29th Apr 2007, 12:46

I own a 2003 Laguna 1.9 DCI Dynamique. The car was fine until the warranty ran out. Since then I have had to replace the Turbo and the clutch and now I have major problems with the engine. I was low on fuel and before I could fill the car up it packed in. Its been to both a private and a main dealer with low fuel pressure problems and no-one can fix it. Such a shame as it's a fantastic drive and a good looking car. I won't be buying a Renault again. I would be interested to hear from people who have had similar problems.

23rd Jun 2007, 16:24

I have a 2004 1800 cc 16v Laguna.

My car cuts out when slowing down for corners a lot!!! For no apparent reason; wet days and just atfer starting the most, but even after a long drive on a nice day. It is very scary; the steering goes heavy and it's almost impossible to turn. I've had a couple of near misses.

I've taken it to Renault, and when they take it out, it won't do it. The main dealers are a nightmare; they just keep saying there isn't a problem.

Has anyone else had this problem (and got it resolved). Someone told me to get it remapped or chipped. Doe anyone know what chip, and where to get it?

It's getting worse, and I'm gettin quite scared of it.

Other than it trying to kill me, I love the car. I'm only 23, and it has been a great car for me for 3 years.

18th Aug 2007, 09:15

Get a tuning box mate; got one on my 120 and it pulls from 1000rpm now like a trooper!

28th Nov 2007, 17:58

Hi, I've got a 2004 plate 1.8 16v Dynamique and have the same problem in that the car is cutting out for no apparent reason, and come to think of it, it has started now the wet whether has arrived.

The car will drive perfectly, then without warning the revs drop to about 600RPM at idle and within a couple of minutes the engine cuts out, sometimes it will start straight away and other times it takes a few minutes to get going again.

The car is out of warranty now, but is covered under warranty from the garage where I bought it from, they have had it in and cannot find any problems/fault codes on the diagnostics machine.

The car usually cuts out after running for a minute or two after being stood overnight. I spoke to a local main dealer who suggested that there may be a problem with the key card or reader, they charge £50.00 to run a diagnostics check.

The car is going back into the local garage tomorrow, so hopefully they will have some answers! On checking various sites on the t'interweb I found that the problem may be either to do with the prime pump, fuel pump, fuel gauge sensor, top dead centre sensor, cambelt or ignition coils!

I will post another comment if and when the problem is sorted. Other than this problem, I love the car!!!

28th Dec 2007, 18:47

I bought a 52 plate Laguna Dynamique just over a year ago and all I can say is thank goodness I took the 2 years extended warranty with it. I got to know the Receptionist at AC on first name terms... anyway.

My car has also nearly killed me a few times. As stated in previous comments the steering goes very heavy when pulling away from a space, a few times I've had to really pull the wheel round to miss other parked cars etc.

It also went through a stage where it kept cutting out and not starting again. Once I called the breakdown, the guy said it was dirty petrol, yeah right! The second time he cleaned some parts of the engine. On the third visit from breakdown service the guy stated it was a sensor of some sort needed replacing, and 'touch wood' its not happened since.

The car is also VERY sluggish in first and second gears... I dare not attempt a hill in 2nd gear if I want to reach the top.

My car is due MOT in June and I think I Better start saving now for it!

APart from that, the car looks good and is roomy :oP.



8th Jan 2008, 14:52

Being an owner of a Renault Laguna (our life´s worst investment) seems to give everybody wrinkles. We have spent an enormous amount of money on this car. FIVE times the last two months we have had AA drag it to the garage. Each time a new spare has been put in at a high cost - but the car still stops at all times. We drove for 6 hours one day - no problems, but then all of a sudden it went out and wouldn´t start. The garage say they have no idea what is wrong. Seems we are many in this boat. Anyone has met a great mechanic who could actually solve the problem?

Two more great problems - the driver´s door won't unlock from the outside so we have to open the door through the back door. Not exactly a safe thing in the middle of the street! And finally one of our two keys stopped working. Garage says it will cost us3-400 Euro to re-code it. So, now we only have one key...

Can you by-pass the system somehow if key 2 fails so you can still use your car?

Have an odd feeling that the start/going out problem could also somehow be related to the vehicle computer...

Hoping for constructive ideas for repair!

Elsebeth, DK

We will NEVER buy a Renault again - never.

6th Mar 2008, 11:13

Hi, I bought 4 months ago a Renault Laguna 1.6 16V from Dec 2002 in Germany, low miles from 60 years old lady, until now nothing happened, but after I read all these comments... I can tell that I'm scared... OMG I hope that won't happen soon... the car is just awesome, for now 5 stars.

Greetz to all.

Pedro 22


22nd May 2008, 16:19

I have a 2001 Laguna 1.8 expression, with an Dual Fuel LPG conversion on, and it's been faultless since we got it upto today, we've covered 22k miles in it in 13 months.

Today the cable for the window regulator has broke, which we were expecting as it's been grinding since we bought the car.

Sorry to hear about all the issues everyone are having, I suppose with any models there are inherent problems.

I'd definitely consider another Renault, we've had 2 Meganes before that covered 100k miles before we got rid of them.

Residual value is an issue though, they don't hold their money well.

23rd May 2008, 16:29

I have a Laguna 03 80km Initial 1.9DCI 120bhp.

What a lovely looking car. Has all the luxuries of any top car, and I get plenty of looks. Runs perfectly and starts first time every time.

I do an extra service on it every 6mths, less than £70 worth the reliability factor and probably cheaper than a repair.

It's a big car for me, but I can live with it. The economy is not brilliant, but do a lot of short journeys for work and it's a heavy car but great on the M/Ways. Thinking of getting a tuning kit to see if it helps.

If you're thinking of getting one, make sure it's been looked after with FSH; it's the only way..."PURE LUXURY"