13th Feb 2004, 03:56

Good and reassuring review.

I've had my Megane Tourer for just a few days now (incidentally, it is called Grandtour here in Poland).

First impressions are more or less the same: a very enjoyable car, but squeky breaks and appetite for fuel dampen the joys of the honeymoon a little. My dealer says it will cure itself out of it very shortly. I hope it will.

Otherwise, it is a real charger and overtaking is a pleasure even with the power of the 1.9 dCi still to be fully developed.

The suspension could be just a little bit softer and the front seats a little longer and more thigh-supportive.

And there is a certain feeling of crampiness in the front, perhaps caused by the large expanse of the well-designed, but slightly intruding cockpit.

8th Jul 2004, 07:32

I have just purchased the Megane Saloon 1.6 vvt Privilege and I love it. When driving around I get quite a few baffled looks from Megane hatch drivers as it look quite different from the hatch. It's also quite a bit longer as the tourer is and look huge from some angle.

So far only done 600 miles, but no problems so far and I love it. The CD player is much superior to my BMW's and even sat in the back it is brilliant.

I think all the extras are great and the whole car is very good value for money. Only have one problem with paint runs on one of the passenger doors so need to get that sorted. My car was imported by Freeway so managed to get 27% off the list price so paid around £11 grand for a top of the range car - not bad eh? Hope nothing drops off during the tree year warranty.

21st Sep 2005, 14:26

I've got a 1.5 dCi 108PS Dynamique Sport Tourer on order as my next company car. Was very impressed with the car's refinement and comfort, not to mention the performance from what is a tiny diesel engine. This is quicker and more refined than my Focus TDCi (100PS) and that's a 1.8!

My only concern is reliability and durability. I do 30-40k a year over 3 years. The Focus has been faultless and still drives beautifully. I can't help feeling that French build quality and particularly electrics are maybe not quite to the same standard. I feel the car itself is good enough to warranty taking the risk however.

12th Apr 2007, 10:25

I'm currently driving the Renault M2 1.6 lit. (A). It was great initially for the first year, but somehow, in Singapore, due to its all year round tropical weather, the car tend to slack a little in performance. Especially when the weather is hot, 33 deg Celcius, car is panting for Breath!! However when its on a rainy day with temp outside at 22 deg celcius, it's extremly light and smooth.

This car has lots of ignition coil problems plus Oxygen sensors problems as well, I guess it could be due to its engine design, climatic issues again, size wise, ht wise, is excellent. It will be much better if it comes in a 2.0 lit. version, at least it compliment its weight.

1.275 tons Estate, 1.270 tons for a saloon.

Whoever is going for this range, I would highly recommend to check and test the car thoroughly before owning it.