6th Aug 2013, 04:28

A year later and still no real worrying issues. The problems are small so far... had a tyre sensor become intermittent, and it seems that it's just the battery powering the valve assembly/pressure gauge is flat or close to it... not surprising as it's 11 years old now. Ordered and received 2x brand new ones from UK for not too bad a price. Now have to see an agent to get it programmed sometime... not urgent obviously.

An airbag light is the only small problem as comes on intermittently... have bought myself an Autel MD801 for code identification, so will have to work out how to use it. Seems simple... have identified (confirmed actually as suspected) at a private Renault garage (RennoJag in Auckland) that it's the pre-tensioner connection, so will have another go at it soon... not urgent again as its every 3 - 4 days and goes out. Might have a slightly old battery is another possibility.

Otherwise I still love driving it. It's also good on gas, as it recently did 35 MPG (fuel measured at fill up to fill up) on a not slow trip, Auckland and back. Around town is OK at 23-24 MPG.

Had fast wear on the front tyres, but have now gone back to Michelins and they seem to be wearing OK. Would like a towbar for it... but it's hard to get second hand and at a good price... my Reno 17 g thou has a towbar, and it gives it a bit of a purpose in life for those occasional trips to the tip.

1st May 2014, 02:15

Another report just in case anybody is looking...

Replaced front driver's door lock as the door light/sensor micro switch stopped working... easy to replace, but used a Haynes manual, which is kinda essential.

No issues with mechanicals - all going well.

Chinese coil packs are fine - no problems after 20 thousand Km.

Have done a bit of work on the factory stereo - it's a very capable unit - tried out a so called good Kenwood and it sounded very unmusical... boring to listen to, so went back to the original, but beefed it up a bit - bigger output IC capacitor installed - great improvement and easy to do. Better speakers in front (Pioneer duo cone), kept the original tweeters and a subwoofer installed using hi level convertor to speaker outputs. Sounds brilliant now. Adaptor for extra line level input from eBay installed as well. Can now use a iPod or use the Sony RCA out ten disc in the boot that randoms properly, unlike the Renault 6 disc (only randoms tracks on one disc at a time).

Still enjoying the car... have no thoughts on replacement, which is good.

1st May 2014, 14:13

Yes, someone's looking :) Thanks for the update. I did notice that with aftermarket stereos, even "good" ones, they tend to sound unreal, meaning not very balanced in musical quality. Many factory ones seem to actually sound better-balanced; often you just need to upgrade the speakers.

26th May 2014, 02:52

I think the big area of the Cabasse original head unit is the quality of the radio, plus nice bass and treble gain controls, and also the ease of use with the column controls. Somebody did a great job of getting it right the first time around.

The original speakers were OK, but the Pioneers (not expensive) are just that bit better all around.

The subwoofer I fitted was a Japanese import model that must have come in with a Japanese car. Isobarik type drivers with a passive driver as well.

What this means is tight tuneful fast articulate bass that really works well with the Cabasse unit.

Might look at a Megane estate manual next time around. Just got to find one.

3rd Jun 2015, 11:36

Quick update... further to common problem with Laguna pencil coils... just noticed that my platinum plug gap was way too much. Done 40000 km now on them and the gap had opened up quite a bit. Is it possible that due to the high mileage that we are doing on these spark plugs without checking them, that we are neglecting to check the gap and in doing so are shortening the life of the pencil coils, due to the coils being overworked when the gap has opened up? My Chinese pencil coils have not missed a beat even when they became submerged in oil (for an extended period of undiagnosed time) due to a cam cover leak on the rear...

12th Nov 2015, 23:33

Another update...

Just did the rear suspension bushes... old ones were clunking. That's now improved the rear suspension feel so I am going to renew the front lower arm suspension arms and tracking rods... hell - why not... might as well drive it as good as it gets!

Just been down to Wellington and back, and averaged 33 MPG doing it with the amount put into the tank with the mileage reader. The computer is a bit of a liar, with about 10% under reading. But 33 MPG is great... had the air con on all the way back as it's very wet weather. Still a great drive over long distances, and the big reason for me liking the car is that the interior is a nice place to be... light grey is easy to live with... gets a bit depressed with black interiors.

I recommend Pirelli run flat tyres on the front... expensive but long lasting and no trade off... great grip... great feel... better than comparable Michelins...

18th Jan 2017, 07:14

Update time. Pirellis have been replaced and I have gone back to Michelins. The Pirellis got very noisy at end of their life, so I won't do run flats again, although they started off well. Have replaced the front lower suspension arms as well as the rear rubber bushes. All pretty easy, although the bolt that needs to have its head cut off to remove the front lower suspension arm could have been simply reversed to make it otherwise a very easy repair. As its cousin Nissan has this hi tensile and lock nut reversed, I have done so. Handling is now back to scratch, so well worth the time and trouble. A couple of window regulators for the well used front (new, improved later Laguna 2 type) and again better than new. Great...

Intermittent airbag light half due to tired capacitors in the airbag ECU, but a replacement was cheaply found on eBay with good capacitors, so not so much of a problem now.

Any bad reputation for Renaults must be due to poor dealers / bad part pricing... I cannot believe how inexpensive this car has turned out to be. Almost everything is available via eBay at great prices. Eats long distance travelling. Still enjoying it...

18th Jan 2017, 22:43

Thanks for the regular updates! I enjoy reading 90s/early 2000s car reviews on here.

With regards to your comments about Renault's reliability, I don't think their dealers had a bad rep, but rather this car itself (00-05 Laguna). It was frequently rated low in reliability reviews at the time. I much preferred the 90s Laguna, but even that had an average at best reputation reliability wise. Was amazing on the Touring Car Circuits though :)

I heard things improved after 2006, but I've never owned one of these cars so can't comment, but thanks again for the updates, good to know there are some decent Lagunas out there, might try one myself some day soon before the older ones are gone forever.