8th Jun 2006, 08:53

Had the 1.9 diesel Clio for 3 years, in that time I have only had the dashboard lights fail, bulbs at the same time which I thought was weird and a headlight glass fall out. Bought it when it had done 65,000 and now has just passed 130,000. Fill it up for around £32 and get 500 miles out of it. I do oil and filter changes every three months (due to doing so many miles) now I am looking at having the cam belt changed.. well happy.

13th Jun 2006, 14:58

Hi, I have just bought a 2nd hand ZOOM 1.2 1997, due to having to have at the moment an auto.

I must say I am thrilled. Having to BLIP the key fob can be a bit fustrating after 10 sec, but it's lovely to drive. My 2 sons do think having no clutch pedal a bit odd with a gear stick, but my daughter copes well, say no more!! rec: to all.

19th Dec 2008, 16:19

Hello got a 1997 Clio. Picked up a problem of stalling after warming up. The dealer says that's a common problem, you cannot fix it, you just have to take 30 minutes to park on the side so that you can drive again for 10 minutes. Now the engine is crackling; really disappointed.

13th Feb 2009, 11:14

I have recently bought an R reg Clio Zoom (Semi Auto) and find that changing from 1st to 2nd a bit tricky. It feels like you're riding the clutch and makes it difficult to move quickly if needs be. It finds it very hard to find the clutch bite, so it rev's quite highly. I reckon it could be much more economical if the gears kicked in easier and quicker.

After it warms up a bit, it's easier to drive.

Reverse is a bit of a joke, I find it hard to find the bite, so you're either too fast or too slow, it makes it very difficult to park.

Overall, it's an OK car for the money if bought 2nd hand.