1997 Renault Clio 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Reliable, watertight (now) and cheap to run. Insurance not too dear


Roof window and leakage, but properly fixed by recognized dealers in just such problems from Renault Clios, due to the immobilizer being positioned badly in the first place... otherwise as the first owner was a careful driver, and I have a very good car mechanic, my car has been a joy to drive and I go miles around the country with minimal problems.

The immobilizer can be a pain if the click for the central locking button loses its pressability and 'bounce', but I've had the car for 7 years and there is a replacement I've just begun to use.

No rust because the sills are plastic and no garage so it's out in all weathers - always has been.

Manual window windows are a bit heavy, but one can get used to that and the car does take a while to demist in cold frosty weather. I like to keep the speed to 65-68 max, but only overtaking. A comfortable 60 keeps the revs below 3000 and so saves petrol.

General Comments:

Terrific runner for around town. Keep the tyres checked and balanced. All round checks before going on a long journey are a wise precaution. If you use a local garage, they will always do this at a very low cost and it saves pounds if something under the bonnet needs tweaking.

Don't wait till the petrol is almost empty, as the gauge is not overly reliable. I fill up when it goes below half way.

Gadget wise it is a car without silly unnecessary tech, but is comfortable, affordable, and parks easily. Just be aware of its age. Mine is 19 years old, and like all old models, needs a little TLC

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2017

1997 Renault Clio Biarritz 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Broken down due to the immobiliser


Hi, I have a Renault Clio Biarritz 1.1, and I have read all the previous comments about the constant leak in Renault cars.

Well sadly mine is the same, but worse; whenever it rains, my car leaks in the passenger footwells, into the immobiliser, and I also have a really heavy shower going round bends, because the water all falls out on me.

I recently drove to visit my Granddad, and was there for an hour, and came out to my car, which had been leaking, so I had let the immobiliser out, to find it would not start, and the infrared immobiliser was not responding to my key.

Two hours later, after still trying clicking the key, it wasn't working. That was a week ago, and my car is still at my Granddad's miles away. I keep going back to try the immobiliser after cleaning and drying it thoroughly.

Please some one give me advice, because I miss my car, and I'm still a student and can't afford another car. Advice would be much appreciated about the immobiliser, so I can get it to work.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2011

7th Mar 2011, 23:02

The immoboliser sounds like it needs replacing or you can just keep going back and forth to your grandparents and hoping it has properly dried out.

As for the leak I know where you're coming from as I had the same problem, you need some black mastic and seal around the sunroof.

I'm not an expert on cars but I have had similar problems as you with the Clio.

Hope this helps.

2nd Jan 2017, 18:17

This happened to me, but I got a fantastic firm to fix the roof window and seal it properly for good. It is a recognized feature fault in this age-group Renault. I took it to Walfords in Chelmsford - sunroof specialists. Tel: 01245352301. The leak interfered with the immobilizer just below the aerial, and for ages I thought the water was coming through there, but it is through the roof. The drainage holes do silt up too if you haven't a garage to protect it, and do take a while to drain. I regularly clear them with a small long bristle brush. Anyway, with entire re-sealing and after 2 years with torrential rain fall, all is fine still. Cost £250, but worth every penny.