3rd Jan 2004, 17:57

Had my 172 for 18 months now, done 36,000mls. have had qite a few problems, but all that's overshadowed by performance and fun factor.

4th Apr 2005, 13:46

Having owned my 172 Cup for nearly 2 years now its finally performing as I would like, not that it has ever lacked from under the bonnet.

In the first year of ownership quite a few problems and some very serious.

1. No spare wheel on the Cup for weight purposes and with 3 punctures in a year, big problems.

2. Windows and interior rattling and still rattling after being to the dealer.

3. Passenger seat rail broken.

4. CAM BELT snapped after 9000 miles resulting in a new engine being needed.

5. Starter motor electrics playing up resulting in the car starting when it feels like it.

6. Renault UK service is very poor. Not any policies in place if you break down in another country as I did with my cam belt.

7. Problems with the front suspension mount moving and the mounting bolts coming loose. Now rectified.

8. Squeaking breaks.

The cars performance in the handling and speed department is fantastic and the car is fun to drive.

After all these problems I am now selling the 172 Cup and going to get the 182 Cup with the Recaro's.

Has anyone heard about the 200BHP + Clio they are bringing out late summer 05 as a farewell? Only 500 to be made.

17th May 2005, 15:12

I've got a ten year old 1.8 16v and I can't fault it. can't see what your problem is with the 172 as its faster than my car.

7th Oct 2005, 15:28

You CAN get the renault assistance package abroad, I work at a dealer in the service dept so should know!! the 172/182s are superb and are reliable. speak to your dealer staff and they will/can help you! I wish I could give my dealership address as I would be more than happy to help anybody with a problem and as would my colleagues.

These cars must be good as I drive one myself...