1999 Renault Laguna RXT Break 1.6 from Portugal


A good middle market bargain, clearly better than its reputation


Nothing serious.

Seat belt fabric tends to wear in the sides in normal (day to day) use, by people and child seats.

The car can be averagely economic in fuel (8,3 to 8,7 liters. per 100 KM) but we need to be very sensible with the accelerator. Otherwise, it will go to 9,5 to 10 liters per 100 km, easy.

General Comments:

A good, reliable, break/estate model, with a very good luggage capacity (much better than in the new Laguna Estate).

Minor inconveniences are:

The driving position for people above 1,80 metres high (steering wheel not adjustable enough and the sun shade on the driver's side is too low to allow a windscreen view).

For the rest, quite an impressive bargain.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2001

1999 Renault Laguna RXE V6 from UK and Ireland


Big bang for the buck :-)


Only regular services every 12,000 miles and oil changes between services.

General Comments:

Outstanding car, reliable, comfy, comfy, did I said comfy?

The engine is smooth and powerful.

I can recommend this car to anyone, the heater puts heat almost instantly, even on subzero mornings.

Average mpg: 28.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2001

1999 Renault Laguna RXE 1.8 16S from Spain


Top value for top performance


Some slight noise from the front brakes when car was 15,000kms, disappeared after 30,000kms without servicing...

General Comments:

The best car money can buy in this category.

Renault has done one of its best cars with this one, a smooth engine that supports "sport" driving (sport doesn't mean dangerous), very comfortable, you can drive 1.000kms straight without effort.

Low profile while classical, and above all top equipment (full pack, except for leather seats) for a competitive price.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2001

1999 Renault Laguna RT Business.com 2.0 16V from Switzerland


Good, very BIG, very good looking and performing car!


Up to now more or less nothing, except:

- Very lousy service when ordered alloy-wheels (waited 8 weeks!! ==> Don't buy things coming from Conti Switzerland, they're nuts - delivered three times the same - but effectively wrong!)

- Rattle in right door, fixed by the dealer.

- Light bulbs (H7) blow off after ~1 year... lousy!

- Radio controls are very silly sometimes....

General Comments:

A good car, especially the interior work is very well done. The navigation system is OK, I would buy it again. Had to change dealer because Renault Zuerich isn't able to do anything right...

The Laguna I have is the 2.0-16V S, the Volvo engine. But Renault has changed the transmission, so the car fits better!!

The engine has a very nice sound, however, the fuel consumption is a bit high...

Due to the navigation system there is little space for the passenger on the right front seat...

Suspension: 1a

Engine: 1a

I think I would buy another Renault, but I am not sure since Alfa and Honda have nice cars too...

One VERY lousy thing: The car is ~4.75m long, but it's visibility backwards is more than lousy. The new Laguna will even be 12cm longer.. having less space for luggage... I don't know whether that fits me.....

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Review Date: 5th July, 2000

25th Oct 2001, 13:14

I like my Renault Laguna Break RXT 1.9dTi very much - it is a great car for traveling long distances. But on the other hand I am not particularly impressed with some aspects of the quality of the car - besides two serious problems I've had in 1.5 year / 60.000km, today one of the headlights went off-duty... That seems to be pretty fast to me, too (just like mentioned in the review).