19th Feb 2006, 02:29

Here is an update.

I wrote the original review in 2002, it's now Feb 2006.

I still have the car. It is now five and a half years old.

It has 70,000 miles on the clock.

No major problems.

General summary:

Two out of 4 ignition coils replaced (cost about £45 each) at 42,000 and 48,000 miles.

I've had the rear brake shoes replaced at 53,000 miles.

Front disc pads replaced at 29,000 and 53,000 miles.

Two rear struts failed (hold up the tailgate).

Only major failure was the auxiliary drive belt pulley came off (two out of three bolts sheared). Fortunately I could remove and replace sheared bolts and replaced belt.

Due to replace cam belt at Renault main dealers this week.


It still has it's rattles. The bodywork has lots of small dents (supermarket trolleys etc) and tends to mark easy.

Fuel consumption still 40+ mpg and I only replace the oil at every 12,000 miles. It never needs a top up in between!

Overall, I'm happy and I'll probably keep it for another couple of years as I won't get much in the used car market for it now.

6th Mar 2006, 16:19

I too have a Laguna 2000 model (2.0L), and agree with comments made here. I bought mine second hand in 2004, so I have only had a couple of years experience with it, but overall I am very happy.

I too have a "rattle" which I am unable to identify, but think it seems to be in the region of the sunroof or interior light panel.

The mileage is 61,000, but I have just had a major service done, which proved to be very expensive as various engine and brake parts needed repairing/ replacing at the same time. The cam belt needs replacing by a Renault dealer which will be an additional expense, so I too will be holding onto the car for a year or two yet after this expense!

19th Aug 2010, 13:16

Don't waste your money if you're thinking of buying one? Parts are expensive, and the labour charges just as bad, as its fiddly to work on. I bought a W reg 1.6i 16v Sport, and have had nothing but problems!!!

Auxiliary belt needed replaced, as did the the tensioner; £80 just for the parts, then the anti-roll bar links after that.

There was the strut bearing also, the heater doesn't blow hot air, and I too have the strange rattle from dash area.

Road tax isn't the best either, at £115 for 6 months.

I wish I never bought it really, but since I've spent around £400 on sorting it, I would be better running it til it dies. Roll on is what I say!!!