1999 Renault Clio RT 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Clio 2 sucks


As soon as the 1 year warranty ran out my electric sunroof packed in.

The gear shift is appalling, I can't get into 1st gear everytime and second is always jerky.

General Comments:

My first Clio was the original and best. I had a 1.2RN for 9 years and very little went wrong, although towards the end of its life, the wheel bearing went and the electrics played up. I did 72,000 miles in that and was as pleased as punch.

The new Clio is a disaster. I don't think it'll last very long. I regret buying the car!

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Review Date: 17th July, 2000

10th May 2001, 16:23

Had the same gear shift problems in my Clio 1.6 16V which I bought in 1999. I took it to Renault repair shop after 3 months for readjustment of the gear mechanism. After that the gear shift worked like a dream. The adjustment work was covered by the warranty.

28th Nov 2007, 20:11

I have had my Clio 2 for 6 months. It has 58000 now and I also have gearbox problems; 1st gear is very stiff and 2nd is getting that way as well.

My electric windows are playing up too. I can't put the passenger side down from my side, but apart from that it is not bad and cheap to run.

1999 Renault Clio Si 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A warm hatch


Nothing has gone wrong with the car, although there are a couple of "quirks".

Gear change is fairly poor; sometimes I have difficulty getting the car into 1st gear.

Also, the car windows tend to steam up fairly easily on cold or damp days for no apparent reason. Maybe poor ventilation? The car heater is not set to the re-circulate setting, so that can't be the reason for the steamy windows. The Renault dealer couldn't find any problems - but I knew that they wouldn't. Too much hassle for them.

General Comments:

As for putting don't know for the "Would you buy another car from this manufacturer?" question. I would probably buy a used Renault if I were to buy another. Never again will I buy a brand new Renault though. The model that I purchased has changed, specification wise, twice in a year that I have had the Clio. I can accept minor changes - but these were fairly major items like double optic headlamps (which I have now fitted myself), standard alloy wheels, standard CD player, rear spoiler and even a new 16v engine.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2000

1999 Renault Clio Si 1.6 8 valve petrol from UK and Ireland


I've had it 6 months/9000 miles. Nothing has gone wrong as yet.

General Comments:

Nice, reasonably sporty car, more modern looking than the Saxo VTR (it's main rival in my opinion), and just as good to drive, with a much better driving position and gear shift. Also has lift off oversteer, which is fun.

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Review Date: 9th August, 1999