1999 Renault Clio RN 1.2 petrol from Poland


Endearing little car, great engine


Front wheel bearings were getting very noisy at 40,000 km, and were replaced.

Driver's seat catch broke, causing the seat to roll back and forwards freely, during the first year.

General Comments:

Apart from the two relatively minor faults, the car has been much more reliable than I had expected from Renault. The faults I mentioned above were the only things that went wrong over two years and 60,000 km.

The 1.2 litre engine (8v) is brilliant for what it is. It has loads of torque low down and is brilliant around town (quicker in relaxed driving than a 1.4 (8v) Clio I hired recently on holiday). It only gets left behind by the bigger engine once you rev the cobblers off them! It is smoother, and quieter too, and very economical. Even driving at near to top speed for a couple of hours only increased the fuel consumption a little.

I was hesitant about buying a Renault before I got this one, but without reason it appears. The dealers in Poland have also been great, and much better than those I experienced in England. Very helpful and honest, and not too expensive.

The front seats could be better, as they get a bit uncomfortable on long journeys. I have no other complaints though.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2001

1999 Renault Clio RN 1.2 from Netherlands


Pithy little car. I love it!


One fuel injector gave up after just 12.000 km.

General Comments:

Pithy little car. The engine, although only 1.2 liters, is quite capable! It outperforms my old Renault 18 GTL with a 1647 cc engine by far!

The car has good acceleration, and handles lovely in both city traffic and on the highway. On top of that, it only consumes 1 liter fuel per 17km.

Also the comfort and space are OK, although in the back-seats, room is scarce. With the backseats down however, you have a small truck at your disposal, and can transport an enormous amount of stuff!

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Review Date: 18th February, 2001

1999 Renault Clio RXE 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


More than you think


Excellent build quality, more than I expected, great on petrol, more power than my last Civic with a similar MPFI 1.6 16V engine.

Comfortable inside and by night all the interior devices look great with those red illumination lights.

General Comments:

I can recommend this car to anyone, anytime.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2001

1999 Renault Clio 2 Si 1.6 from Denmark


Not too bad


The gear shift in 2nd gear, did not work after 30000 kilometres, they changed the gear oil and now it works.

The electrical windows made a loud noise, they also got fixed.

The radio sometimes changes channel by itself, the dealer can not solve that problem.

The manifold sealer broke, also got fixed.

General Comments:

In general I had a lot of problems with the car.

The dealer always was nice and helped us, also after the warranty, so no complaints about them.

But in general I am a little disappointed with the car - too many problems especially the gear shift, it still ain't good but the warranty is finished, so now I have to pay.

If anyone else has experienced something similar, e-mail me, please: Dadi1@usa.net

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2000

14th May 2001, 16:53

You got to change the oil on cars, you know... Even more often when they are new, as small barbs of metal will inevitably get produced from the still sharp edges of gears, and float around in your gearing box, as sand in muddy waters, getting in the way...

Oil change is the first thing to take care of, on any vehicle, whichever type, make and model, if you don't want it to break.

30,000 km? You're a lucky man... First 2 oil changes should be done far before that... Consult your maintenance manual.

Just a friendly advice :-)

-- OHM.

(a Honda owner...

Nothing to do with Renault ;-)

1999 Renault Clio 16v 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Good engine and interior, handles well


Air bag light stuck on 4 times, repaired.

2nd gear syncro u/s. Repaired.

Wheel bearing u/s. Repaired under warranty.

Drivers seat runners u/s. Repaired.

General Comments:

Super car now that irritating return trips to dealer are sorted.

Renault UK as a result paid for first major service and an extended warranty for a further 6 months...

Today I have ordered a new Clio 172.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2000