18th Mar 2004, 08:23

My Renault Megane Cabriolet 1.6 W Reg 2000 was in the garage for nearly three months!

The RAC and garage first thought is was a problem with the immobilizer as every other time I tried to use the car, it didn't start (leave it 30 minutes and it would start!).

The garage couldnt find a problem so they kept changing various items - we had a new TDC Sensor, the wiring was checked (4 hours labour), a new UCH Unit followed by a decoder ring. As the problem was intermittent I had to collect the car and drive it for a couple of times, after each piece was replaced - only to find it still didn't work! The only thing left to change was Injection computer - which was done and fortunately this has solved it!! I am very pleased with my Megane now, the roof is absolutely brilliant.

5th Sep 2005, 08:40

TDC sensor is a nightmare... my car is a 02 reg and so far I have taken it back 4 times for the same problem. The sensor was changed in April 04 within warranty so there was no charge. Unfortunately, the engine cut out on me again last week during rush hour, I took it back and have been told that they have to change the TDC sensor again... this time is £82 charge. I failed to understand why the sensor only lasted 16 months!!!

9th Jan 2006, 07:22

I bought a 1998 Megane in late October. The TDC sensor had been replaced twice in its history, with June 2005 the most recent time. But problems have been occurring with it since. Initially it was one of the connections to the sensor and that was fixed, but after only two months it has started cutting again.

During investigations into the problem we found that simply by tapping on the sensor the engine would die.

Some clip ties around the sensor and the wiring to the sensor to keep it still have provided a short term fix. But this appears to be a design flaw.

27th Jan 2007, 09:51

Renault Megane 1.6RT 1997 model.

At first the car started jerking and driving like there was kangaroo petrol in it.

Then when sitting idle e. g at traffic lights etc.. it would cut out.

After cutting out it would restart again no problem, but now the problem has got worse and it constantly cuts out while running, when idle and in any gear.

I have replaced the spark plugs, earth wire, fuel pump, fuel filter and also tried redex to see if this would resolve the problem, but till no joy.

Today it has yet again got worse. It will start, but as soon as you put it into 1st gear to take off it cuts out straight away.

It will drive in reverse though?

I am at the end of my teather now with this car.

Can anyone suggest anything else that may be causing this to happen?

It would be a great help... : (

5th Jul 2007, 17:03

Could anyone tell me were the uch unit is located in a w reg megane soft top.


11th Oct 2007, 08:26

I have a 2001 Renault Megane Classic saloon. Running great for the past 3 years, but for the last 3 weeks not starting in the mornings. Have had new battery put in, a full service without joy. The alternator is working fine. Our mechanic has checked boot lights etc and removed radio to assess if this was cause for battery draining. It clicks when key is turned, but can be so flat that won't even start with a push. Any ideas or advice? Thank you.

12th Nov 2007, 08:10

I'm also having problems with a Megane 1.6RT at the moment. Just like some of you guys, stalling after eventual ignition, going around corners, idling, roundabouts. In-fact you name it I've probably stalled there!

I've taken it to Renault, and they did a computer check on it (Yes the megane has an on board computer which records errors - this can be diagnosed at a renault dealer). The computer is the little black box in the bonnet behind the headlight on the same side as the screenwash top up.

They found the TDC AND Oxygen sensors are defective. I'm going to be picking up new ones today and hopefully get them fitted in the next 2 days.

I noticed there also seems to be a weakness with the engine mount blocks (slightly big job to replace without the right tools). I had one replaced about 6 months ago, and the engine juddering stopped. Now it's back (with a vengeance).

The megane is a good car (and they age very well if you look after the paintwork) but the mechanical side certainly does need regular maintenance.

19th Apr 2008, 10:10

I have a 1999 Renault megane coupe 1.6e Automatic. It will not go up in gears properly. I was told it was the speed sensor on the gearbox is gone and it may also be the cog that sometimes gets loose behind it. I am finding it very hard to find the speed sensor for sale anywhere could somebody help?

20th May 2008, 14:13

Hi, just read all your comments. I've owned a Megane Coupe 2001 for 7 years now. I understand your frustrations and have been through all the problems.

If you have the Kangaroo problem, your ignition coil pack needs replacing. Mine's been done 4 times now. Always OK for about 18 months. One of the four coils go, but make sure you replace them all.

The cutting out problem is a simple starter motor issue. gGet this replaced and you'll be OK.

Don't listen to the rubbish about the sensors; I've been through all that. Replace the above and you'll be fine.

Don't go to a Renault garage either!!! A back street mechanic can do all the above for a third of price.

4th Jul 2008, 11:06

Hi people I have a renalt megane coupe sport v reg year 2000 my 1 keeps cutting out but I am going 2 have a look at things.

As I have read a few comments.

It is a really good car.

I wonder how every 1 s are cutting out???

20th Aug 2008, 15:30

If your car does cut out, or refuses to start on occasion it is probably the TDC sensor on the RHS of the engine. You can usually fix it by replacing this, BUT this may not be necessary, sometimes it is just a case of dirt build up on the tip of it. Carefully clean the end and plug it back in. Worked for me and about a year later its still running fine.

18th Nov 2008, 02:42

I have a 1998 Renault Megane 1.4 liberte. It has no central locking but I believe it does have an immobiliser.

Some times it starts, sometimes it doesn't. The red flashing light in the centre dash goes out indicating the immobiliser is fine but absolutely nothing happens, no tick over or anything. Not had any issues of it cutting out whilst driving though.

Any ideas anyone?

17th Apr 2010, 14:06

Hi, my Renault Megane Convertible 2001, has been juddering after about 10 miles. Once I come to a stop, the engine cuts out, and it will start, but cut out. I have been to a specialist, and they charged me £500 to have it for 5 days. The problem is still there. Is it the sensor on the fuel pump regulator or is it something else? Can anyone advise before I take it back to a Renault garage?

14th Sep 2010, 03:09

Have had the same problem - on and off - for over two years, and my boyfriend changed the battery, and now it starts up fine. After ten years, the battery had had it, so maybe that will help some of you...

1st Mar 2012, 17:15

The pipe is broken to the pressure sensor on the bulk head rear, and to the right of the engine, looking from the front into the engine bay. It's a small vacuum pipe. If you move the pipe when the engine is at idle, it will normally cut out if broken. Hope this helps.