12th Feb 2001, 10:30

I LOVED mine and was very sorry to see it go. Yours must have been misused and abused in a former life. Try another one and see how it goes. They are much better than the horrible Clio that replaced them.

7th Mar 2001, 19:04

My dad bought a Renault 5 GTL in 1987 and we still have that car. I've been using it since 1999 and I simply LOVE it! We have bought new special wheels and new suspension system. Its only problem is the driver's window. It's very hard to open it. But it's because the car had one accident and since then it's very hard to open the window. Someday I'll put a pic of my car here :) I just love it! :)


15th Mar 2006, 05:39

Well, you must have been very unlucky. Mine runs quite well, though it was made in 1988 and has run 185000km (120000miles).

Starting the engine is not a big problem, but it's a kind of art. If you get the feel of it and know the right procedure, it will start no matter how cold it is outside.

29th Mar 2006, 05:42

I have a Renault 5 GTL which I bought new in 1985. It is a wonderful car. It passes its MOT every year and has only had to have new tyres and this year for the first time a new starter motor. It has never let me down and I am only sorry Renault no longer make them.

30th Mar 2006, 12:15

I had a 1993 model Campus and had no problems apart from a battery failure when (it was) 6 years old, and an exhaust box around the same time. Total cost of repairs in the 2 years I had it amounted to £80 which I consider a bargain.

Low insurance, excellent economy, superb visibility and fun to drive. Even though I am now married with a family, I am about to buy one as a fun car for me; I love them so much!

21st Aug 2007, 07:54

Get a GTS instead.. more power!! And front leccy windows too!!