21st Oct 2006, 12:34

I would just like to say that I have recently owned an eagle medallion. it was by far the biggest piece of crap I have ever layed my eyes on. within the half a year I owned it, here is what happened: windows broke (couldn't get parts to fix it), transmission slipped (also could not get parts), brakes failed and I rear ended somebody, trunk broken (no parts), power steering went out (no parts, again), and can't change the oil because of the lack of necessary parts.

Some of yall may like it, but as for me... no way. I'm going to try to trade it for a beetle. probably the most reliable car ever. if you're thinking about buying a medallion, learn from my mistake and don't.

8th Nov 2006, 00:01

Hi to everybody.

I've a Renault Medallion, I live in Mexicali Mexico, I think so, this car is the vest of 80's.

It was really the most comfortable car I've more models of Renault, but this is better. It was also a very good driver with good performance and very good handling. I had some issues with build quality. It was also comfortable and powerful engine. They have also fixed the some problem, The car had so many virtues that I wish it had been built to a much higher quality standard. By the way, I did about 75,000 miles on mine in about four years. I fix every of my Renaults.


27th Mar 2007, 02:21

I own a Renault 21 Medallion from 1988 and it is in perfect shape I want to sell it now. You can mail me at musicators@gmail.com.

9th Aug 2007, 10:01

I need specs for the Renault Medallion LX.

29th Jul 2009, 18:28

Not that it makes much difference at this late date, but the Renault Medallion was made in Maubeuge, France on the same assembly line as the Renault 21 and not in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Further proof of this is that the VIN numbers started with VF1, indicating made in France by Renault. The 2.2 engine was originally in other Renaults, including the 25 plus the U.S. versions of the 18 and the Fuego. The only engine offered in the Medallion was the 2.2. The 2.0 was sold elsewhere but not in North America because it was felt to offer insufficient performance with all required emissions and safety requirements given the size and weight of the car. The North American version of the engine had only 103 HP so it was not in a very high state of tune although it offered good performance.

Maubeuge is a factory town and if the Renault factory there ever closed, the town would dry up and blow away. Maubeuge is just inside France, being perhaps half an hour from Mons, in Belgium.

9th Jun 2010, 20:35

I would LOVE to find a Renault Medallion, or ANY Renault! My first car way back in 1971 was a Renault Dauphine... it held up well even with a teenager behind the wheel.

In '91, I bought a co-worker's R11/Encore, and fell totally in love with it. Such a smooth ride and precise handling for a little car!

It comes down to this: you can buy an American, Japanese, or German car, but you must ADOPT a French car. I fear us Yanks are too often heavy on the throttle, and not to be bothered with such mundane things as oil changes and inspections. Compare that to some French drivers who consider the car as a member of the family, and care for it accordingly. (The census taker asked Pierre "How many children do you have?" Pierre replied 'I have three children, a boy, a girl, and a Twingo")

Point is, if you aren't willing to spend a little TLC on the car, then you are right... for YOU the French car will be a piece of junk. But give it the attention it wants, and it will reward you with a superb driving experience, and a "personality" unmatched by any other car!

Anybody who hates their Renault, I will gladly "adopt" it and give it the loving home it needs!!!

13th Apr 2011, 19:23

Hi, All. I just bought a 1988 Renault 21 Medallion with only 51,000 miles on it! This is in April of 2011. I was shocked to find it, and could not pass it up. Being a Renault love, I will have no problem maintaining it, and am looking forward to years of enjoyment from it. I also currently own a 1982 Fuego and a 1984 Alliance. You heard that correctly, LOL. These things are almost 30 years old now, and running fine.

24th Aug 2013, 21:50

Exact same thing with my parents, except they bought it used.

2nd Jan 2015, 12:00

I had a Renault Medallion, and at a stop sign the front right wheel twisted at a 90 degree angle. The metal housing holding the wheel to the chassis fatigued and broke. If I was going at a higher speed, I would have been dead. Happened to my sister too. The car should be recalled. Don't see many of these cars on the road anymore.

3rd Jan 2015, 16:35

"The car should be recalled."

Sure, recall all four that are still on the road.

29th Jan 2015, 05:11

January 2015... it is still my daily driver!

16th Jun 2015, 02:55

I am the second owner of an LX 5 speed with 119K on the clock. This is also my second Medallion. The LX has several more standard features than the DL. All of my windows, doors, sunroof, plip, stalk mounted radio with equalizer, and R12 A/C function flawlessly. The body is in amazing condition, as to paint and finish. The headliner needs attention, and the adhesive on the interior door panel fabric has gone away, but it still shows beautifully. I have collected several spares during my ownership.

The car cruises at 80, and has tremendous comfort for long distances. I routinely get 30 MPG on the highway and the car has zero rust, new tires, and the alloy wheels have been stripped, painted and clear coated. You could not ask for more from a 24 year old car. It is currently registered and insured as a classic...

Jeff in Ca.

8th Mar 2016, 21:41

I bought mine in 2000 in San Francisco and it has been my daily driver since... as I write this in March 2016, it is still the best commuter ever and the most comfortable ride for long hauls.

Parts are cheap on eBay too...