2004 Renault Megane Dynamique 1.6 Sport Saloon from Turkey


Charming and commendable


After a low-speed accident, but a major repair, the steering feels not the way it used to be. Apart from that, it's OK in general.

General Comments:

Very well built and equipped, also very generous in space - both in the inside and luggage compartment.

Very quiet while driving in town and on motorways as well. No particular noise intrusion.

Brake performance is superb.

Engine is smooth, but may be reluctant to move at first - just because it has an auto gearbox?

However, the interior is boringly dark with the black fabric upholstery and plastics. A decent plush with a lighter shade of beige would have suited better.

Climate control works well and it's easy to operate, sound system is pleasuring.

Exterior design is nice.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2004

21st Feb 2005, 06:43

I purchased my Renault Megane in Feb 2004. I find it extremely comfortable an economic on fuel, but it is far from reliable.

After 7,000km I have had to have all the electric window motors replaced.

Also after 9,000km had to replace the ignition coils. (A common problem with Renaults down through the years I was informed)

19th Apr 2005, 05:36

I have been driving a Megane Sporthatch Dynamique 1.6 for nearly 2 years now and have not had any problems. I know many who have the 1.4 model and they have had various problems. Mine has been so reliable that we have bought a 1.6 Dynamique Saloon and we have had no problems with this either, both are good cars and seem very reliable.

2004 Renault Megane Sport Tourer Dynamique 1.9 dCi 120 from UK and Ireland


A real gem of a family estate

General Comments:

As a type this, I find myself actually trying to think of one more reason to go and have another drive in the Renault Megane Sport Tourer currently parked on my driveway. I've already been out to fill it with fuel, get some milk and take the dog for a walk. What can I dream up next?

That's how good this car is.

To set the scene, I am towards the end of one of the most important times in any company car driver's life - the 3-yearly car research project. This usually starts about a year before the change, and involves getting as many test-drives as possible out of the lease company!

I am in the market for a family diesel estate, having thoroughly enjoyed driving a VW Bora Tdi 115bhp for 3 years. With growing children and 2 dogs, an estate was the obvious choice this time. But I really wanted the refinement of a VW. Oh another thing - money is a bit tight, so I need to consider the cost.

My first thought was a BMW 320d ES Touring. I tried one for a week and loved it. With a "Euro 4" diesel engine, it only attracted a 15% tax burden which grought it within reach. But in the end I couldn't live with the heavy springy clutch. I then tried a Mondeo TDCI 130 which had lighter clutch and a "Euro 4" compliant engine also attracting 15% tax. I had virtually decided on this excellent car when I decided to check out the new Megane Sport Tourer.

So why am I so impressed? In the main, it's this car's refinement that sells it to me. Wind it up to 80mph and it just remains as hushed and quiet as anything I've tried - including the BMW. It also has less clatter at start-up and although slightly less sprightly than either the Mondeo or BMW is entertaining enough to give a rewarding drive. But it's this quietness that keeps impressing you as you drive. You come to a bit of road that you're used to hearing through the tyres and there's no change. You can hold a perfectly normal conversation at 80,90 and it doesn't get any noisier. Virtually no wind noise either.

Back in the town driving, it is infinitely more easy to drive than the BMW. The steering is light and the clutch/gear lever combination just right to smoothly pull out of junctions. Judging the biting point is second nature, rather than a constant challenge in the BMW.

Then there's the space. Rear legroom is on a par with the Mondeo a class above. This is because the wheelbase has been stretched from the standard Megane. I proved this by parking next to a Mondeo - and the Megane is only fractionally shorter. At the front, room is not a problem, and there's loads of storage too - air-conditioned glove box, center storage box that actually doesn't inhibit the drivers elbow when changing gear, CD storage in each front door, the list goes on and on. The boot is large and square with useful storage under the floor too.

And it looks gorgeous from all angles. Inside, gone are the garish fabrics I have previously associated with French cars, instead it's understated yet fresh and modern.

Build quality is also excellent. Shut the tailgate, and you get no tinny bang, just a reassuring thud. The other doors are the same, and everything from the steering wheel to the indicator stalks all feel high quality.

It's full of thoughtful touches. Keyless starting might appear a bit of a gimmick, but is actually rather good. My car has the optional "remote card" option, which means you just walk up to the car and it "knows" you are there. Open a door, and it unlocks and opens because you have the card on your person. Neat huh? And then you just sit down, put your foot on the brake, and press the start button. It's particularly good for Diesel drivers, as the car works out exactly when to start the car once the glow-plugs have warmed to the optimum point. It does this whilst you are putting on your seatbelt.

There's something else I want to point out. When you're driving on a motorway due north or south in the winter, the sun is often beating straight in through the side-windows. This car copes with this really well. Firstly, there's rear side sun-blinds for the kids (standard), and the driver's sun visor actually blocks the whole side window, something very few cars seem to do these days.

Safety is outstanding. Every airbag you can think of (including curtain bags), plus all the doors lock as you pull away and stay locked even if you stop at lights, until you open a door from the inside.

Performance is great, so what ore my niggles?

Not many really. The front seats could have more height adjustment; I'd like to be just a bit lower. And the driver's sun visor needs a cover for the mirror. The brakes on my car squeaked a bit too, but it has only done 180 miles from new. That might also explain the 42mpg I've been averaging. I was expecting something nearer 50mpg which I regularly managed in the VW Bora. Perhaps this will come as the car loosens up.

My decision has now become a really tough one. I May well decide on this Renault over the Mondeo. If it had an E4 compliant engine - I wouldn't hesitate.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2004

11th Feb 2004, 06:49

Good review,

I too am considering this Car when I replace my current 1.9dci Scenic.

Whilst getting said Scenic serviced recently I took a quick look at the Megane tourer and was very impressed, apparantly it has more room inside than the Laguna tourer!

Might just test drive it now...