18th Mar 2003, 03:35

Maybe Mr Clarkson will pull them to bits at some point.

On the previous series of Top Gear on one particular show they had commented that they were going to buy an Avantime, but when they had approached Renault, for availability, Renault said that they would have an Avantime specially prepared for them... MMMMM... I wonder why?

23rd Jul 2004, 01:40

I have a this car on a 52 Plate. It has now done 49000 miles and for the last three months I have had this issue of the Fuel Injection light coming on and a total loss of power. The rev counter sometimes goes to the red line and the car goes no where, another time I had to drive it with the foot flat to the floor doing a miximum speed of 40mph. The dealer states that they cannot find a problem with it!!!

This is a company car and I have some 16 months left to run with it, what a complete nightmare!!!

21st Dec 2004, 01:50

I have a laguna on a 02 plate, in the early part of the year 2004 the car was off the road for a total of 8 weeks, they said they had fixed the problems, but just yesterday it all started again, the fuel injection lights come on and no power, it also makes the ESP fail along with a few other things, as with most the dealers are a disgrace and this said I will never buy a Renault again!

8th Jul 2010, 16:30

This is EXACTLY the problem I am having - so it's a software problem, is it? Methinks I'll be getting in touch with Renault over this, since my Renault Laguna 1.8 Dynamique is experiencing the same fault (among numerous others!).

I have contacted the Trading Standards agency about this, who advised me to speak to the dealer in the first instance - if they fail to resolve the issue, then Trading Standards will deal with it. The Trading Standards operator actually told me that his brother has a Laguna, and although he loves the car, it is "beset with problems"!

My advice to all: DO NOT BUY A LAGUNA - if you own one and it's running fine, get rid of it before it starts falling apart! Maybe one day the Germans and Japanese will teach the French how to build a car that actually works!