1998 Renault Grand Espace RXE 2.2dTi from UK and Ireland


Essential family transport


This is an update to previous enter.

As well as the faults reported below is an update.

At 1st service 10k miles the front discs had to be replaced and new pads. The discs had warped. I see some other people have had the same. These were replaced under warranty.

The rear window seal was fixed, but has since come loose again.

Dash rattle went away, but just recently a noise from the passenger side dash has started. Wiper blades do not last long. The paint has come off the tailgate wind hinge and the hinge is corroding. Headlining came loose at rear hatch. Tyres last 18k on the front and 25k on rear. I cannot get original fit Michelin Pilot and use Pirelli P6000 as these are reinforced. After 35k the front pads and discs were gone again. 125 pounds to fix. Plastic exterior trim broke between front and rear door on passenger side. Fixed with adhesive. No other major problems.

General Comments:

Car has been great for the family of 5. Comfortable and loads of space. Long distance trip eg 500 miles in 1 night are a breeze even with bike rack and roof box.

Fuel consumption around 30mpg.

Generally I am happy with the car however there are some quality issues and tyre and brake wear is expensive.

I have seen the details of the new Espace and it looks terrific. Interesting that Renault have decided to make it themselves instead of Matra. Also new car is not a composite body, this maybe a down side as I am sure if my car was metal I would have many dented panels by now!!

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2002

19th Oct 2004, 08:40

Hi There.

I have a 1998 Grand Espace, and after 2 months driving, I had 2 put new tyres on, and I have found that the Firestone Firehawk 215/65 15s are giving excellent wear and fantastic grip, I intend to replace the rears with these tyres as well.

2001 Renault Grand Espace expression 2.2dci from UK and Ireland


I do think Renault quality control could be better


Paint faults on the bonnet

Headlights not assembled

Drivers seat stitching coming undone

Electrical faults

Air con smell

Seat belt locking

Accelerator sticking

Warning lights on

Number plate fell off

Oil leak

Front wipers streaking worn out

Air ducting missing out of front door

Holes in front carpets

And so on and so on.

General Comments:

This Espace is not 1 year old yet it has only done 9200 miles and it is on the 19th fault

And as for the rear seat rattle when unoccupied just put the head rests down!

On the good side it is very quiet and very good on fuel. The new common rail engine seems to be good so far.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2002

10th Mar 2003, 05:25

Yep Renault, Great cars with good safety, but lousy build quality.

All the components used are obviously cheap, if they were of better MUCH quality renault cars would not be plagued with faults.

I'm completely fed up with my Scenic, which incidentally is back to the dealer tomorrow 11/03/02 YET again, but I have a fight on my hands as they are not prepared to fix all of the faults, even though it is under it's warranty.

It is a good car, in fact it is one of the best cars i have owned, but it is literally falling to bits, I have known nothing like it.

We have a second car with 100k on the clock, ok it is no spring chicken and certainly not as fresh looking as it once was, but the rubber trims are not hanging off it, and all the electrics still work, and the suspension does not have a rattling noise on it.

My Scenic has only done 21k to date.

I know a few people who own a Renault and they too have experienced fault after fault.

27th Jun 2003, 12:26

Two Mark 3 Espaces owned.

Last one had on-going intermittent fault with the airbag sensors and warning light. Despite Renault advising that air bag not likely to expand when normal driving, never felt entirely safe.

Now the Mark 4 has just had a tail gate fault that resulted in the rear door flying open. Fortunately not at speed, but what about next time?