1992 Renault 19 Charmade 16V 1.8 16v (F7P) from Sweden


Great car, but expensive to repair and annoying to work with!


Lots! =)

When I bought it the clutch was totally worn out. (Came with the price)

After changing the clutch the bloody engine wouldn't start (A friend changed the clutch for me and managed to break the essential part that sense the position of the flywheel)

Renault parts are bloody expensive!

The above part wasn't much for the eye, but cost 60 euro...

Brake disc's tend to wear badly when you drive the car like it is meant to be driven... (Fast!)

My trip computer is cluttered with lit "pixels"...

Central locking won't lock my trunk due to the arm has been torn apart by the lock motor.

My front right suspension spring is broken on its lower end...

Not noticeable, but makes some sounds when making sharp turns.

Leaking bonnet that just drown the plugs in water!

This managed to happen in mid winter, when the temperature outside was below -5 degrees Celcius...

I was driving in the ugliest bottle-neck in gothenburg when suddently the engine starts to cough and just barely manages to leave the highway!

(Still haven't fixed this)

The dashboard lights go out when they want to...

So I have to bang the stupid thing so they light again... (Can fix this, but just don't have the energy)

General Comments:

Overall this is a great car!

0 - 60 miles in 6.5 sec.

Changed air filter (K&N)

Something else is not original inside the engine because I can take another Renault 19 Charmade 16V easy.

Not running against my granny now =)

Lovely seats!

My aftermarket gearknob feels great when throwing myself through traffic in the city :P.

Love the handling.

It grabs the road like my cat grabs my sofa!

The design is great!

And best of all...

I got it cheap... (1400 Euro)

(Well atleast I think it was cheap)

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Review Date: 9th January, 2004

9th Jan 2004, 07:51

I too used to drive a Renault 19 16v Chamade. Fun car to drive with good handling and a great engine. I have to say though that the build quality (as with all Renaults) is terrible.

9th Jan 2004, 08:05

Sounds like the Renaults they sell in Sweden are just as crappy as the ones they (used to) sell in the USA!

2nd Feb 2004, 01:56

I don't understand that part with 6.5 sec to 60 mph from a 1.8 liter Chamade engine.

1992 Renault 19 RN 1.4 e from UK and Ireland


I have had the car almost its whole life. Apart from normal wear and tear replacements I have had the following;

2 broken front coil springs, only apparent at MOT time.

Gear lever broke.

Clutch pedal assembly had to be replaced.

Car has always run hot, and the heater is very poor.

Idling speed is very unstable.

None of these I think are that exceptional. The one that is odd is that the car is now on its FOURTH Ignition/Starter Switch. These have failed at regular intervals leaving the car immobilized, but unsecured (the key cannot be removed)

Renault claim that they have no significant problem with the item, and virtually that mine is the only one ever to fail. It keeps doing so, such that its something I'm always expecting.

Does anyone else have this experience or am I really the only one?

General Comments:

Reasonably comfortable.

Very dull and slow.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2003

17th Apr 2008, 19:55

If the car is too slow for you, why didn't you get the Rsi, which is a 1.8i 8v

Or R19 1.8i 16v, or if that's too slow go for a R25 2.0i, 2.2i, 2.6i, 2.9i turbo. Or other than that, just buy a F15 jet.

1992 Renault 19 16 V Hatch 1.8 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Great looks and handling - otherwise a nightmare


Where do I start?

Door mirror casings cracked in the hot weather - replaced on warranty.

Front suspension top mounts noisy - replaced on warranty.

Gearbox rebuilt on warranty - couldn't get 5th gear.

Electrical fire - burnt out the front half of the wiring loom - repaired on warranty.

Broken clutch cable repaired on warranty.

2 New clutch pedals to overcome chaffing problems which cause clutch cables to snap - both factory recalls.

Noisy clutch release bearing - replaced on warranty along with the clutch assembly.

New radiator - original damaged by dealer having to remove and refit the engine twice in 36000 miles.

Noisy hydraulic cam followers (tappets) on cold start - did it from new lasted for 5 - 10 minutes before they would quieten down - car sounded like the big end or something had gone - horrible. Dealer never fixed it claimed "they all do it sir". Got worse as mileage increased eventually noisy all the time at engine idle - very expensive - one reason for getting rid.

Constant interior trim rattles and squeaks - especially drivers door electric window - drove me nuts!

One new exhaust system - genuine Renault is cheaper than a copy - strange, but true.

Speedo cable broke £100 for replacement (fitted).

Binding rear brake caliper after dealer fitted new pads - required new caliper - £270 apparently - not of my money mate!

72000 mile Cam belt change £750 - an engine out job - the final straw - car traded in - could take no more.

Traded car to dealer with rattling tappets - no speedo - binding rear brake and various electrical glitches never satisfactorily resolved after fire. Full dealer service history and £3200 of bills - never again. Looked like new outside - a heap of junk underneath.

General Comments:

It's a shame about the quality of the Phase 1 version of the 19 16v as I think it looked much more beefy than the later versions.

I guess I was unlucky with my example, but I did like driving it when it wasn't in the dealers being fixed.

Handling and ride were superb - something only Renault seem to be able to hone to this level.

The engine performance gives the impression of being impressive, but is actually only mediocre when the inflexible nature of the power delivery is factored in - the very weak low end torque means the car has to be driven hard to get the best from it - probably a factor of why mine didn't last - using 6000 rpm was a normal driving occurence rather than something you did when overtaking.

In comparison with something like an 8 valve Golf GTI which is supposed to be much less powerful the outright performances were very similar, but the VW does it effortlessly. In the 19 16V you have to wring this cars neck for the same performance.

The impressive 0 - 60 mph time comes from only needing to change gear once on the way 65 mph is achievable in second gear and this is only a 1764cc. That is why it is to tedious to drive the gears are too long.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

13th Apr 2003, 07:51

Sounds like you might have been using a dodgy garage. The engine doesn't have to be removed to change the cambelt. It usually costs maybe 200 quid tops for this. Likewise Brake callipers cost 50 pounds for reconditioned units from GSF. Sorry, but it sounds like you were being played.. PS all F7P 16v engines do sound kinda like diesels when they are cold. Dunno why.

17th Apr 2003, 08:41

Renault 19 16s happens to be my favorite car as I have lived with it for along period. I do think that you were unlucky to have all these problems. Probably your treatment was not very good or the particular version was faulty. ANTHONY GREECE.

30th Jun 2003, 10:09

Engine out for a cambelt, they are still laughing at you mate!! I got mine done with the alternatior belt the other day for £108 inc. vat and both belts! I can now hit the rev limiter again with confidence.

26th Mar 2005, 08:25

Engine Out to do cam belt, mine was £150 fitted with 12 month garuntee.

I don't seem to have to ring the neck out of mine all the time just to drive it normally. Seems to have plenty of grunt low down.

Off now to take my engine out as I have to fill petrol tank.