1992 Renault 19 RN 1.4e from Portugal


Could be worst for the money payed


Distributor replaced at 90000Km

Clutch replaced at 120000Km

Carburetor parts replaced at 122000Km

Water cooling system partly replaced at 125000Km

Rear brakes replaced at 130000

Fuel light doesn't work.

Instrument counts 1Km for every 100mts.

All other parts replaced as normal: oil, filter, sparks, cambelts.

General Comments:

Good car until 100000Km, after that every 10000Km needs something new and expensive, good thing his that he first lets one "know" when something is getting wrong.. that way one go first to an mechanic.

Fuel consumption is OK if you don't get over 3000RPM, good handling on road and predictable behavior.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2002

1992 Renault 19 GTS 1.4 C from Chile


A very good car, pity that the dealers are so bad


The only thing that has been extremely wrong with the car is that the speedometer cord broke and I didn't knew how fast I was going.

But... the replacement was very cheap, say about 7 US dollars.

The car was in an accident once (a horse -yes, a horse- crushed on one side, very fast, but its hardly noticeable) and the driver door was never in its exact position again, but only for one or two millimeters.

The U joint of the mechanical steering axle tends to wear and tear, therefore the steering wheel looses precision.

The cloth of the driver's seat is not that resistant.

General Comments:

The car is one of the most comfortable I've ever driven. I've been driving for more than 11 hours with no stops and felt like new when stepping out of the car.

The 1.4 engine seems to be just enough when in hills, but good in flat terrain.

Close the windows and enjoy the silence.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2002

13th Jul 2010, 13:25

Been quite a while since I sold the car.

I have to say, I would never buy a Renault again. Parts were really hard to find, the rear suspension bearing failed, was ridiculously expensive and took some days to change. The car swallowed gas as if the world was going to an end, the brakes failed with a fluid leak in the rear wheels, and most dangerously, the steering box failed completely, first locking the car while turning, then skipping some of the cogs teeth and finally not working at all.

I sold it for what they wanted to give, and warned new owner of all its faults.

1st Mar 2017, 17:50

Well.. I should eat my words:

I bought a 2017 Renault Fluence :) with 2 other cars in between.

1992 Renault 19 16V 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


Nice try Mr Renault, but ultimately flawed


What hasn't gone wrong???

The French are truly dismal at putting cars together, and what's more, everything on the car is screwed on with torx head bolts...AAARRRGGGHHH!

Head gasket has been replaced TWICE.

Coolant leaks are a constant problem... the engine goes through core plugs like there is no tomorrow.

They eat front wheel bearings.

The phase 1 leaks water down the plug holes when it rains (through the bonnet scoop)

Anti-lock brake lights come on and go off as it pleases.

Had a new gearbox.

Two new front struts (leakage)

Water pump broke.

Oil Pump Broke.

Central locking works as it pleases.

Don't believe the oil level indicator... It just guesses.

You name it... I have replaced it... Reckon in the four and a half years I have owned it I could've built a brand new one from the spares.

General Comments:

If you are thinking of buying one make sure it is dirt cheap. In all honesty if you have the space you would be wise to buy one to drive and buy a cheap donor car to nick bits off when they break... and they will, believe me.

To sum up, I still love the car... I like the shape... I like the handling and the speed (Supposed to be the French Cosworth...don't believe it... Mr Ford kicks Mr Renaults ass. They are nippy... not Cossie quick or even close to it). It's a genuine shame that the reliability is so poor. Every time I spend a load more fixing it I want to keep it to get my monies worth from the repair, but then something else expensive decides to break soon after. I am fed up listening to all the noises the engine makes deciding what piece I think is gonna be next to go. It's gotta go... had enough...Utter French rubbish... Do not by one... (unless it's mine that's now for sale)

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2002

13th Jun 2002, 15:02

Ultimately cars like this are thrashed about, buying a car with 90 odd thousand miles on the clock which may well not have been looked after will result in an unreliable car.

I have owned two, and admit they are not the best for reliability, but unfortunately it sounds like in this case you were rather unlucky : (

Whoever said this is the French Cosworth obviously has no idea what they are talking about, quick yes, Cosworth power no!

But for the price, the performance and handling cannot be doubted!

23rd Aug 2002, 13:38

Great car for the money, but beware there are lots lemons.

Nice styling, lively engine, great handling and good economy are only offset by fairly poor reliability and expensive parts.

Eats front wheel bearings, but it's an easy DIY fix.

Head Gaskets do last, but like most cars, if you over heat the engine, the Head Gasket will soon follow.

Bodywork quality is above average, and originally came with an 8 year anti corrosion warranty.

I've owned 2 of these, and my first was a total lemon. It lacked service history when purchased, but I died for the deep blue color and looks. I soon paid the price after 4 weeks, as the gearbox dropped 5th gear and needed replacing. The heater matrix was blocked and had to be replaced, and the wiring loom melted. the head gasket failed, and all the wheel bearings needed to be replaced. All this within a space of a year. I knew that the car was at fault, as opposed to the model in general.

Therefore I polished the car up and sold it to the first buyer, who also fell for its looks!

I then went out and bought an identical one (albeit 2 years newer) with 63k miles and Full Renault Service History from a dealer. this one has been much improved in its reliability, and has make a great car for the past year and a half.

Joe Tait.