2002 Renault Clio Extreme 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


A car with known faults !!!


It has been towed away for engine management failure at 6800 miles.

General Comments:

The performance is good for a 1.2 litre engine. However, it has had some strange faults since it was new.

The AA told me that they have seen the same faults on a lot of new Clios.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2002

29th Jun 2002, 14:31

What are the faults that you mention in your review?

Not mentioning the faults in a more descriptive way makes the review sound more like scare-mongering, especially the "AA told me" bit!

A better description would be much more useful to potential buyers of this car!


30th Jun 2002, 04:44

Not scare mongering at all. Not exactly going to lie about my car breaking down.

The most common fault on the 2001 new shape Clio is that it developes engine running trouble. The AA engineer that looked at my car said that he had towed 4 Clios the same shape of mine in the past month.

Renault Leicester informed me that 4 injector packs had broken down and needed replacement.

At present, since the car has been repaired, it intermittently tells me I have no oil and it needs servicing. It has been on the Renault "Clip" diagnostic 3 times to find the fault.

Other than the running trouble of late, the car is very good. Only one rattle coming from the steering wheel; which is not serious.

2002 Renault Clio Privilege 1.4 16v from Portugal


The best choice in the segment.


So far, nothing.

General Comments:

The car is a good deal, the engine is fast, and has a good economy.

The gearbox, as all other Renaults, is precise, soft, but a little slow.

The steering is really good, and the seats are very comfortable.

It handles really good!

I noticed some noises, like it it's something loose, under the steering column.

Also, sometimes there's a strange smell coming from the air conditioner.

I haven't fixed any of them, so far, since I can't stop the car.

Renault should change the handles on the doors. The plastic gets scratched easily.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2002