3rd Dec 2012, 00:35


You can try to send your Waja to Mr. Ho, I discovered him in this blog too, he is good with Renault. His shop is located in Puchong. I have the same car too - but I consider myself a very lucky owner - those problems, which all our friends on this page have mentioned, I faced the same, but only happened after 6 to 7 years – I change the gear oil very often (or on time as never missed).

I do not know if I can publicly mention Mr. Ho's workshop address and contact or not? But, one thing about this mechanic – since there are not many people like him in Klang valley, obviously he is busy. Sometimes he is so busy that he cannot answer your call, or even if you want to make appointment to have your car check or diagnose, it's difficult.

19th Dec 2012, 09:43

Hi. My car has got a similar problem too. What did you do to fix the problem? I went to the Proton service center.. they said my car TCU/ECU was spoiled and I needed to change it. A new set is rm8370... WTH!! And they said can find a secondhand part for about rm1k plus. Currently my car still can move in reverse, but the gear never changes at all... very super risky now. Urgently need help to get the part changed as soon as possible. Tq

24th Dec 2012, 10:43

I have been using a Waja 1.8X 2002 model for 4 years now.

Being serviced by this very good Che Wan @ Subang Bestari. Specialist in Renault & Conti Car. Give him a call HP 019 329 0515

Have a nice day... :)


26th Feb 2013, 01:30

Dear all,

Can anyone share a little bit on the changing of the engine mountings? I have used my 1.8 for almost 9 years now; not much of a problem if you maintain it well (of course stick to a correct workshop).

The engine now is very noisy and vibrates during idling. Must be a mounting, because I almost forgot when my last change was. Should I change the whole 4 pieces?


15th Aug 2013, 08:31

Dear Waja 1.8 owners.

I've owned a Waja 1.8 since new. Now the car is more than 10 years old and has clocked 130k km. This car started to give problems after the warranty period of 2 years expired. I've encountered all the problems as mentioned by other 1.8 owners.

Engine spare parts prices are more expensive than most Japanese car, but if you can find a good shop, the price is reasonable.

I have also encountered a gearbox problem a few times with the GB indicator on, and the gearbox goes into the safe mode. Most of the electronic parts related to the GB have been replaced like TCU, solenoid valve etc, and the transmission is OK for a few years. Lately the problem occurred again, and the mechanic told me that the GB is fine and he needed to check the wiring/grounding on some of the electrical parts that send the error code to the TCU. Now the car is fine.

I have also checked on the web the battery spec for the Renault f4p engine, and the capacity is much bigger than what Proton specified for the Waja 1.8 (65 amp vs 55 amp). I strongly feel that all the electrical related problems with the Waja 1.8 started with this underrated battery, which damaged many electrical component like TCU, ECU, ABS module, and all kinds of engine sensors.

I hope other Waja 1.8 owners can share my experience with this car, as I am still keeping this car till today. You can email me at azlanhssn@yahoo.com if you wish to contact me.

18th Dec 2013, 20:17

I too have the same problem with my Proton Waja. The engine will stop at low speeds or at traffic lights. Sometimes I have to start the car about 30 - 40 times a day to reach my destination. I came to know that it is a manufacturing defect, but Proton does not want to do anything about it. My power windows are down too. Nonstop problems. My car is a brand new 2007 model.

7th Jan 2014, 20:58

Happy New Year to Waja 1.8 owners!!! Most of our cars are considered as 10 year OLD cars. Just to share with you, for those who have never changed the fuel pump, get ready for RM850.00 (Waja 1.8) and above. The syndrome is it died suddenly while driving, like it had no fuel.

19th Apr 2014, 11:59

Mine is more than 10 years old; still no problem with the fuel pump. Just wanted to share with all Waja 1.8 owners with gearbox problems.

First, use the correct ATF fluid (Renault).

Second, use a 65 amp battery and not the 55 amp battery as recommended by Proton. Most of my problems related to the gearbox are not the gearbox, but the electrical related problem, which sends an error code to the TCU and ECU, which triggers the gearbox indicator light.

Before doing any major repair to the gearbox, please check the electrical problem first.

Good luck.

12th Jul 2014, 06:58

If you ask the wrong workshop, they will ask you to change all 4. Actually you need to open it and see which one of the rubbers has broken, and that's the one you need to change.

22nd Jul 2014, 16:28

Hi all Waja 1.8 owners,

I just want to share with you my experiences with this car since I bought it new in 2003, and I still have it today. I have gone through all the problems described by most 1.8 owners. To date most of the parts have been replaced/repaired, and for the last 2 years the car is OK without any major problems.

I have decided to keep the car as there is no second hand value. I have also changed most of the suspension parts and the car feels very tight over broken and uneven roads, just like a new car. I use fully synthetic oil Ravenol VME (rm260/5 litre). This oil has improved the engine smoothness considerably, which can be felt immediately after an oil change. Although expensive, it is the best oil I've ever used so far.

Only after 10 years of owning the car, I am happy with it since it doesn't give me any more problems. What I like about this car is:

1) Excellent steering feel and road holding.

2) Above average pick up. 3rd gear can stretch to 150km/h. 4th gear can hit 200km/h.

3) The intelligent gearbox, which chooses the right gear under spirited driving, especially along B roads.


26th Nov 2014, 17:16

Friend, you are wrong. Changing all 4 mountings is the best solution. If you just change the broken mounting, you will get another broken mounting in short time. Try to think it as new rubber and old rubber. Is it the same condition? New is soft and old is a little hard. If some are soft and some hard; what will happen? Unbalanced vibration control. If all new, they will hold the engine balance. If you don't believe it, you can try it.

26th Nov 2014, 17:30

Additional advice. A mechanic is never wrong about this. Did you ever see a broken screw of a rear engine mounting bracket? I saw it myself and I repaired it also because I am mechanic too. The broken screw jams inside the gearbox till it can't be removed by any method. So I had to weld the bracket on the broken screw as solution. So friend, if you really dunno about cars, please don't say your mechanic is cheating. Before I worked as a mechanic, I also liked say a mechanic was cheating me out of money.