1994 Renault Clio Be Bop 1.9 diesel from France


A super little car for town and touring!


Nothing serious, just the normal, expected wear and tear (I say expected meaning for the mileage, age and usage of the car)

One new clutch approximately 20 000km ago which isn't bad considering the car is used for my job as a courier in a busy city (stop and go, stop and go).

Water pump failed when driving home from Marseille (Marseille - Nantes is approximately 900 km). The weather was very hot and she overheated near Angoulême. Not extremely expensive to repair.

Sometimes have trouble with dampness in the motor - damp air from the ocean and the river (especially in summer)

No problems in winter.

Glass wipers on the front and rear need often replacement.

Minor oil leak from the filter. She has had many trips to the repair shop, but we have failed to discover the reason for it.

Wheel bearing needed replacement recently (100km ago) as the wheel began knocking violently on corners and round points.

But as I have said, nothing major has failed... yet!

General Comments:

I am in love with my Clio.

She is economical (I went from my home to England, a distance of approximately 1200km in total, and used only around 100 litres of diesel).

She is also very comfortable. I am rather tall and I have plenty of room for my legs. However the space in the rear seats is a little limited. There are only 2 doors and the tailgate.

I love the heaters. In the winter when temperatures often drop to 2 - 3 degrees here, the car is warm in no time at all.

The front glass de-mister is rather slow, which can be frustrating.

She works well at high and low speeds. Overtaking is easy, even in 5th speed at 110km/h I can reach 140km/h in no time at all for overtaking those annoying lorries! Stop and go traffic is no problem either. She maintains her economy in all conditions.

Very reliable, easy and inexpensive to fix (in France, anyway).

Maybe I am biased, being French and owning a French car, but I truly believe that this is a super car and one of the best that money can buy!

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Review Date: 26th October, 2003

22nd Feb 2004, 16:00

Fantastic review!

I also own a Renault Clio 1.9 Diesel and I love it!

Nothing mechanical has gone wrong with my car - just tyres and high wear things.

I completely agree about the economy in and out of town, as well as the responsiveness of the engine for overtaking in high gears and "getting away quickly" in lower ones!

A1 review! A1 Car!

1994 Renault Clio 16v 1.8 from UK and Ireland


As hot as 'Nicole' from the Clio ads


Wheel nut sheared off upon removing wheel

Rear wiper no longer works

Oil pressure gauge no longer works

Passenger electric window is very slow.

General Comments:

This particular car is lowered, with an after-market exhaust, so it isn't a very comfortable ride, but that said it is well worth the sacrifice. The handling is superb, whilst the performance embarrasses much more expensive machinery.

The seats are comfortable, and need to be given the harsh ride

All in all, the electrics are pretty dodgy on these French cars, but the drive more than makes up for it all.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2003

1994 Renault Clio Williams 2 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A high performance hot hatch, but be prepared for a big spend on parts cost


Gearbox broke at 110,000 miles.

Alarm fault traced to poor factory wiring for UK spec alarm.

Electrical fault rendered car unusable - traced to corroded electrical connector in relay box.

Rear tyres seem to wear unevenly without explanation.

Engine now rebuilt as pistons were worn out & valve seats - not bad for 245000 miles though!

General Comments:

I am lucky that I can do all the work myself otherwise this already expensive to maintain car would have cost a phenomenal amount.

Don't get me wrong though, it's a great car and has proved pretty reliable considering its high mileage.

Clutch is very heavy & would be tiring for some female drivers.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2002

19th Apr 2007, 04:13

Do you mean you beat a Subaru Justy? No way can a Clio Williams beat an Impreza Turbo, they only have about 150bhp.

7th Oct 2008, 05:27

I have tailed a Subaru before. I've never beat on though. Mine's is a 1.8, a 2.0 might do the job. I believe you son, my Sunny 2.0 ZX is faster than my Williams, but it looks like a shed on wheels, no matter what you do with it.