2001 Renault Grand Espace The Race 2.2 dCi from UK and Ireland


Lovely to drive, but reliability lets it down badly


- Gearbox replaced under warranty at 40,000 miles.

- Fan belt + tensioning roller broke at 52000 miles while on holiday in Italy - cost £250 to replace.

- CD player refused to recognize disks 15 48,000 miles. Fixed under warranty.

- Air conditioning stopped working at 49,000 miles. Fixed under warranty.

- Drivers seat split at base at 48,000 miles - fixed under warranty.

- Electric window switch failed at 45000 miles - warranty repair.

- Brake light sensor malfunctioned at 46000 miles (AA fixed that one!)

- Flywheel/fuel injector sensor failed 3 times (twice while on holiday, once abroad in Poland, once at home) - took 3 attempts by local dealer to replace (warranty fix).

Ongoing problems with front heater matrix (demister doesn't work properly).

General Comments:

Bought for safety (NCAP 4 star) and for size (5 kids + dog!)

Currently in negotiation with Renault UK for warranty extension/replacement.

Just waiting for the next thing to fail.

Our previous Grand Espace had equally poor reliability - continual electrical problems, water pump, rear door jammed.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2004

3rd Jun 2005, 03:32

I love this car, but I'm beginning to wonder if it will love me as much! The first major problem just as the warranty has run out (Jan 05) is that the clutch master cylinder has gone... leaking fluid down the pedal and flat to the floor were the telltale sign. It's in the dealer at the moment being fixed..£450..and maybe the clutch needs doing too! (£550) I rang Renault Customer services and she said she hadn't heard of it being a fault... yet other drivers on other websites have had similiar problems. The dealer I bought from new said it could have gone at any time and they have done them on other Renault cars so it's just one of those things!! Customer service might give me a discount as I've only done 40,000 miles. The dealer has to negotiate with them. I await with baited breath!!

13th Sep 2007, 10:23

You already had one with poor reliability - what on Earth made you buy another?

1998 Renault Grand Espace RT-X 2.2 dT from UK and Ireland


Love the car, I do not trust the dealer


The fan belt failed at 114,000 miles, which caused the timing belt to fail as well.

The camshaft failed a week after the car came back from the timing belt being redone.

Three weeks after the camshaft was replaced the master clutch cylinder failed and left the car immobile.

General Comments:

The Espace is, I feel, still the best full size M.P.V. on the road, in terms of comfort and drivability.

It has a very specious interior, and great if, like us, you have a large family.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2004

11th Oct 2004, 10:30

I have a 2001 Renault Espace and the clutch peddle had fluid leaking on the shaft. It looks like a seal has gone. I need to have the garage come to take it away, but I have had bad experiences with Renault dealerships and I was wondering if this can be fixed by a non Renault garage?

2003 Renault Grand Espace Privilege 2.2 DCi from UK and Ireland


Excellent car; support leaves much to be desired


The Privilege specification delivered is NOT the same as the specification at time of order (by the removal of dash mounted CD and rain/light sensors).

The tail gate has been difficult to close since new, but the tail gate warning light has detected it when open. This week, however, the tail gate flew open without any warning lights at all. Fortunately, this did not happen at speed.

Garage can find nothing wrong and nor have they changed anything physical to do with the boot catches, sensors, etc. This does not give me any confidence that it might not happen again - and maybe next time at speed!!

Renault UK have been slow to help resolve this issue. The car is still in the garage.

General Comments:

I absolutely love this new Grand Espace. It has just been found to be the safest car on the road (but we don't yet know whether or not this is a lone fault or something more generic).

It is the Renault support for a new vehicle that is sadly lacking. Coupled with an unexplained delay in the original delivery of over 5 weeks, I am beginning to wonder whether or not there have been problems before.

Lastly, the sun-roof is an optional extra. Don't be fooled by ALL the pictures in the brochure showing the bright sunny interior. It is great, but it will cost you £1500.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2003

6th Aug 2004, 06:41

Had a similar tailgate problem on my Toyota LiteAce Wagon. Solved by opening a door or window before closing tailgate (prevents air pressure from building up).

4th Oct 2005, 14:01

You quite wrongly perpetuate the myth that this car is the safest on the road. The EuroNCAP tests simply rank cars in terms of their relative crashworthiness, and do not take into account the relative likelihood that any car will in fact breakdown, or suffer mechanical failure at speed etc. How safe is it for example for an electrical fault to cause loss of power steering whilst on the motorway, or for the brakes to fail whilst approaching a roundabout, or for the suspension to break because of shoddy workmanship? All of these things have been described for the Espace on this and other similarly excellent consumer motoring websites. The fact is, you are much more likely to unintentionally try out the crashworthiness of an Espace than any other MPV, so thank heavens it is relatively safe under crash impact!!