29th Jan 2002, 16:46

I'm looking at buying a MPV. There is an Espace 1995 M reg at a small sales yard local to me. Just wondered if any one would tell me what to look for at that age! Any comments good or bad!

8th Sep 2002, 15:40

We hope to upgrade from our Scenic to the Espace; although I have read so many Espace reviews some good, but unfortunately mostly bad, which is a little off putting.

Unlike my Scenic i have owned too many unreliable and poorly built cars.

(My Scenic to date has not given us any gripes and has proved to be well built and reliable)

But we do at some point in the near future intend to get a full size MPV and it is the Espace we want.

9th Dec 2002, 02:20

I have a Renault Espace that's 3 months old. So far, it's been back to the dealer in Birmingham on three occasions for the airbag problem described above.

It's had a new airbag computer fitted under warranty, but that didn't fix the problem and so it went back for a wiring investigation.

After spending all day at the dealership, it came back and first time out, on came the airbag light again!

Today it's going back in again. I'll mention the seat thing - you never know.

Seeing that the original problem on this page was reported a couple of years ago, you'd think Renault would have done something about it wouldn't you?

Should have stuck with the Mitsubishi Space Wagon - not a day off the road in three years!

18th Feb 2003, 04:28

Re: Renault Espace 3.0 RXE V6 Airbag problem. Since posting the last message, Renault UK have agreed to fix the problem at their expense.

18th Jun 2004, 15:34

Airbag problem FIXED - I had the airbag light problem on my 1999 Renault Espace. Thankfully the previous owner had kept good records. These included a Renault Specification Improvement letter sent from the main dealer - "The manufacturer tells us this vehicle falls into a chassis number range subject to a product enhancement, to the lid for the Passenger airbag Tn529. This letter was quoted to the dealer and I took my vehicle in for this work to be carried out. Its been fine since.

Unfortunately there is now a problem with the central locking not working. I've changed the key batteries and its not this. It was initially an intermittent fault, but possibly now more permanent as it hasn't worked for about a week.

20th Jul 2004, 02:19

I have found all the comments in this section so interesting. On my Espace RXE 2.2dT (1999), I too have had the 'airbag' warning problem for several years now. The Renault dealership 'hard-wired' the connector under the passenger seat 2 years ago which fixed it, but they warned, it may have to be done with the drivers side in due course. Guess what, its just happened again. Also, one remote key won't work (batts changed) and dealership say new key is iro £100 and/or receiver is £300. I wonder if anyone has information that these 2 electronic faults are somehow connected?

16th May 2008, 04:38

My 2000 Espace has had the airbag service light on for about two years now and I believe it to be linked with the seat belt pre tensioner wire connections. I had the front seats out to check the connections only to find that the sockets that I was hoping to find loose had previously been removed and the wires soldered!

Regarding the inoperative key fobs, I also had this problem and found that it was the contacts inside the key fob. With the fob opened up and the two batteries out, gently ease the bottom battery contact up a little. Replace the batteries and all should be well!

23rd Oct 2008, 14:21

We have a Renault Espace Grande Dynamique 2.0 on an 05 plate and it has had the 'SERVICE' 'CHECK AIRBAG' warning on the dashboard intermittently since new. I have taken it to garages on several occasions, during the warranty period too and have been told a fault can't be found. Today, I took it to the garage again and been told that its the passenger front seat belt pretensioner that is the problem. I have only just discovered this site and realised that this fault has occurred with other Renault vehicles. I intend to contact Renault UK tomorrow to discuss the matter.

23rd Aug 2009, 01:51

My 1999 3.0 RXE has now completed 115,000 miles, mostly without the benefit of the airbags. I had a lame recall letter from Renault some years ago saying the airbags had been wired up in reverse at the Matra factory. However after letting Renault loose on the car once I wasn't prepared to let them have it again when a second recall letter arrived. After all airbags are for people who won't put on seat belts, and they generally live on the west side of the Atlantic Ocean!

I just put the Espace back on the road after a year - I couldn't justify the 22mpg with my present high mileage. I'm pleased to say that everything except the airbags still works.

17th Apr 2010, 06:10

Renault 2.2dci The Race 2002. Owned since new.

Air bag warning light has been an intermittent problem since new. Was traced to wiring under the driver's seat. Now air bag warning and service light goes off each time the engine starts. Main dealer wants money to look at it for the 4th time, but have lost faith in them trying to correct the problem. I didn't realise this renders airbags inoperable until corrected, and I will be taking this up with Renault directly, as it seems to be manufacturing fault. I have heard from a technician that Renault are aware wiring can be incorrect at the computer from when it was built.

One of our keys also doesn't operate, and this has been reprogrammed once before at cost of £40.

Otherwise the Espace is great, and this engine is the best one I have had. It's my 3rd Espace and 7th Renault, but wouldn't recommend local main dealers as they're only interested in £ and not service quality.