1997 Renault Clio 16v 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Keen Hot Hatch Renault should be proud


When I purchased the car it had the following faults.

Faulty speedometer reading. £80 main dealer to correct.

Oil temperature gauge inoperative. £40 main dealer to correct.

The computer is stuck on external temperature. £40 per hour to investigate fault.

General Comments:

Having to down size from a VolksWagen turbo with 210bhp I looking carefully for my next car that would offer me thrills for little money.

Having owned a 1916v 4 years previously I searched long and hard for a good condition Clio or 1916v.

Found a last of the line Clio with Full Dealer Service History in great cosmetic condition for £3600 and thought I'd take my chance.

Great car with basic driving thrills.

Never had a car that pops and splutters like a real racer on the down changing.

Overall I found it not the most comfortable of cars, but I've been spoiled by VW.

Feels fast, but still not sure how fast as nothing ever lines up with me at the lights.

I must continue to keep the Old School hot hatches alive and kicking, not many good ones left. I know, I saw enough dogs before I purchased this one.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2005

1997 Renault Clio Panache 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Fine - if you can fix your own brakes!


Brakes failed MOT every year.

Brake cable ready to snap after 30000 miles.

Exhaust fell off twice.

Struts needed replaced.

Mystery noise forced me to get rid of it.

Every time I got a service or MOT something seemed to need replaced.

General Comments:

This is not a high performance car, but it was OK for running up and down to work in.

I didn't do a lot of miles or mistreat the car, but it seemed to have a disproportionate amount of problems.

I had to get 3 new sets of brake disks in 3 years and the brake cable was ready to snap after only 30000 miles.

I was forced to get rid of it when it started making a weird noise. It sounded like a wheel baring, but 3 mechanics said they were fine and they had never heard a car making that kind of noise before after years in the business.

This was disappointing because my last car was a Nissan which had done 112000 miles and only cost me £20 in repairs the whole time I had it.

However, it did start every time in the morning.

It looked not bad with the standard alloys and sunroof etc.

It was very cheap to tax and insure and was easy on the petrol.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2004

10th Apr 2006, 03:15

Hi my car also has started making a weird noise. it is a Renault Clio 1.2 1997. however the car is a very nice car to drive I cannot seem to pinpoint the source of this weird noise!

16th Jun 2006, 13:51

Your probably looking at the front wheel bearings as they are liable to general wear and tear after the years. I have just found out that that mystery noise at the front of the car is the left wheel bearing : (that will cost me £60 inc labour cost aswel. Apparently it's a fiddly job I would not know... Its the first time this has happened, I noticed it on the motorway talking to my friend and I realised I couldn't hear what she was saying?? I was told to get it changed asap because now this noise appears at 50mph and if I leave it any longer I could end up with a 3 wheeled car!

21st Jun 2006, 16:07

Better you change bearings as soon as possible. I had the same make, model and year. It started the same noise, but I ignored. Now I have truly a 3 wheel car. Front left wheel is broken and disintegrated.