17th Jun 2005, 06:12

As a 225 owner for the past year I have had numerous reliability problems and agree wholly with the comments about the cars pace and handling. I used to be a big Renault fan, but ownership of such and expensive and unreliable car has changed this. I know of many 225 owners that have encountered similar ignition coil and fueling problems. The cars just don't work properly.

22nd Dec 2005, 07:32

I've had my 225 since Nov 2004 & it's just done 27,000k so far. the biggest problem I had was noisy brakes when backing. I had to take it back a couple of times & apparently they've had 4 or 5 225s with the same problem - wrong compound used in the brake pads apparently. I've just had that done (they changed the pads), the steering was apparently clicking on the airbag at full lock (Renault fixed that), the brake pedal was playing up (again Renault went in & fixed it), faulty underseat airbag senor on passenger side. Apart from that, it goes a cut cat & accelerates pretty damn fast. I have taken it up to 220k with no vibrations etc. Touch wood I won't have too much going wrong with it before warranty runs out. I do like the car & it's a head turner, but I don't think I'll buy another Renault. Btw, I'm in New Zealand - right hand drive of course.

22nd Feb 2006, 13:11

Love or hate affair. personally I hate it.

18th Mar 2006, 13:36

I bought Megane Renault-sport 225 Trophy in Nov 05. Love it, apart from the starter button now and then. Think it has something to do with steering lock depending on how you park your car regarding front wheel position. When wheels are straight and a bit of free play in the steering and not lock against itself tight then its fine. But tremendously quick and handles like a GO-cart.

7th Apr 2006, 01:17

I have a Renault sport, Renault-sport) 225 5 door.

Mechanically the car is sound. Electics are extremely poor. Multiple failures, an uncontrolable alarm system going off all night, finding the car open when I return to it.

It really lets down what could be a leading hot-hatch.

Would never buy Renault again.

17th Oct 2006, 10:25

You need to read your manuals guys, it clearly states not to leave the wheels on lock when turning the engine off.

27th Oct 2007, 13:29

I have had a 225 trophy for two and a half years and the brakes started off phenomenal. They would pull your eyes out your sockets. Then they just seemed to go very average. It seems to be unsolvable (bled, new pads, discs) and the garage said they're fine, they're not. Apart from that I have the same electrical gremlins as I had in the other megane II I owned i. e start button problems, lights independently self leveling (or not) so my car looked like a Jean Michelle Jare concert. Also the hands free entry system works only intermittently. You may ask why I bought another after the first ones problems and questionable service? It's for the very same reason that I bought that one after my unreliable Clio. I love them, problems and all. They have far more character and style than the rest of the crowd of hatches. And my trophy will (and has) blow the hot hatch usual suspects out the proverbial water. And the same reason why I'll buy my next one!

4th Dec 2007, 16:13

Just bought an 04 plate Megane RenaultSport 225. I have to say, driving it for only a week so far, I'm still very much in the honeymoon period with the car!

It's much quicker than my previous car, a Seat Toledo Cupra. When I floor the accelerator, a wry smile creeps across my face.

Haven't thrown it into many corners yet, as the weather has been very wet, but time will tell.

21st Oct 2008, 19:14

I've just purchased a Megane 225 Trophy which has mileage of 68,000 miles. The car feels amazing having just traded in my Clio 182, which was also fantastic to drive.

The acceleration is awesome as the turbo kicks in from around 2 thousand revs. One thing I have noticed is even though the car has Brembo drilled discs front and back, the brakes seemed to fail terribly at high speeds. I did some heavy braking tonight whilst pushing the car to the limit, and the car struggled to stop in time and scared me a little, as the reviews I had heard said the car's braking was supposed to be awesome.

The car has had brand new discs and pads on the rear, and the front the pads are only 20% worn. So why they are struggling after a few corners worries me. Apart from that it is an amazing car with all the mod cons that any driving nut would need.

26th Jan 2009, 18:48

21st Oct 2008, 19:14 comment.

If your brakes get too bad, change them with EBC brakes.

EBC Standard Brake Disc (Price per disc, 2 discs per car) FRONT BRAKES Part No:D982 £37.96.

FRONT BRAKES GD982 £65.96.


REAR BRAKES D1298 £21.19.

Here's the website so you can look for yourself.


Hope this helped.

29th Mar 2009, 17:07

Hi mates!!!

I've just bought a Renaultsport 225 from 11.11.2004, has 30K, the car is amazing..

I've change the oil with Mobil 1 0-40w just to keep it fresh..

I have just one problem... VIBRATIONS!!!... I mean it's nice to drive it, but not for a long time because the vibrations give me some discomfort...

I had before an Astra Bertone 2.2i, and at 125 miles per hour it was like being in church.. very, very quiet.. but this Renault, I can`t push it too much because the vibrations disturb me too much.. can anyone give me some advice??? Is this normal?? I think the car gonna disintegrate in one year!!!



8th Dec 2012, 16:18

There must be some thing wrong with your car i.e. steering wheels being balanced or aligned. I have just purchased one and I get little to no vibrations at 155mph (yes, it's legal, I live in Germany). I would get it checked out and I love the car, although I have the same electronic gremlins as everyone else :/

9th Dec 2012, 12:36

If not 4-wheel alignment (check crash damage!), wheels or drive shafts, try tyres - they can lose shape over time, causing no end of problems.

10th Apr 2015, 05:16

I've had my 225 Cup for 3 years now and it's been a lot of fun. The only major problem I had was losing the fuel pump. I have removed the engine cover to lower the heat to the coil packs - so far so good.

Love the power and the handling, and still smile every time I drive it. Highly recommend Yokohama AD08 tyres - adds to the aggressive grip.

3rd Dec 2017, 14:41

Just bought a 2004 225 LUX about six weeks ago, very impressed so far, drives superb, it's on 119,000 miles; heard about the electrics, but everything works on this car. It has a Milltek exhaust, but otherwise standard. Has a bit of vibration through the cabin, but going to replace the engine mounts. Just did an oil change and going to do the cam belt in the spring. May run this one for a while, then go for an R26; cracking cars for the money, and you just don't see many about.