ramli Majid.

21st Oct 2012, 02:01

Dear Waja 1.8 owner.

The best solution is take the car to the Renault service center in PJ under Tan Chong, and the center called 'Renault Express'. Find the gear box master Mr. Nathan. He is good on Waja engines and gearboxes... because this car fits with Renault Laguna engines... not Proton engines...

Tq.. Xoic owner.