2003 Renault Clio 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Could be a nice little town car


This was a hire car picked up at Gatwick Airport for 4 days.

There were no obvious defects when I got the car, nothing went wrong with it, and there were no noticeable rattles or squeaks.

General Comments:

The car was a base model, but had a pleasant interior trim and control layout. Driving position was comfortable, but there looked to be very little leg room for back seat passengers.

The car handled well in congested London traffic. Odd minor points - the rear view mirror gave a wide view, but distorted the shape of vehicles - they looked squashed and wide, like one of the funny fairground distorting mirrors. I also found it difficult to get the key in the ignition - sometimes I had to open the door and look to see where it went - it is not a problem I have come across before and presumably an owner would get used to it.

The car feels rather smaller than some of the competition such as the Fiat Punto, Ford Ka/Fiesta, VW Polo, Vauxhall Corsa.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 8th August, 2003

2003 Renault Clio 172 SPORT 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Buy a Cooper S


Headlamp not fitted correctly when new. Beam was very low and effectively useless, simple manufacturing fault of an essential component. But could they fix it first time?

Both shock absorbers failed at about 3000 miles (replaced under warranty)

Persistent rattling from steering column - out with the ability of the dealerships to sort.

General Comments:

I have serious concerns about the build quality of this vehicle and similar doubts about the competency of the dealers who are apparently trained to service the vehicle.

The handling is good along with good brakes and gearchange, but this is outweighed by the rattles and cheap build.

The performance in terms of speed is OK, but the engine is a bit gutless in the midrange.

At the end of the day this car is spoiled by the build quality and the dealers. I am sick to the back teeth of them and won't be getting them to service the vehicle.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2003

26th Aug 2003, 12:13

Thank you. I wanted to know more about Renault.

15th Dec 2003, 06:52

Don't buy a Cooper S, buy a Civic Type R. The build quality in the baby beemer is NOWHERE near as high as a the Honda and the Cooper S is over 1.5 seconds slower to 60. But the the Renault is faster than the Cooper S too.

Renault have always been known for brilliant engines/chassis/suspensions, but shocking build. If you are shocked by a rattly Renault, you need to read more reviews before you buy.

2003 Renault Clio Dynamique 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


For a 1.4 it is much quicker than most, more expensive 1.6's on the road


Passenger seat rattles when unoccupied and the dealer has failed to resolve it on their first attempt, but they will have another chance soon.

General Comments:

The Car is very quick in comparison to my last 1.2 eight valve Clio and the handling is now quite brilliant.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2003

2003 Renault Clio cup 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


Mental pocket Rocket


The passenger seat runners have just been replaced.

General Comments:

Absolutely mental vehicle! Handles/out performs anything else I've ever driven.

Have to give the car back in 1yr 8mths and 17 days and I don't want to.!!!

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Review Date: 13th June, 2003

2003 Renault Clio V6 3.0 from UK and Ireland


Little monster



General Comments:

The Clio V6 is more rare than a Ferrari, not to say that I am comparing the two in any sort of ways... That would be plain silly. My point is that the Clio V6 is a purebred monster, an intended mutant from Renaults secret labs. Brilliant. It may not be able to outrun an EVO or a Subby, nor can it outpace a well driven younger cousin Clio 172 Cup on a race track, but boy has it got the attitude of a proper sports car. The very look of it will make the spotty teens in their 8v Nova tremble in their knees. Brill!

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Review Date: 25th March, 2003

8th Mar 2004, 05:46

Would have to agree.. love every minute of driving my Clio V6! Why own an ugly EVO 7 or Scooby (They look like your Dads car with a body kit thrown on) when these days driving them just feels boring! Everywhere you look theres yet another Subaru Impreza! They become very boring to me.

I was very interested in buying one for its performance alone, so I test drove one. It was quick, but didn't feel quick! Which is the ONLY reason for owning this car.

Which then made me look elsewhere, for something Rare, Ltd Edition, good engine roar, Awesome looks and performance that attract more onlookers than a 911 Turbo! Which turned out to be this Clio V6!

The power with just a superchip and an Viper air filter alone has taken it up to 250bhp which is more than ample to give you the serious grin factor! Which is what owning a sports car is all about... having fun! and even looking awesome just cruising.. without the need to blast everything out of sight for a buzz!

Great car!! That pulls faster than a page 3 girl in a night club! :)

15th Feb 2006, 08:22

Hi there, I also have to agree, the Clio V6 is a great car, and anybody who like it or owns one should join v6clio.net/forum/. I am Andy luvs V6's. I think that the car is a very rare and exciting car.

16th Mar 2007, 15:22

Pity we do not get this car in the US. It seems unique and just awesome.