23rd Jan 2011, 12:48

Laguna 2's are crap. I have had one for about a year, and had so many problems with it. I would burn it, but there is so much water in the back that it probably wouldn't go up LOL.

Seriously though, I’ve had problems with the steering, the tire sensors, rain water in the foot wells, rain water under the back seat, the brakes, the key card, and so on, and when you ask Renault UK what the problem is, it's always the same answer. Common fault.

These cars are in my opinion one of the worst cars on the road. I can't understand why people keep paying Renault prices for parts and labor, when it's so obvious that these cars are built to go wrong. I think Renault knew what they were doing when the designed this car, and we've all fallen for it. I would never buy a French car again.

24th Mar 2011, 12:32

Bought a Laguna 1.8 Dynamic almost new with a couple of thousand miles on the clock.

I luckily have 2 cars, or would have spent a lot of time walking! It has now still only done 69000 miles, (an achievement in itself with the amount of time off the road).

Faults have included:-

3 track rod ends.

1 front ball joint.

Several plug coils (now replaced with German ones off another vehicle and hasn't broke down since).

All rear bushes.

7 headlight bulbs (5 on 1 side!).

Gearbox bearings failed, so new gearbox, 2 batteries (as if you don't change them regulary, you get electrical problems when the voltage drops!).

Both front springs snapped!

The wheel brace snapped whilst changing a puncture, causing me injury, and leaving me stranded.

I could go on and on, all the above is in addition to the usual changing discs and pads a couple of times.

No I don't think I'll ever buy another Renault!

30th Jan 2012, 16:27

Where can you get the special tool for the rear bushes on the Laguna? Needless to say, mine have gone as well.

7th Jul 2014, 09:07

I had a Laguna V6 year 2002, and it was a sensor nightmare. Suspension bushes (rear), windscreen washers (rear) and a headlamp due to bad design and location. I had to take the bumper and wheel arch off to replace a broken pipe??? The list was endless.

Despite this, some years later and in need of a cheap hatch, I bought a 2006 model Initiale dCi, and guess what - no issues whatsoever with anything, and boy does it have some list of equipment! Economical and a joy to be in. The sat nav, I have put the latest mapping in, and have lane assist and speed camera, and everything works as it should, so buy one with confidence as long as it is the facelift. Chalk and cheese, very happy, and it cost me less than 2000 - bargain!

8th Jul 2014, 17:07

The Laguna's engineering was ahead of its time. It's a well-built, well-designed vehicle. In fact, if an automotive hall of fame existed for vehicle design and innovation, it would be in there.