29th May 2008, 18:57

Added a link from Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renault_Clio#Watchdog_controversy

I've been suffering from random electrical problems too. The latest of which is that it intermittently won't start.

The electrics come on, but I turn the key and nothing happens. I get a click relay sound from the fuse box, but that's it.

I wonder if the Renault business model is based on inkjet printers? They get you started really cheap, and then make all their money selling consumables. Unfortunately in our case, the consumables aren't £20 ink-cartridges, but endless tests and replacement parts with no guarantee that it'll actually fix the problem.


31st May 2008, 11:24

My Clio would not start. Turn the key and nothing except a relay sound. iIt turned out to be a loose and dirty white wire connection on the starter motor at the front of the engine.

3rd Jun 2008, 02:11

I replied a few days ago about my clio loosing performance, however not having any lights up on the dash. I have now solved part of this problem.

This weekend I went to clean the throttle body, but got a set back as you have to remove the wiring loom to remove the air-filter housing, to remove the throttle body. BAD DESIGN RENAULT!! You also need a star shaped adapter to remove it, as I hadn't got this I just replaced the air filter before it service requirement, as it was filthy and there was a fair bit of oil the housing.

Low and behold my performance has picked up, it's still not 100% but I'm changing the spark plugs and if still no improvement then the throttle body. I know the engine needs to be looked at as there is a slight knocking sound from it. Time to take it to my garage to get it looked at by my local mechanic. However as we all know the Clio is a REALLY bad design engine wise, oh and electrics, but from my experience French and electrics REALLY REALLY don't go together.

To the people of the last couple of posts before mine, I would check your ECU. If it's a 1.2 16v (D7F) engine this is located at the back of the engine and at the top. You'll see one set of wires go into a socket and another set that is covered by a thick metal box like lid. This could be quite loose, or even removable. Funny as this is the anti-tamper box that Renault put on to stop people getting to the ECU controls. Anyway remove this and look at the wires underneath. You'll all probably find that this metal protection box has rubbed the wires underneath it and have exposed the cores in them. In my case only one wire was exposed and I sealed it up with electrical tape. You should do the same to stop them shorting, and even if it hasn't just do it for added protection. This has been mentioned on here but further back.

The other thing to check is to see if the throttle body has got clogged up with oil. You can usually tell if it has by looking at the air filter housing. If you're not sure about this take it to you local mechanic to do as it's fiddly and can be quite daunting.

Hope this helps, and once I get my car back at 100% i'll post again with my solution.


5th Jun 2008, 15:21

Guess what, we have another one!

6th Jun 2008, 07:50

My Clio purchased new Feb 2007 has now a cut out problem - so far 2 or 3 times. It usually started after 5 - 15 minutes. Last time 3 June 2008 it just wouldn't start and even the AA couldn't get it started, he thought it had something to do with the petrol/pump, towed it into the Garage - left overnight and started first thing on 4 June. Garage ran all the tests and can't find anything. Mechanic even took it home with him - nothing. Renault must have some idea of whats causing it.

9th Jun 2008, 18:26

I have fixed three 1,2 Clios, by working systematically through the harness with a high accuracy resistance meter, this is a painstaking process, but as I have learned, just because you find "a fault" that does not mean you stop there.

It seems that each car is slightly different, but there will be a number of high resistances, giving rise to failed signals to the ECU.

I'm hoping to build up a databases of resistances to speed up the process.At present it takes between 4 and 8 hours to complete.

The diagnostic machines rely on the wiring being good, hence all the false failed component codes from dealers.

Similarly disturbing the harness when fitting a component or undertaking work can give a temporary reprieve, seeming like the replacement part/work was the fix.

I do not doubt that the mechanical fixes are needed as well, however the underlying problem of high resistance has made this circuit drop close to its lower thresholds in the first place, so making that element less fault tolerant.

I can guarantee to date this approach works. If you are interested in contacting me to discuss further, please mail me on dgsutton2000@yahoo.co.uk

10th Jun 2008, 05:57

Hi, after reading all the comments on here, I can't believe that Renault are still selling Clio. I have an 1.2 16v 02 reg Clio Extreme and it is constantly cutting out at junctions and stalling itself!

The airbag light and service light has been on since I bought it, yet nothing seems to be wrong with the air bag and also every couple of months, the orange electrical fault light comes on, but yet again-nothing is ever wrong when it's checked out! It also drinks oil like it's going out of fashion; what's that all about??!

What a joke! After reading these comments, I'm considering getting rid of my Clio!

17th Jun 2008, 05:23

I have a Renault Clio 1.2 16v and it is a 03 plate.

Last year the engine management light flashed up, and the power cut out on a dual carriageway, which was quite scary as my hazard lights stopped working as well, and there could have had a bad accident.

Then I got it repaired, but my air bag light is always on. Have recently had my car serviced, and up until yesterday the service light was showing.

This morning, I got in the car and again the engine management light showed up, and the car had no power.

The sunroof rattles, and I ain't willing to spend anymore money on this car.

Especially when there are always ongoing issues, and the mechanics never know the problem, so it ends up costing a lot more.

I am considering selling my car soon, and would never ever buy or recommend it to anyone again!!!!!

18th Jun 2008, 07:50

2003 53 Clio 1.2 16v Dynamique.

Problem with the engine management light coming on many times and going into 'limp mode'. Lots of things replaced but still happens.

Recent problem with intermittently not starting apparently down to corroded wires in the engine.

Currently the electrics are playing up in that the lights (all of them including head, sides, fogs, brakes, indicators and instrument lighting) or wipers suddenly stop working and only start again by restarting the engine. Also it leaks above the passenger door (A pillar?) possibly related to this.

Also had problem with airbag and service light on after service by Renault dealer, told it was due to damaging the wires under the passenger seat possibly by cleaning the car or moving it to let passengers in (it's a 3 door)!


Sunroof rattles (obviously)

Whistling from drivers mirror.

Front brakes squeak a lot. Brakes have been replaced but still happens, Renault dealer told me its 'brake dust'.

Rant Over... For now!