25th May 2017, 08:28

I agree that they got better after about 2005-6, and they went from one of the worst to one of the best European cars on the market... I wonder if Nissan know how on quality was transplanted... anyway, still going good, although today I replaced some pencil coils, but that's only because I had an oil leak from a rear cam cover, which I fixed at the same time.

Otherwise pretty good still. Did a driver's window mech recently, but it's 15 years old... can't complain... was so cheap via eBay that I am definitely not selling or moving it on. I cannot believe the low cost of basic parts on this car. Warehouses clearing out obviously, and eventually there will be no cheap parts...

Still performs as good as the day I bought it and is good on gas. Will need some aircon work soon though, which may cost... wait till early summer I think. Done 150000 km now.

15th Jun 2017, 07:56

This last batch of pencil coils that I got from China Aliexpress ended up being junk. The original ones from China I bought 60 thou km ago were fantastic, so have sourced them again from the original supplier. The good ones can be identified by a group of numbers on the top and a bare metal uncoloured strip running down the side. Also light grey plastic at the end just before the rubber seal. The rubbish ones I bought had no numbers and the metal strip down the side was black painted. Also no light grey plastic at the spark plug connector end - all black top to bottom.

So now I have to redo the whole lot again... well at least I get to see whether I have resealed the troublesome cam covers properly at the rear under the inlet manifold.

Still love it... It's a pity with dense modern apartment living that people don't have the space to do car repairs and end up paying an arm and a leg from garages for basic stuff.