22nd Apr 2005, 09:27

I myself bought a Proton Wira 1.5 auto 2003 and have found nothing wrong with it. I love this car and the cost for it was great. If people want more they should expect to pay a lot more.

22nd Jun 2005, 20:22

It is by far the worst car I had ever owned. My clutch gave way after using the car for less than 15,000km (less than 2yrs) and it is not under warranty.

15th Jul 2005, 03:44


I looking for a new car.

But seems the price is out of my budget, so I plan to buy a used car. My cousin recomended me one Wira 1.5 auto, year 2002, the loan rate is 4%. Deduct the 5k deposit, I have to pay another 35k for the car. Can I get any advise from you all out there? thanks!

11th Oct 2005, 07:28

I have the special edition and all kind of funny noise came in for just about a month. Clutch is worn out less than a year.

We are overpay for Proton cars. Calculate it by yourself, if imported car is not highly taxed, what will be its price? Compare to Proton... ya, you figure it out.

15th Nov 2005, 02:08

I have a WIRA auto GLi 2001. I have use it for almost 5 years, trouble free... goes on and on. It is quite comfortable compared to my previous Iswara (use for 7 years) also trouble free.

24th Nov 2005, 08:17

Hey guyssssssssssss.

I heard Proton is gonna stop the production of Wira... so there won't be any more Wira la... but don't know how true it is... can you please put some light on it if you know abt it?


20th Jan 2006, 12:22

According the opinion from most of foreman (coz they always touch with these local cars), Compare with the Waja or Gen2, Wira is more stable and reliable... Example, Waja always facing power windows, low quality internal material problem... Although wira is belong old/ past model (1993!), but till now is only O.K. one! (Japan design/part used)

6th Jun 2006, 01:31

I have a 10-year old Proton Wira 1.5. It consumes fuel like drinking beer! The exhaust is badly coated with soot. I'd sent it twice to Proton Centre to check the carburettor, ignition timing etc. Atlas! the mechanic said the carburettor is the best type, but it can't be tuned. The air intake and timing are good. I only got myself 2 bills!

Can anyone help please, when Proton can't?

18th Aug 2006, 03:52

Hi guys.

I bought a 2006 Proton Wira 1.5 manual, which was just delivered to me in early August 2006. However, to make up my nightmare, it starts to give me problems even in just 1 week of bringing it home.

I fixed sport rim and tyre 195/50R15. The next day, the rear left brake starts to create sounds like 'dup'dup'dup'dup'dup' whenever I press the brake pedal. The sounds are much clearer when I brake at low speed like 40-30km/h. Well, probably the brake pad or the spring not in place inside the drum. But I'm confident the problem is not due to the sport rim or the tyre.

I would appreciate if anyone who has experienced this problem could help me out. Thanks..

22nd Aug 2006, 17:12

If you read this forum before you buy a Proton car,You have made the biggest mistake in your life! your fate will be different. Good luck!

31st Jul 2007, 00:57

Hmm, the comment about the poor acceleration for the Wira Auto is pretty off topic. But, just to give my two $se. Acceleration can be improved by replacing your air filter with an open pod type. That will suck in more air to improve horsepower. Regarding on the acceleration problem, probably can be attributed to poor throttle response. That can be remedied also by replacing your plasticky air ram with a aluminium or stainless steel air ram. More specifically, replace the current setup with a shorter air ram. The distance from the air filter to the throttle body is shorter, so throttle response and acceleration may considerably improve... Also, SE? Means that it may use the heavier 16" tire setup. Use smaller lightweight tires. That will improve acceleration significantly.

And yeah... Proton Wira sucks... Too many mods to make it a decent car.

9th Dec 2007, 03:00

Proton just another tools to make certain people to get rich. Can't you see most of the accidents happen in Malaysia are NATIONAL Cars... PROTON... After so many years running with title national car... yet we still not yet see any improvement. I think they can't even make Malaysians happy with the quality of the car they provided, how are they selling it to others regional? People are not blind and stupid...

11th Sep 2008, 07:04

What kind of absorber is best suitable for the Wira, to make the ride more comfortable?