2004 Renault Laguna Expression 1.9 dci 120 from UK and Ireland


Excellent reliable family car.


No problems yet.

General Comments:

This new car replaced a 1.8 RT Laguna on a P plate as that car had done so well (absolutely no problems). The new car was delivered on time as stated by the dealer who contacted me regularly to let me know the position. The new car I was to take to Italy 5 days after delivery. Had the car not turned up they agreed to lend me one of their cars to take so plus points there. Not sure if I am allowed to say who the dealer is so will leave them out.

The car behaved perfectly on our holiday. The cruise control now comes as standard on the Expression and was very welcome travelling along the toll roads at 80 mph as was the automatic headlamps when going through the tunnels. The steering I found was perfectly ok and the car ate up the miles holding the road perfectly. The blue lighting is very easy on the eye when travelling at night and helped me relax even more. At speed the only noise I was aware of was a bit of wind noise, I think it is a very quiet car. Rear visabilty is good and vision all around is perfect. The driving position is totally changeable and the rear headspace/legroom is good (I was lead to believe is was limited in other reviews). At 80 mph the trip computer showed my mpg to be 54 mpg which I can confirm was achieved. At 65 mph I get 59 mpg. Sixth gear is fine at 60 mpg for cruising. Accelerating is excellent when the revs get to about 2500 the car takes off like a rocket. At 70 mph the engines ticks over at 2000 revs, on idle it's 800 revs. Not much difference.

We travelled over 3500 miles through France, Switzerland, Italy and back again. The car coped very very well in all the road conditions from the Grimsel mountain pass at 3500m to the grim motorways in Italy.

The only negative side is I am not too sure how the interior will wear it appears to have the same black interion as a Vauxhall Astra.

Having read the reviews before I got the car I was a bit worried about what problems I was going to have. Now am very happy with car its way beyond what I had expected.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2004

16th Dec 2004, 13:46

Hello, I am writing to warn everybody not to buy a Renault Laguna. It is without doubt the worst car I have ever owned. It's a 1.6 16v, the engine cuts out at random times (twice a journey on average) warning lights flash on and off, poor fitting of internal parts. the car is a joke.

31st May 2005, 12:17

Weird, our 1.6 16v Laguna never showed a single fault. I've read that many times, but I guess I serviced the car always on time. Most new cars (even Toyotas) need to be serviced on time. (Spark plugs, filters, oils, belts)

A worn or lazy spark plug can fry an ignition module in weeks.

6th Jan 2006, 07:23

I have had a Laguna Extreme from new since 2004. I wasn't happy with the steering from the outset, but was more or less told it was my imagination. Booked my car in for a safety check this morning only to be told that a recall notice is about to go out because of a problem with the power steering! Apart from that I think it's a great car.

10th Nov 2010, 10:16

I own a Laguna Exp. 1.9 DCi 120HP, and for the last two years have had no problems. Excellent family car.

Try to avoid/check properly if buying one with lots of sensors and extra gadgets, these can cause problems.

Mechanically this car is a pleasure to drive, like my old BMW 528i.


2004 Renault Laguna Initiale 1.9dci from UK and Ireland


Good value, diesel rattler


Poorly fitted boot trim from factory

Rear seat belt not feeding properly

Foot rest (clutch foot) broke away.

General Comments:

Very disappointing that TMC does not work on the SATNAV and post codes not possible to enter for locations.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2004