11th Aug 2007, 03:21

I bought an 04 Clio 1.2 16v 8 weeks ago. Two days ago it developed the same problem as described by your contributors. The AA could find no faults in the system, and reset the ECU. The engineer said that he is fed up with seeing the same problem with Renaults. I have now found dozens of the same problem documented on Carsurvey.org. I wrote a solicitors letter to the dealership, yesterday, asking for my money back. I was immediately given a hire car, and the Renault returned to the dealership. I do not want the car back, since it seems Renault cannot actually resolve the problem itself. I am now going to take up a case for an elderly neighbour of my parents who bought a Scenic privately, and is having the same problem. Please get back to me through this column, if possible. I am going to fight all the way.

6th Apr 2008, 19:46

I have a Y reg Clio Authentique which has the same problem. When I switch the engine on, it will often stall straight away, and then when I try to restart the car, the coil light comes on. The car will then not go above 10mph (which has proved to be quite dangerous when driving up hills!)

First time it happened, I called out the AA, but by the time they arrived, the fault light had switched off. It has since been to many mechanics who have not been able to find out where the fault is coming from and how to sort it. This has been happening on and off for about a year, and as it is now happening on a daily basis my only option is to get a new car. Please let me know how you get on fighting your case with Renault, as I'm determined to get some compensation for this, especially seeing as Renault wasn't helpful at all when my bonnet came up.