21st Oct 2007, 10:48

I have recently bought a 1997 Renault Clio Maxim 1.4. I had it serviced, could not get revs down below 950. Now it stalls at traffic lights and I have to wait for about ten minutes before it starts again. Anyone else have this problem or knows how to sort out. I have had new spark plugs.

21st Oct 2007, 16:15

1.2 16v Clio Dynamique '03.

No major problems with the car (except for the standard rattly sunroof) until this year when the battery would go dead after 3 or 4 days of no use. I've replaced the battery a couple of times, and the AA have found no fault with the car. More recently the engine would over rev when turned on (around 4000rpm) for a little while, before dying down to normal.

At the moment the car is sitting on my driveway, dead, after the battery ran out once again. I tried jump starting it (usually works) but to no avail... The engine tries to turn, but then is choked off after a couple of seconds.

Pretty much at a loss with what to do, I've been told it could be the alternator by a couple of people (with regards to the battery). I guess its time to call the AA... again.

23rd Oct 2007, 13:26

Clio 54 sport 182 Airbag and Service light on?

Hi I have a similar fault as a few of you...

Airbag and service light on for a few weeks then off for a Couple of days etc etc...

I am a qualified mechanic, but have still not been able to find the fault!!

So far I have, Tested both front seat airbags, passenger airbags, steering wheel airbag and all wiring for pretensioners etc... all seems correct!

I then took it to Renault (due to remaining warranty) who after an hour of checking everything on their computers told me,"sorry can't find the fault it appears fine", "if you want us to keep looking it will be £50 an hour" I then left Renault never to return!

Tomorrow I plan to dissemble various parts of my Clio until I find the cause of this fault once and for all! I will then post my findings. Wish me luck!

One more thing that may help... After routine service maintanance Renault have a habit of putting slightly to much oil into the 2.0 sport engines. This causes the Emission light to come on and stay on. This can be easily fixed by draining a little oil out followed by a long drive.

26th Oct 2007, 08:52

My son has the same 1.2 Clio Dym 02. and has just started having the same problem of the coil light coming on and cutting out or uneven tick over.

I'm contacting watchdog, these car manufacturers are a law to themselves.. I thought under UK law if a product developed this kind of fault within six years it was deemed to have always have been there and you can claim under warranty!!


27th Oct 2007, 13:52

Hi, my daughters 3 year old Clio has Exhaust emissions light flashing plus car in " limp mode"

Took car to Renault dealer for £100 diagnosis + another £100 (nice round figure) for the charcoal canister +fit after it was suggested that this " could be the problem"

Garage cleared the error codes so the dashboard light went out (great) but 10 days later back on and flashing + limp mode again.

Taking it to bosch specialist next week for diagnosis and hopefully repair if they can pinpoint problem.

It seems garages can't be precise on what problem is and customer left paying and just hoping for the best.

Not good enough.

3rd Nov 2007, 10:19

I have been having problems with the electrical fault coming on my Renault Clio 1.2 16v for around 3 months. First this would happen in reverse gear, but it then started to happen in normal driving, especially in traffic and when coming to a stop in 1st gear, the engine would stall and the lights would come on, the revs would bounce around for a few seconds, the only way to stop this would be to keep the revs up for a few seconds. It has been on a diagnostics machine 5 times with the same code - 'Map Circuit Sensor'. I have had two mechanics check out the car and the wiring seems to be OK, no water anywhere etc. It has recently been to the dealership who did there own diagnostics test and it came with 'map sensor'. The vehicle was road tested and they advised it did not stall and they do not know what the problem is.

I have contact written to the Managing Director at Renault Head office regarding this issue and wrote to VOSA. Renault need to rectify the problems on this vehicle.

The address for Renault Head office is:

Renault UK Ltd

The Rivers Office Park

Denham Way

Maple Cross


Hertfordshire WD3 9YS.

Hope this helps - I am still struggling.

4th Nov 2007, 12:31

Further to my last comments posted 23 October I publish my findings.

During the past few days I have dismantled various parts of my 54 plate Clio to try and solve the 'SERV' n 'Airbag' light puzzle.

After testing all the airbags pretentioners and wiring I got a friend to Diagnose the problem with a pug in diagnosis.

This showed: Fault 9044 Trigger Line configuration permanent incoherent.

I have now telephoned Renault quoting this code who have told me they don't list this error!!

Can any body help me before I burn this little car!!

7th Nov 2007, 12:30

You can get it sorted cheaper than £818, and with it being 6 years old I doubt you would have a leg to stand on unfortunately.

16th Nov 2007, 04:47

I have a 2002 1.2 Clio 16V.

The past month my elec. Warning light has been coming on. Especially when slowing down, for roundabouts/traffic lights etc. This follows by the car stalling, and struggling to maintain power, unless I rev to high kingdom come... The electric light eventually goes out, and the problem repeats soon afterwards.

I took the car to my local Renault Dealer last week and after a diog. was told that the Wiring loom and absolute manifold pressure sensor needed replacing at nearly £500.

All seemed fine after the work was carried out, and 4 days later, the light came on again, and the same symptoms.

I have re-booked the car to be looked at, and have been told the the initial diog. will be free, but I have also been told that if the problem they find is unrelated to before, then it will cost me more money. So fingers crossed, it's the same problem, as the work is guarenteed. I am completely annoyed at the situation, as I am yet again going to be without a car, and after reading the posts on here, am not the only one in this situation... My car is not under warranty, so I can't really afford to keep paying for the same problems to be fixed.

18th Nov 2007, 11:23

I have read with interest the comments from the beginning of November concerning the 'cut out' problems with Renault Clios. I own a piece of rubbish known as a Renault Megane Cabriolet convertible. Over the last six months it has had 3 pressure switches fitted and is now back in the garage awaiting another investigation to figure why the same problem has arisen again.

WARNING - I wouldn't trust Renault UK as far as I could p** in the wind It goes like this. Your beef is with the dealership and in reply the dealership will blame Renault UK. In fact if you do get in touch with Renault expect nothing in return as they will fob you off with excuse after excuse. We have your money -- so much for after sales service. Warning number 2. Check VERY CAREFULLY the wording parts guaranteed. After having having a part replaced under warranty the replacement part that failed 2 days later was not!!! Strange, but true.!!! Two weeks later that part has failed. So now what.

I think now is the time for Renault to be held accountable for shoddy service, shoddy workmanship and unreliable parts.

If there is anyone else out there who feels as I do - make your views known.